Thursday, June 23, 2022

A Fish Tail

by William Wyllie..... I'm a Fish waiting to be hooked. I know if you catch me,My goose will be cooked. I'm waiting for that bait. I'll nibble here and there. I'm looking here and Everywhere. Until I saw you I knew I was alright. But now that I saw you, I'm twisted and tight. My mind has been taken over, by this gorgeous sight. The sight of this woman, make me feel alright. She has already hooked me,waiting to be reeled in. I Feel so happy, I know I will win. A life with her is a must. In God and Love I trust. I thank the lord for this beauty. She is such a cutte. I'm a flouder in the sea. A life with you I see. Together we will sail. This will be our fish tail.

Our Song

By William Wyllie..... If you are the melody I am the tune. I'll sing my song,and make you swoon. The words will flow like whipped cream. It will fill every crack and burst at the seams. I will express my love and rhyme my words. Your melody will flow, until it is heard. If you are the music, I am the words. A sweet tune will sound just like the birds. Like birds in the sky,Our love it will soar. It will be so beautiful I'll always want more. Violin's will play as our love grows strong. It will ebb and fade and never be gone. As our love continues Past the middle eight. The song will go on and just sound so great. As we get close to the end of this great tune. The music goes higher, it will make you swoon. The drums start to bang, the guitars will scream. But it will only be the beginning of our sweet dream

A Thousand Tears

By William Wyllie... I could love you a thousand times And it would never be enough. Because my sweet darling, you are Hot, Hot Stuff. The beauty I have waited for so long. It's you my honey that keeps me going on. No one is this world can make me feel like you do. My love is forever, and always be true. Without your love I would cry a thousand tears. Because my darling I need you forever near. It's your love that I need. Together we will plant a seed. We will plant a Oak Tree on the day we meet. Because my darling, it youyr love that I seek. You give me feelings that I have never known. Together honey, our love it will grow. This love that we have will grow stronger each day. We will not regret that we came this way.

The Only Woman by William Wyllie

By William Wyllie..... You are the only woman in my life. Together we will be and I promise not to bite. The only woman to sing my song. Together we belong. The only woman to share my passion. Our love will never go out of fashion. So happy I will be when we get together. I will love you now and forever. We will get soaken wet, when we walk in the rain. I will be right there to take away your pain. It's you I want, It's you that I belong. When We are together,Our Love will grw strong. I feel such love for you my lady. I want your love and I don't mean maybe. You drive my crazy with such desire. It may take hours to put out the fire. Or maybe the fire will grow stronger with time. I know that I will want you to be mine all mine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Dyn-O-Mite ..... By William Wyllie.....

Lovely Lady from Far away. I want you here, I have to say. You are a beauty I want in my life. Maybe someday I'll make you my wife. You make me feel happy,when I think of you. Our love is strong, our love is true. I sit on my bed as I write these words. Let's sit in your yard and listen to the birds. By your side I want and always must be. I will shout my love to all to see. It makes be happy to know you care. Oh Please let down, your long dark hair. I will be right here when I hear you call. I will hold you close I'll give you my all. You bring light to the darkest night. You make me feel like Dyn-O-Mite.

Your Lover Boy ........ by William Wyllie

My beautiful Lady our love is Strong. It's you that I want, it's you that I belong. Sweet love I feel oh so tense. Let's go over there behind that fence. Let's have some fun, be mine at last. Let's focus on the future, forget the past. Oh my darling you bring such bliss. Hold me tight, I need your kiss. I am yours, together we two. Let's start fresh let's start a new. You make me tingle, with your soft touch. I want you now so very much. Rub my back with your gentle hands. I'll do the same to you. together we stand. So come on love let's get this going. I want you now, my love is showing. On the beach at sunset, we'll walk together. I'll love you now and forever. You bring me happiness,You bring me joy. Forever I'll be your Lover Boy.

You Rev My Engines by William Wyllie.....

Oh Baby, Baby You Rev my Engines. You make my tires squeel I'll slide into your parking lot. My Love for you is real. Your sweet sweet love I seek. I want you love right now. I'll make you so happy. We'll clumb up so high. To the mountain's peak. My love is here, my love is strong. I feel it so deep. My happy tears will flow. Together we Belong. My dream girl has come to me at last. Your're the best thing in my life. My love will go on and never die. You're not a thing of the past. A beauty beyond compare. So beautiful in my eyes. You fill my life with joy. You caught me unaware.