Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Light of the Day

By William Wyllie....... The Love I Feel in My soul. It's You that I want to Hold. Your every wish come true. My Love I give to you. I feel such joy in my heart. Together and Never apart. Beautiful Lady, before My eyes. My arms are open wide. Together we have to be. A life with you I see. This passion that burns in my heart. Forever with you, in the dark. I hope the day Will come. Together we before one. These words flow out from inside. My love for you I will not hide. These feelings for you, we belong. Your my light of the breaking dawn. With you I stand in the Shade. When the light of the day starts to fade.

My Love, My Only One

By William Wyllie...... My Feelings Won't Stop,My Feeling Won't Go. It's You My darling, that I want To know. On a sunny Day or dark of night. It's only you that shines the light. You shine that light,to show me the way. Oh my sweet darling, together we'll pray. I pray for the day when We get together. It will be a special day,Our love is forever. If it rains I'll stand in the rain and hold you tight. Because my sweet darling,you make me feel alright. You bring the sun, when you appear. I need you close and oh so near. From my heart these words flow out. Because my darling,My love I will shout. Your always welcome in my world. It's you that makes my hair curl. Your my Love, My Only One. Our Love will touch the Sun. So Happy that I am and will be. A New life for everyone to see.

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This Dark and Stormy Night

This Dark and Stormy Night..... My beautiful Lady,the beauty you are. You are my bright and shinning star. I long to be close by your side. I'm waiting for you with my arms open wide. I feel these words,come from my heart. You are so lovely,please don't part. For if you leave, I would cry and weep. Because my darling,your love I seek. Never thought I'd feel these emotions, inside. They feel so strong,I will not hide. I would dance and sing, if you came to me. But if you do my love you will see. I would hold you close if you were here. I want you beside me.So very near. We write our letters,We show Our Love. I'm just so happy, my Lovey Dove. I know your feelings are as as strong as mine. So never leave and let's drink some wine. Let's drink some champagne, and who knows what. But before We Do,the door I will shut. I want to hold you tight. On this dark and stormy night.

You Are Like a Song

You are Like a Song - by William Wyllie...... I'll Love you in the Day, I'll love you at Night. But Whatever I do you're a beautiful Site. Without a Doubt. With you I'll never pout. My Heart is filled with Bliss. Please Give me a delightful kiss. My Thoughts of you go On. You're like a beautiful Song. Many songs in my life last forever. Your song in my heart will leave me Never. Never will your song go away. You are the song that will stay. Beautiful Lady you bring me such Emotion. To You I give my Devotion. In this crazy world you are an attraction. Come on and show me your satisfaction. Quiet Days and Quiet Nights. You sure are my delight. I want to sing I want to dance. You put me in a trance. They say that Life is a Song. You're the One Song that can't go wrong. You're the Melody, I'm the words to the Song. Together our Love will go on and on.

The Flame of Love

by William Wyllie....... My Lovely Lady,So beautiful and Fine. Your Beauty, Your Grace,oh please Be Mine. My Feelings Go On.It's hard to deny. I feel so happy, and I know why. I don't need to talk,My feels will speak. Without the words,your love I seek. Like the beautiful sunshine on a spring day. Your beauty shines,My love it will stay. The chirpping birds sing their songs of joy. I feel so happy, like a little boy. You have such style,you have such grace. The rain pours down upon my face. The sun will rise, the sun will set. But when I'm with you, I'm happy that we met. I love you so much.I can't let go. I feel so happy,I want you to know. Your like an itch That I can't scratch. Your my sweet love,a perfect match. The Flame of Love, burns soft and low. But my sweet darling,our love will grow. The Flame of love, forever will burn. The time will come.when it's our turn. I say goodnight, but it's not goodbye. When we are together, the time will fly.

This Feeling of Love

This Feeling of Love By William Wyllie One Look at you no words are spoken. Here are my arms, they are wide open. We Come from different words. But Our Words Will be Heard. The Feeling of Love, The Look in Your Eyes. When I Am with you, My Love I won't Hide. There's Something About You.Not Sure What it is. I'm Happy I Found You,I'm Like a little Kid. My feelings are strong, I can not deny. they Will not go Away,They still touch the Sky. It's the middle of the night, where I am Right Now. But it's the middle of the day,in your world and how. We come from a world that brought us together. By Speaking some words, Our love is forever. I want to hold you so tight and not let you go. This feeling of Love,has taken a strong hold. If ever we meet,I'll squeeze you tight, until I Cry. When We are together, Out love it will fly. It's tears of joy and not tears of pain. I'll hold you so tight, again and Again. As I read you letter, your love for me I feel. It brings me sweet joy, deep emotions are real. Baby oh baby, my passion grows strong. Deep inside it burns, Our love can't be wrong. Sometimes the flame of Love, inside me dies down. When we are together, Our Love will astound.