Tuesday, February 21, 2023

My Song of Love by Bill Wyllie

        The woman I want. the woman I need.
               Let's get together and play in the weeds.
        As the Beatles used to sing "I give her All My love   
        that's all I do, and if you saw my love You'd love her too"
        "And I Love Her".
             I want you here the love I found.
       I want you here always around.
            You're on my mind, every second of the day.
       I will show my love, in your arms I will stay.
           You warm my heart, you warm my soul.
      To be beside you, that is my goal.
           My love for you it grows so strong.
      to be beside you, is where I belong.
           As a song once said
     I love you more today, then yesterday,
     But not as much as tomorrow, oh I Love you
     more today then yesterday,
    but darling not as much as tomorrow.
          Let's get together we will have no sorrow.
    Two of my favorite songs that so far I have sung to you.
    every day and every night.
           When we get together, everything's alright.
    Our love will be like a beautiful love song.
           I will sing my love to you all day long.
   Now it's time to say Goodnight, goodnight sleep tight.
   now the sun turns out his light, goodnight sleep tight.
           Together our love will be "Dyn-O-Mite".

A Kiss in the Wind by Bill Wyllie

            My heart is filled with your love.
                   You are this angel from heaven above.
           A wonderful warm feeling,that sometimes burns so high.
                   Together we may even touch the sky.
          God has blessed me darling with you.
                    My love for you it is so true.
          Though you are so far away.
                    It is with you I need to stay.
           A life with you by my side.
                    My love for you I will never hide.
           The passion that burns so deep inside.
                    My darling my arms are open wide.
           These words I must express.
                    Life with you will be the best.
           As Tom Petty use to sing,
                 "The Waiting is the hardest part".
          Let's get together, you are a work of art.
                 My words of love will just go on and on.
          Please love me till the break of dawn.
                 Even after the dawn does rise.
          My darling my love will never die.
                 A kiss in the wind I do throw.
          Together our love it will just grow.


Twinkle In My Eye by Bill Wyllie

              The thought of making love to you.
       Make me climb the Walls.
              I'll be beside you whenever you call.
       Let me sprinkle cinnamon all over your body.
              I'll lick it off slowly then I'll be naughty.
       Such a beautiful lady, I am sure blessed.
              I can't wait to get you all undressed.
       The woman I want the Woman I need.
              Let's get together and do the dirty deed.
       I'll love you today, I'll love you forever.
              You're in my heart, you can pull my lever.
      Oh baby, Oh baby you must be mine.
               We'll be together for the rest of time.
      We'll be together as we greet the morning sun.
                We'll be together when the day is done.
     When night time falls,our love will be strong.
                 Because to be beside you is were I belong.
     I say goodnight my darling, but is is never goodbye.
       Because our love is so strong, you put the twinkle in my eye.

Your Words of Love by Bill Wyllie

                        My darling lady, you are the one.

In the dark of night you bring the sun.

                       You are a beacon in the darkest night.

I want to hold you and squeeze you tight.

                       I love you now,I love you forever.

Your words of love will leave me never.

                       Your words bring joy,they do excite.

You make me Happy, I feel alright.

All the Gold in this Universe by Bill Wyllie

 All the gold in this universe
                                                            by William Wyllie...

              I found my heaven right here on earth.
                    You are worth all the gold in this universe.
              But that would not equal what I feel for you.
                    Because my love for you is so true.
             The touch of your hand I long to feel.
                    Show me your love for me is real.
             I read your letters,your words of joy.
                    I know for sure that you are not coy.
            You speak your mind, that is what I like.
                    Your feelings flow out, please hold me tight.
            Your beauty shows in every way.
                    So does your love I have to say.
            Your beautiful words they touch me deep.
                   It is your love that I do seek.
           Like a beautiful flower, your love has no limits.
                   An hour with you, seems just like a minute.
          At one in the morning, I wrote these words.
                  My love for you will always be heard.
         We can make sweet love anytime of the day.
                  With you my darling, we will swing and sway.

Our Love Will Keep Growing by Bill Wyllie

 Our Love Will Keep Growing

                                                                             By William Wyllie.......

                If I an in the dark or in the light.

                        It's you my love that makes me heart take flight.

               The Leaves keep falling, But it's you my heart keeps calling.

                        As the sun rises on this beautiful morn.

               It is with you that I belong.

                        Together my love our love will be good.

               I found this love, never thought I would.

                        But here I am, with my heart in my hand.

               I offer it to you my sweet honey.

                        You make my world bright and sunny.

               I am in love with you, it you that I yearn.

                        Love has found us in is our turn.

               You make me happy my love grows strong.

                        It is with you that I belong.

               To be beside for the rest of my life.

                        I will even make you my sweet wife.

                So come on darling, let's get this going.

                        I know our love for each other is growing