Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Flame of Love

by William Wyllie....... My Lovely Lady,So beautiful and Fine. Your Beauty, Your Grace,oh please Be Mine. My Feelings Go On.It's hard to deny. I feel so happy, and I know why. I don't need to talk,My feels will speak. Without the words,your love I seek. Like the beautiful sunshine on a spring day. Your beauty shines,My love it will stay. The chirpping birds sing their songs of joy. I feel so happy, like a little boy. You have such style,you have such grace. The rain pours down upon my face. The sun will rise, the sun will set. But when I'm with you, I'm happy that we met. I love you so much.I can't let go. I feel so happy,I want you to know. Your like an itch That I can't scratch. Your my sweet love,a perfect match. The Flame of Love, burns soft and low. But my sweet darling,our love will grow. The Flame of love, forever will burn. The time will come.when it's our turn. I say goodnight, but it's not goodbye. When we are together, the time will fly.

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