Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Oldies Love Poem by William Wyllie

Oldies Love Poem
                                         by William Wyllie
      (Song Titles from 1960s & 1970s music.)
               You know "I Feel Fine".
     Because "I Will Always Think About You".
               "The most beautiful girl in the World"
    "These Boots are Made For Walkin'"
    and they'll go walking straight to you.
                  " I Bless the day I found You,
    I always stay around you, and so my darling
    Let it Be Me".
                  Oh baby I feel "So Lonely".
    "I Can't Get no Satisfaction".
                  But when I'm With you, you will
    "Light My Fire".
                  On the Beach please wear your
   "Itsy Bitsy,Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"
                Because You know "I'm Your Boogie Man"
   "Without Your Love" I am Nothing without you
   beside me.
               "The Sun Gonna Shine Anymore".
   When I See You "I Can't Take My Eyes Off You"
                Let's go "Walking in the sunshine"
  Because you know "You Can't Roller Skate
  in a Buffalo Herd".
               So "Farewell, So Long Goodbye"
  Because You are my "Sunshine".


Tuesday, May 7, 2024

It's You I Love by William Wyllie

It's You That I Love    by William Wyllie

         I write these words not sure what I will say.
     I know that I Love You in so many ways.
         I think about you all the time.
     I want you beside me, maybe drink some wine.
         But I don't need wine to get me high.
     Because when I am with you the time just flies.
         I feel this love you make my fire burn.
     I want your love in return.
         These words of Love I need to express.
     You make me happy you are the best.
       The best thing to happen to me in this crazy world.
     I just want you beside me My Forever Girl.
        I wish someday we will be together.
     I will love you now and in any weather.
        Never thought I would find such a lovely lady.
    It's you I love and I don't mean maybe.
        I express my love on this bright sunny day.
    I love you now and in every way.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

My Forever Lady by William Wyllie

My Forever Lady

        I feel so happy bright as the stars in the night sky.
             I feel so good I think I could fly.
        This beautiful lady that loves me so much.
             I want to feel her tender touch.
         I need this lady from so far away.
            I feel her love through the night and day.
        My forever lady that is what she has become.
           She'll give me love when the day is done.
        I want to hold this lady in my arms so tight.
           If I was a bird I would take flight.
       I express my love as I look her in the eyes.
           My love for her won't be a surprise.
       You are my lady I am your man.
            Together we will be together we stand.
       A warm day and my beautiful lady.
             Fills me with joy and I don't mean maybe.

My Lovely Lady by William Wyllie

 My Lovely Lady

      Never thought I would find such a lovely lady.
          I know she loves me so much.
      I just want to feel her tender touch.
          Just reading her letters give me this
      beautiful feeling.
          It sure sets my heart a reeling.
     To be beside her is my desire.
         She sets my heart and soul on fire.
     These words flow around in my head.
         Never know what comes out,
     or what I have said.
         But she does inspire that is for sure.
     Together hand in hand we'll walk out the door.
         I sit on the edge of my bed as I write.
     The clock read 12:23 AM in the night.
        I can not stop, but my words flow out.
     I know when we are together, we will twist & shout.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Words of Love by William Wyllie

 Words of Love
                                     William Wyllie

          You are my love.
              The one I was meant to be close.
          Oh my darling it is you I love the most.
              Come share my love.
          Together we'll make a happy life.
              And I know in the future,
          you will be my wife.
              Wife I used to be afraid of that word.
          But no more, it would be an honor
          to share my love, with you and be heard.
              These words fly around in my head.
         I put them together my words will be said.
               We talk a short chat, express our love so deep.
         You make me feel so happy, that I cry and wheep.
          They say I am a poet,but my words are only for you.
              Because my sweet darling my love is so true.
         Without your love I am lost, just a shadow of myself.
              No money or gold in this world would equal the wealth.
         But with you heaven I have found.
              I want you close and always around.
         It's almost mid day as I write these words of love.
              I know in my heart that you are my heaven above.




Tuesday, March 26, 2024

I Give My Love by William Wyllie

 I Give My Love
                                             by Bill Wyllie

        It's your love that makes my fire burn.
              I give you my love in return.
       Such a lovely lady there is no doubt.
             You make me wanna scream and shout.
       A Lovely chat as we express our love.
             My sweet honey from heaven above.
        I'm  happy, with Your Loving Words.
             When I'm with you my love will be heard.
       You bring me joy I must admit.
             Please give me a soft gentle kiss.
       These words I write as I start my day.
             I will love you forever in so many ways.
       I hold your hand as we walk together.
             I know our love will go on forever.
       After our talk I feel so good.
             I feel sweet love in my heart.
       and I knew I would.
             I say good day, but I will never say Goodbye.
       Because when we are together the time just flies.

A Little Love Poem by William Wyllie

  A Little Love Poem
                                               by William Wyllie

          My darling Dear, I need you here.
                To feel your touch, that I will love so much.
          My words will go on even after we meet.
                It will be such a treat.
          You bring me such bliss,
                with you sweet gentle kiss.
          The beauty you possess.
                Our Love is the Best.
           Deep feelings rise up with my thoughts of you.
                Champagne in your glass.
          As we share our love that is so true.
                Spring is coming near with the hope of warm weather.
         That will sure feel a lot better.
                A little love poem to bring you joy.
         With you beside me I'll be a happy boy.