Monday, December 27, 2021

Together by William Wyllie

TOGETHER By William Wyllie.... My Darling, My Darling it's you I need. Together We'll plant a seed. Our Love will grown strong. With you that's where I belong. My honey, My Love My All. I'll answer when you call. You are the best I have found. I want you, always around. Together our love will grow. I'm happy my love will show. So Lovely and so devine. Together our Love Will Shine. You light the darkest night. Togerher our love will take flight. With You I'll want to go. Together sweet love we will know.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Making Memories by William Wyllie

Making Memories By William Wyllie... Making Memories With You. That's What I want to do. To see you each and every day. You showed me the way. Your beauty just astounds. I want you always around. All day and into the night. Our love will take flight. To hold you, feel your gentle touch. I love you and want you so much. Should I call you my China Doll? My darling I give you my All. I will wait for as long as it takes. By your side when I awake. So Happy I will be. It's You I want to see. Never tell me goodbye. Together we will fly. Till I Breath my last breath. By your side I will rest. My love I will say goodnight. Till the day I will hold you tight.

Monday, December 20, 2021

My Dream of Life With You ..

My Dream of Life with you By William Wyllie.... You Are My Woman from far Away. I hope you will come to see me and you will stay. Our Love and Passion Goes On. We will be together till the light of dawn. I feel such joy,That you have shown. I hope I will never be alone. Without your Love, life would be a bore. Our sweet love will make us sore. We will be in heaven,Holding each other. I will squeeze you tight. We Love one another. I have found my love,it brings me joy. I'm like a child with a little toy. The days go by, someday we will meet. On that day it will be so sweet. The bells will ring on our weddng day. I will be so happy, I will neal and pray. I will thank the lord for bringing us together. Through wind and storm or rainy weather. It's just a dream that I hope will come true. We will start a new life just me and you.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Something About Nothing

Something About Nothing By William Wyllie.... Lost For Words What Shoud I Say. The time flies past with each day. Should I do this or should I do that. Before I Know it the time is past. Is This good or is this bad. It makes me feel so sad. Should I touch or should I Not. Not sure of what I got. Is this pretty Or just not right. Is it loose? It feels a little tight. Should I put it on or take it off. Who Cares of whjat it cost. Should I wear color's of just go black. Not sure of where I'm at. This poem I'll call it "Nothing" I'll try to pick it up without touching. Is it in the air or is it not. It's Nothing, that's what I got. This is the end of something About Nothing. I picked it up and did it without touching. Not sure If I should do it again. So Goodbye and I'll say Amen.

Our Love Will Stand

Our Love Will Stand William Wyllie..... You Make My Heart Take Flight. You bring me such Delight. My World with you is a must. Without you my world turns to dust. My Love grows stroinger each day. With you I'll run away. In the dark or in the light. You make my world so bright. The Beauty before My Eyes. You keep them open wide. Together we'll be so grand. With you our love will stand. Never thought I'd feel such bliss. With your soft and gentle kiss. A life with you I want. Oh baby please don't taunt. My love you drive me crazy. Without you my life is Hazy. I'll cook you my favorite Dish. I'll grant you any wish. So darling let's start our new life. I'll start when I make you my Wife.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A Beatles Poem (Updated)...

Beatles Poem By William Wyllie... Please be my “Day Tripper”, Because You are My Pride. We’ll have a “Ticket To Ride”. We’ll have “No More Lonely Nights” When I Am with You. Please “Love Me Do”. I want you for my “Woman”, If We Have Troubles “We Can Work It Out”. So Come on let’s “Twist and Shout”. I’ll be “Here, There and Everywhere” Looking for you. I want you to “Grow Old With Me” My Honey Do. Never Want To Hear you say, forget about “Yesterday”. It’s “Just Like Starting Over”, We’ll be “Watching the Wheels” go round. Because your sweet love I have Found. Please “Don’t Pass Me By” and don’t say “Goodnight”. Because you are my delight. “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party”, and I want you to “Please, Please Me”. My Love you Will See. We will have fun “Eight Days A Week”. It is your love that I seek. With you “I Feel Fine” so “What Goes On”. Our Love Will never be gone. It’s “Something” in the way you move. Let’s get in the groove. You and I will “Come Together”. We’ll sing “All You Need is Love”. You are my Heaven Above. Your Love is my goal. As we walk down “The Long and Winding Road”.

Cool Fall Day....

I Walk at Beaver Pond, on this Cool Fall Day. I Dress very warm with my bomber hat on I Must Say. Myself, Faith,Lily and Elsa. On the Beach. Lovely Scenery, trees reflect off the Water.I'm Lost for Speech. A Local spot I remember as a child. Except for the breeze,it almost feels mild. This is nature at it's best for sure. So beautiful I always Want more. We walk past the swamp,Cat O Nine tails I See. I grab a couple of them for Lily,Careful not to fall in the weeds. A short but nice walk.It brings me delight. I feel good, I feel alright. Today it was cool and Sunny,It is the very best. I enjoy these walks, It is now time to rest.

A Walk Through Nature...

The Voice of An Angel...

A Beautiful Day...

Yesterday's Rain...

Yesterday's Rain By William Wyllie... The rain keeps falling, like the tears in my eyes. My heart keeps crying, I just don't know why. I miss you so much,my dear friend it's true. I feel very happy, when I'm around you. To hold you close in my arms would be nice. The love I feel is just paradise. Without you near I do feel such pain. You're just gone like Yesterday's Rain. So come back to me and show me your feeling. Squeeze me tight, send my heart reeling. Memories of you in my mind just go on. Happy I feel the pain will be gone. The pain will have left me when you have returned. I won't feel the pain of this deep, deep burn. So please be my friend and show me you care. My heart will be happy, our love we will share.

Who's Next...

Who's Next By William Wyllie... I'm "Happy Jack", I want to see my friend, because I want to take "Pictures of Lily" I'd like to see what's "Behind Blue Eyes". We'll take a trip to the highest mountain where "I Can See For Miles". I want to see my "Mary Ann with the Shaky Hands". But I "Won't Get Fooled Again". I'll go see my friend the "Pinball Wizard". I'll ask him "Who Are You", who, who, who, who. You can't be from "My Generation", because "The Kids are Alright" where I come from. So "See Me, Feel Me" because "I'm Free". So let's "Join Together" because "You Better, You Bet". I won't take no "Substitute". I only want you to play that "Squeeze Box". So Who's on First, Guess Who's on second and "The Eletric Prines" are on third.

This Dark and Stormy Night...

This Dark and Stormy Night My beautiful Lady,the beauty you are. You are my bright and shinning star. I long to be close by your side. I'm waiting for you with my arms open wide. I feel these words,come from my heart. You are so lovely,please don't part. For if you leave, I would cry and weep. Because my darling,your love I seek. Never thought I'd feel these emotions, inside. They feel so strong,I will not hide. I would dance and sing, if you came to me. But if you do my love you will see. I would hold you close if you were here. I want you beside me.So very near. We write our letters,We show Our Love. I'm just so happy, my Lovey Dove. I know your feelings are as as strong as mine. So never leave and let's drink some wine. Let's drink some champagne,and who knows what. But before We Do,the door I will shut. I want to hold you tight,on this dark and stormy night.

The Sun Comes Up...

By William Wyllie The sun comes up,the sun goes down. But I'm still here, and never frown. It's cloudy and windy.the sun shines bright. But through it all, I feel alright. The days are long, the days are hot. The sun shines bright, the moon does not. I go through the day with a happy smile. Some rough times have come,still happy for awhile. Good to get out in nature each week. Walking through town,Is it Love that I seek? But for now I am happy,in my heart everyday. The walking group and senior scribbers keep me budy each day. Never though my life would come together like this. It turned ut so nice.It's almost like bliss. I see parts of Franklin that I've never seen before. But whereever I go, I want to see more. I made new friends,and that is the best. Wherever We Go, North, South, East or West. In the dark of night the moon does glow. This Beautiful world,I'm Happy to know.

The Franklin-Bellinghjam Rail Trail...

By William Wyllie We Gather together, at the Franklin Water, Well #6 on Grove Street. Eleven of us here as we start to mix. We Walk to the First path, Big Sign "Fraklin Trunkline Trail" we see, our eyes dp not fail. More signs we see "Fraklin-Bellingham Rail Trail" it does say. Old railroad tracks here there use to be. They go a long, long way, To Bellingham the trail will go., if you go all the way. It was a happy Day. I take photos of the trail,I take photos of wild flowers. we walked a couple of hours. A long walk but it was so nice.Being a Franklin Resident all of my life. First time I've seen this,I'll never think twice. I imagine train track here,from so long ago. It must have been fun,this I'd like to know. We walked about a mile and a half till we came upon a street overpass. 2020 Franklin Trunkline Tral" written in cement over the top.It sure will last. A small sign just on the other side of the overpass,telling the story of the trains, from the past. We decide to stop here and we turn back. Some of the group go on walking a little father ahead. We turn back to return, on our toes we tread. At a slow pace we go as we head to from where we started. It's so nice seeing flowers, till we get to where we departed. Just as we were back to the Trail Head sign, we did start. The group of people who went on ahead of us caught up to us, before we depart. We say our goodbyes as we got in our cars. We head for home,not very far. As I look at it now,Walking with this group makes me feel so good. Being in the outdoor's again, I', happy that I could./ The history of Franklin,these trails keep it alive. I'm Happy to know it,it fills me with pride.

A Place Called River Bend...

By William Wtyllie... We Walk in Franklin, A Place called River Bend. Under the Power lines, These words I send. A cool Fall day, just myself, Faith and Lily. My name is William but call me Billy. We walk through a path,a little muddy at times. Around the tree's, these memories are mine. We see a river, down a steep hill we go. Whatever happens, Only God Knows. The beautiful foliage, color in the trees. Reflections off the water, deep color's we see. I photograh this wonder,splender in the grass. We keep on walking,the time does pass. A nice short walk on a fall like day. The sun shines bright,No words can I say. The Walk was Short,but it was a treat. My two good friends, Once again we will meet. The Beauty of Nature, hiking is the best. Walking in the woods, Now it's time to rest.

My Radio Show...

By William Wyllie... I want to be Happy,but sometimes not. I want to be thankful for what I have got. I write my poems,I do my best. Sometimes I get tired and need a rest. I play my music on my radio show. It makes me happy,and it does show. Music is my life I can't deny. It makes me fly like birds in the sky. I have these listeners from all around the world. They enjoy the music,And the 45s twirl. The 1950s to the mid 80s,the music goes on. Rock n roll to ballads,my music won't be gone. If life is a song, I'm stuck in the past. But I know one thing,My life is a blast. I try not to worry about things here or there. I have to think happy,A smile I will wear. A radio show of my own,Never thought it would be. But here I am,playing music for the world to see. From Russa or China,the die has been cast. They listen to my archive of shows,from the past. 119 listeners the world can tune in. It makes me feel happy,I have a big grin. 619 shows that they have to choose from. Oldies to scribblers shows.The Day will soon come. I give background on the singers,Information is good. I'm happy to be here,I knew that I would. From The Beatles to Sinatra,the music will play. Time to say a goodnight,Until the next day.

Please Don't Leave...

By William Wyllie... I'll Cry and weep if you ever leave me. I'll be sad and blue if your love I don't see. Love you so much want you to know. Your part of me, our love it will grow. I think of you every minute of the day. Your on my mind,my love will stay. I Feewl so good, the love I feel. I feel so grand our love is real. In the darkest night, You bring the light. In the brightest day, With you I will lay. You beside me,so happy I'd Stand. Together with you, hand in hand. When you are not there, I wonder where you are. I'll travel to you, near or far. So please don't leave me,I have to say. Together we'll be,on my knees I will pray. I pray for us, someday to become one. Because my darling, without you there is no sun.

Oldies Poem ...

Oldies Poem By William Wyllie.. Please meet me "At the Hop", because you know "Rock N Roll is Here to Stay". With you Love will stay. Our love is No surprise. Because"Lover's Never Say Goodbye". My darling I love you true. "I Only Have Eyes for You". We will "Rock Around the Clock",this is a must. Let's "Get Together" it's "Just the Two of Us". It will be "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo". My swetheart,So let's Do the Boogaloo. we will dance "The Twist" and "The Locomotion" and "The Monster Mash". Oh my Darling our love will last. "These Oldies but Goodies" I love them so much. But oh my darling "Sometimes When We Touch". The sound of "Blue Velvet" or "Reses Are Red". The "Tears" that I shed. My sweet darling "I Want To Hold Your Hand". "Remember, Walking in the Sands". "Wonderland By Night" my father's loved it so. or "Stranger On the Shore", Instrumentals that I know. So "Call Me", when you get a chance. Because "We're All Playing in the Same Band". I say "Goodnight My Love" pleasent Dreams. Baby "Don't Let the Rain Fall Down on Me". I'll be "Mr. Lonely"without you near. It's only your sweet "Words" I want to her. "So Long,Farwell,Goodbye".Bill Haley did croon. When We Meet again it won't be too soon.

New Years Resolutions...

New Years Resolutions By William Wyllie... New Years Resolutions, always get spoken. But the true fact is, they always get broken. They say they'll quit smoking, but never do. They take out their anger on you. I'll lose weight, this time for sure. They see the Food and just want more. The temptation is just too strong. They get weak and can't go on. Whatever they try they seem to fail. Temptation is strong like being in jail. I'll try to do this the best I can. I never quite make it.I'm not the man. I'm not the man to do these things. Let me fly away, like I'm on wings. New years Resolutions are hard to do. Temptation is strong, I'll quite with you. I'll quite right now and just give up. I won't go on.I have no luck. But maybe some day I'll do it for sure. I'll say I've won, and won't want more.

Memories of Christmas Past...

By William Wyllie I have fond memories as a little kid. Growing up in the 1950's. I come from a large family, My older brother Bobby,My next older brother Arthur, My next older sister Susan,then me, then my younger sister Donna, my younger brother Phillip. Five of us in all, not to mention a still born sister Nancy Jean. My aunt Wanda and Uncle Edgar would come for a visit at Christmas also.Up from Connecticut, with their two children Debbie and David. So this was the gang we had at Christmas for years. plus my grandma Mary and grandpa Albert,would come on christmas. I also remember many dogs in our house, Rusty a red setter,and Ralph the dog. Two great dogs we had for years. Presents would pile up around the tree, I remember Grandpa handing out quarter's to the kids. We kids loved getting money from him. Wraping paper would fly everywhere.Room full of paper. It was a wonderful time. We use to have some nice Thansgiving dinner's at my brother Arthur's house, when he lived in the area. Many Happy memories were made.It was a great time. I remember them, well. I was starting to get into photography slowly, When digital came around I was hooked for good. We have lot's of photo's and slides to remember these times. Only three of us left nowadays. Me, my younger sister Donna and my older brother Arthur. We keep in contact on facebook now. I still live in the Family house now.All by myself. I have two good lady friends that keep me happy and my big Cat Ikea. Good times in my mind last forever.

Memories Bill's Oldies Bring...

Bill's Oldies By William Wyllie Memories Bill's Oldies Bring They make you want to sing. They really knock you out. They make you scream and shout. The songs are Heavenly. Music of the 50's, 60's and 70's Blues, Ballads and Rockers are heard. You'll be singing every word. Unknowns and Hit's keep playing. Sometimes you'll wonder what they are saying. But Bill speaks clearly when anouncing the songs. Memories will never be gone. Fun times will be had by all. You'll simply have a ball.

Bill's Oldies...

Bill's Oldies By William Wyllie... Happy I feel doing my broadcasting Thing. I feel Happy, Joy it brings. Bill's Oldies is the name of the station. I play songs that were hits of the nation. Album Tracks to B-Sides. My imagination just open's wide. 50's, 60's,70's is the music I play. It makes me happy, This I must say. I can pop on at a moment's notice. Top 30's of the past are my focus. I play the hits, I play the flops. Whatever I do, I feel I'm on top. My place in life I have found. I play my music and dance around. I don't have a care. When I'm on the air. I play my favorites,From The Beatles to The Stones. I also play songs that were unknowns. I give history about the tunes. When I have something to say. The way I want to do it, it is the right way. So tune in to the Oldies,when I play them loud. I feel very happy, ans oh so proud.

Franklin, My Home Town...

Franklin, My Home Town by William Wyllie... Franklin sure is My Home Town. I love it so much I never frown. A lot of changes have been in the works. Not for the better, sometimes it hurts. The store fronts change over time. I still remember the five and dime. The Rome Restaurant , it sure is still here. The Pizza is great I live pretty near. The supermarket Brunelli's has come and gone. From Star market to Shaw's. The Memories Live On. It's a shame the old fire station was torn town. But times goes on.Memories will never be gone. The Movie Theater were I've been many times. "Hey There It's Yogi Bear" Lives on in my Mind. New store and apartments where Franklin Furniture use to be. And Jimmy's drug Store, are gone now you see. J.J. Newsberries, I remember it well. Bought my Beatles albums there, This I Can Tell. My first sight of Santa, in his beard so white. I ran screaming and cried, with all of my might. Dean Jewelers, where I got most of my 45's. And reel to reel tapes. I got them with pride. My memories live on.They will never die. I love them and keep them with such pride. They are part of my being. My Memories I keep seeing. Franklin sure is my home town. My frown is now Upside Down. I still live in the Family House, you see. I feel so happy, memories come to me. My memories won't die, they live on in my mind. But things go on, the passage of time. I love it so much, Franklin My home town. Veteran's Memorial don't put them down. My memories won't die, they'll never go away. I guess I'm all done. Nothing more left to say.

My Farewell To Millie

By William Wyllie My Beautiful friend. I love you to no end. You Made me smile, For you I'd walk a mile. We had many good times. For you I'd give you my last dime. Breakfast where we first met. Became close friends, you are the best. I'd spot you from far away. With your firey red hair. For you I do care. Good Times between us,it was great. Sometimes one of us would be a little late. My dear friend, My love to you I send. You were honest and Open,not afraid to speak your mind. A special friend, till the end of time. I'm happy that I found you, if only for a little while. When we were together, you always made me smile. We always had fun at the Senior center cafe. I treasure these moments,I just have to say. With Richard,or Jennifer or Loud Mouth Wayne. We laughed and we sang, tho you were in pain. But your pain is gone now, In heaven you now reside. But my love for you won't stop, my love I won't hide. My heart is broken, Just a few more words will be spoken. Thanks for these memories, I'll treasure through all time. These moments are so special. And They are All Mine.

Missing You...

Missing You By William Wyllie My Friend, I sit and think of you. Happy memories abound in my mind it's true You've become a very close friend,warm feelings,I feel that won't end. I hope to see you in a couple of days. You make me happy in so many ways. It's been acouple of weeks since I've seen your face. Your my best friend I'll go anyplace. Whatever you want, that's where I'll go. I feel happy that's all I know. The last two weeks I've missed you so much. I'll just sit beside you and promise I won't touch. I have deep respect for you this is true. You've shown me sweet love,that I never knew. I never thought that a beauty such as you. Would be my best friend,and I love you too. Over the years our friendship has grown deep. Inside I feel Happy,You just make me weep.

Missing You So Much ...

Missing You So Much By William Wyllie.... I miss you so much, the pain deep down. When you are not here, I'm wearing a frown. You give me such joy,something about you attracts. I want you so near,Your love just impacts. When I can't talk to you,I just get upset. When the other girls try to speak,I just reject. It is only you,and you alone. I want you right now,to be my very own. The beautiful lady, that you are. You're my bright shinning star. I have not heard from you in over a week. It's you that I want, It's you that I seek. So please come back, let me hear you say. I Love You, I Love You, in every way. I just have to have you,there just is no doubt. If I can't have you, I'll scream and I'll shout. Tell me you want me, Tell me you care. Let me run my fingers through you long silky black hair. Let me touch you face and hold you so tight. I'll hold you so close, with all of my might. Oh baby, oh baby,It just has to be. I need you right here, close beside Me.

DelCarte -

By William Wyllie We stroll through Del-Cart on this cloudy day. I photograph the wonder of nature, I'm Happy to say. As we follow the Story Walk,Faith reads each one as we go. The day becomes sunny,I'm happy to know. The sun gives off reflections of the tree's. Making scenic shots for my eyes to see. A small warf I see I Walk out to the end. Photograph's I snap,and soon I will send. Faith, Lily and I cross a large bridge, I feel it sway from our wait. I Feel the motion,good thing I took A motion sickness pill,Don't want to be fish bait. Beautiful Fall day,warm sun,I feel alright. I feel good,I never feel uptight. A Walk through nature,I feel so grand. I hope with my Love someday I will stand. Not even a mile did we walk.

A Walk With Faith (In My Heart)

A Walk With Faith (In My Heart) By William Wyllie...... To Beaver Pond We Will Stroll. I have not been there since long time ago. Chilson Beach A Beautiful Place. In my Mind I travel through time and space. To a time long ago,When I was just a lad. To this same place with Brother and sister. What a time we had. Today I walk with Faith. And Photo's I take. Lots of trees by the pond,Grow wild. In the past very few, when I was a child. We walk to a clearing,a boat ramp looks fine. I walk to the edge, Should I step one more time? As I get closer to the water,one more step I may go. A Big black think snake, pops out of a hole. With a startled surprise,right back I did jump. I did it so fast I heard a loud thump. In a blink of an eye the snake popped back in it's hole. And that is when real fast I did stroll. Faith said with concern "I Would have jumped just the same" With a twinkle in her eye. Good friends we remain.

Woman From The Past -

Woman From The Past By William Wyllie .... A Woman from my Past,has now returned. My Feeling for her go on,It's her that I yearn. The Warmth of the Sun Apon my Skin. With You My Darling, I'll Always Win. The Sun will rise, The Sun is Hot. But Oh My Darling it's you I got. Feeling of Love for you go on. You're like the light, of the morning dawn. The warmth of the sun,like the warmth of your love. Brings me happiness and joy, like the lord up above. You bring me Love, You Bring Me Bliss. I want to hold you, I want to kiss. A beautiful lady,from a far away land. I just want to sit and hold your hand. A lady of class, you have returned. The flame of love inside me still burns. You waited in the shadows,but now you are back. So Happy you stayed, Our Love will not lack. Together we will be, Together we are right. Together Forever, Our Love will take flight.

Name That Tune

Name That Tune By William Wyllie To the Senior Center We Do Go. To Play "Name That Tune" It'll be fun I know. Faith and myself go for Lunch there. Never attended something like this anywhere. They play some tunes, sometimes I miss. Other times it's easy,I say "Let's Twist". This is fun, music from the 60s and 70s play. I eat my lunch,and enjoy my stay. Ariel the announcer plays a bonus tune. They think it's hard,but the title comes real soon. The song title is "Ariel" A favorite tune of mine. I win the bonus ,it makes me feel so fine. This brings my joy.I'M Happy that I'm here. "Name that tune",just music to my ears. Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop till you get enough" A tune I didn't get. "Disco Inferno" another I miss.Can't get upset. It's only a game, nevermind if I did not remember. Just being here is the best I surrender. "Come Together" A Beatles tune I got.A Big hit. "Eleanor Rigby" too many people were too quick. "Don't Bring Me Down" by ELO song, that was an easy one. I build up the points,I may just have won. They calculate the points,Yes it seems I'm the winner. This is so nice, and a lovely dinner. I win $15. towards future meals. This is so fine,to me a big deal. Thank You Faith, my good friend. Excited inside I just can't pretend.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Senior Story Hour Show #36 (I Read 2 Poems at beginnig)

Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Light of the Day

By William Wyllie....... The Love I Feel in My soul. It's You that I want to Hold. Your every wish come true. My Love I give to you. I feel such joy in my heart. Together and Never apart. Beautiful Lady, before My eyes. My arms are open wide. Together we have to be. A life with you I see. This passion that burns in my heart. Forever with you, in the dark. I hope the day Will come. Together we before one. These words flow out from inside. My love for you I will not hide. These feelings for you, we belong. Your my light of the breaking dawn. With you I stand in the Shade. When the light of the day starts to fade.

My Love, My Only One

By William Wyllie...... My Feelings Won't Stop,My Feeling Won't Go. It's You My darling, that I want To know. On a sunny Day or dark of night. It's only you that shines the light. You shine that light,to show me the way. Oh my sweet darling, together we'll pray. I pray for the day when We get together. It will be a special day,Our love is forever. If it rains I'll stand in the rain and hold you tight. Because my sweet darling,you make me feel alright. You bring the sun, when you appear. I need you close and oh so near. From my heart these words flow out. Because my darling,My love I will shout. Your always welcome in my world. It's you that makes my hair curl. Your my Love, My Only One. Our Love will touch the Sun. So Happy that I am and will be. A New life for everyone to see.

Senior Story Hour Show # 33 (August 2021)

Senior Story Hour Show # 32 (July 2021)

Senior Story Hour Show # 31 (June 2021)

Senior Story Hour Show # 30 (May 2021)

This Dark and Stormy Night

This Dark and Stormy Night..... My beautiful Lady,the beauty you are. You are my bright and shinning star. I long to be close by your side. I'm waiting for you with my arms open wide. I feel these words,come from my heart. You are so lovely,please don't part. For if you leave, I would cry and weep. Because my darling,your love I seek. Never thought I'd feel these emotions, inside. They feel so strong,I will not hide. I would dance and sing, if you came to me. But if you do my love you will see. I would hold you close if you were here. I want you beside me.So very near. We write our letters,We show Our Love. I'm just so happy, my Lovey Dove. I know your feelings are as as strong as mine. So never leave and let's drink some wine. Let's drink some champagne, and who knows what. But before We Do,the door I will shut. I want to hold you tight. On this dark and stormy night.

You Are Like a Song

You are Like a Song - by William Wyllie...... I'll Love you in the Day, I'll love you at Night. But Whatever I do you're a beautiful Site. Without a Doubt. With you I'll never pout. My Heart is filled with Bliss. Please Give me a delightful kiss. My Thoughts of you go On. You're like a beautiful Song. Many songs in my life last forever. Your song in my heart will leave me Never. Never will your song go away. You are the song that will stay. Beautiful Lady you bring me such Emotion. To You I give my Devotion. In this crazy world you are an attraction. Come on and show me your satisfaction. Quiet Days and Quiet Nights. You sure are my delight. I want to sing I want to dance. You put me in a trance. They say that Life is a Song. You're the One Song that can't go wrong. You're the Melody, I'm the words to the Song. Together our Love will go on and on.

The Flame of Love

by William Wyllie....... My Lovely Lady,So beautiful and Fine. Your Beauty, Your Grace,oh please Be Mine. My Feelings Go On.It's hard to deny. I feel so happy, and I know why. I don't need to talk,My feels will speak. Without the words,your love I seek. Like the beautiful sunshine on a spring day. Your beauty shines,My love it will stay. The chirpping birds sing their songs of joy. I feel so happy, like a little boy. You have such style,you have such grace. The rain pours down upon my face. The sun will rise, the sun will set. But when I'm with you, I'm happy that we met. I love you so much.I can't let go. I feel so happy,I want you to know. Your like an itch That I can't scratch. Your my sweet love,a perfect match. The Flame of Love, burns soft and low. But my sweet darling,our love will grow. The Flame of love, forever will burn. The time will come.when it's our turn. I say goodnight, but it's not goodbye. When we are together, the time will fly.

This Feeling of Love

This Feeling of Love By William Wyllie One Look at you no words are spoken. Here are my arms, they are wide open. We Come from different words. But Our Words Will be Heard. The Feeling of Love, The Look in Your Eyes. When I Am with you, My Love I won't Hide. There's Something About You.Not Sure What it is. I'm Happy I Found You,I'm Like a little Kid. My feelings are strong, I can not deny. they Will not go Away,They still touch the Sky. It's the middle of the night, where I am Right Now. But it's the middle of the day,in your world and how. We come from a world that brought us together. By Speaking some words, Our love is forever. I want to hold you so tight and not let you go. This feeling of Love,has taken a strong hold. If ever we meet,I'll squeeze you tight, until I Cry. When We are together, Out love it will fly. It's tears of joy and not tears of pain. I'll hold you so tight, again and Again. As I read you letter, your love for me I feel. It brings me sweet joy, deep emotions are real. Baby oh baby, my passion grows strong. Deep inside it burns, Our love can't be wrong. Sometimes the flame of Love, inside me dies down. When we are together, Our Love will astound.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

My Farewell To Millie - (My Dear Friend)

My Farewell to Millie By William Wyllie My Beautiful friend. I love you to no end. You Made me smile. For you I'd walk a mile. We had many good times. For you I'd give you my last dime. Breakfast where we first met. Became close friends, you are the best. I'd spot you from far away. With your fiery red hair. For you I do care. Good Times between us,it was great. Sometimes one of us would be a little late. My dear friend, My love to you I send. You were honest and Open,not afraid to speak your mind. A special friend, till the end of time. I'm happy that I found you, if only for a little while. When we were together, you always made me smile. We always had fun at the Senior center cafe. I treasure these moments,I just have to say. With Richard,or Jennifer or Loud Mouth Wayne. We laughed and we sang, tho you were in pain. But your pain is gone now, In heaven you now reside. But my love for you won't stop, my love I won't hide. My heart is broken, Just a few more words will be spoken. Thanks for these memories, I'll treasure through all time. These moments are so special. And They are All Mine.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Togeher We Are Two

Together We are Two... I feel Lonely I feel Blue. Because my darling, I'm not holding you. With each passing day. My Love will always stay. With each passing night. Our Lovw will take flight. My Love is only for you. Together We are Two. Beautiful lady will you please be mine. Love grows stronger with the passage of time. The days are warm,the days are cold. I want you in my arms, you warm my soul. So happy with you I will be. Together you and me. I want to sing and dance. Let's start a great romance. Please don't ever go away. With you I want to stay. I whisper words of love in your ear. My words of love You will always Hear.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Words of Love

Words of Love... My words of love I send to you. This Beautiful lady she loves me too. I feel so happy, reading her lovely words. I know my love she has heard. It's Mid April as I have my morning coffee. The snow falls down,as the flakes bounce off me. The snow mounts up fast. But it will not last. Unlike the snow our love will not die. Because with you, our love will fly. I'll fly away with you my sweet. I know with you, my life is complete. My words of Love,streight from my heart. When we are together, We will not part. I whisper words of love into your ear. Very softly and gently I hold you so near. You bring out these words from my deepest soul. It's you I want to have and to hold. I'll say good morning, it is only the beginning. Because my darling, your heart I am winning.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Our love is True..

Our Love Is True .... This China Girl from far away. You bring me sweet love,each and every day. The day will come when we get together. Sunny days or rainy weather. If the rain comes down, I will dance and I will sing. Because my sweet darling, the joy that you bring. On sunny days we will lay on the beach. I will be so happy. I will be lost for speach. Although your English is not so good. Love knows no boundries in a house of wood. You make me laugh, You make me cry. My love for you just wants to fly. Beautiful lady, I'll give you my best. I will do anything to past the test. My morning coffee I sit and I drink. Your on my mind, it is you that I think. Someday soon I hope we meet. Your love I want, Your love I seek. With you around me, I will not be blue. Because my Honey,Our Love is so true.

Reading Your Letter...

Reading Your Letter .... Reading Your letter, Made Me feel so good. I feel happy,I knew I Would. You may not speak good English my lovely one. But our hearts speak in any tounge. Just reading your sweet words brings me joy. Feelings deep inside, A little child with a toy. We learn things together that is the best. Our love will grow strong, past any test. I'll help you in life,to keep our sweet love. I'll make it grow strong, on wings of a dove. Just writing these words, my for you I feel. I can not believe this is all real. A beautiful lady has come into my life. The joy that I feel, when I make her my wife. I feel my heart speak,it beats a little fast. When I think of you. Our love it will last. When you feel sick, I will be there real quick. I'll hold you so close.I love you the most. I will say goodnight, But it won't be goodbye. Because when we get together,Our love will just fly.

Senior Story Hour Show #29 (April 2021)

Download mp3 ---- Play Stream ---

Monday, April 5, 2021

Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day... You light up my world, with your sweet love. From the sky and Haven above. The beauty in the world I see. When you send your love to me. When I look at you I ponder. With each passing day, my love grows stronger. You are my cup of tea. You are the one for me. My coffee in the morning I drink. On my mind it's you that I think. I'm in love with this china doll. I want to give you my all. I'll always be true and kind. You're always be on my mind. Never thought I'd fall for this lady. No If's and's or maybe's. Together Forever, we have to be. Our Love will set us free. My inspiration, This you sure are. Together we'll travel near or far. I love you all the way. Forever and a day.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

My Feelings For You

My Feelings For You.... I feel So Sad, I Feel So Blue. Becauce My Darling I'm Not Holding You. Together We Feel Love, Together We Belong. You are like listening to my Favorite Song. I sing out loud, My Feelings So deep. For You my darling, For You I Weep. So Happy I'll be with you by my side. My feelings for you,I just can not hide. Without you around, I'm Lost and Alone. It's you that I want to be my very own. I hope and Pray the day will come soon. I'll hold you so near, Under the light of a full moon.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Goodbye to Winter..

Goodbye To Winter.... Don't trip when you go out the door. My foot will be behind you,Don't want you anymore. No two feet of snow that piles up so fast. I want you gone,a thing of the past. No shoveling the sidewalks,so people can come in. I want the Hot Sun,to warm Us within. So Goodbye to winter, don't fall on the ice. If you fall in the lake, that would be so nice. No high cast of heating,to keep my house warm. I want to see the rising sun,early in the morn. No heavy winter coats,wrapped around so tight. Just the morning sun,that will shine in so bright. The two feet of snow,in my yard melting away. I can now see the ground,It is a happy day. So goodbye to winter,Welcome to spring. I feel so happy, I just want to sing.

I Think of You..

I Think Of You..... I think of you and call out your name. I'm drwan to you, like a moth to a flame. No word I write to never express. My feelings inside,I want to impress. My passion for you will never die. With you my love I will fly. Sweet Love I feel in my heart. You're like a lovely work of art. No one has ever made me feel. Sweet Joy, with you, it is so real. Your words of love touch me so deep. You make me cry you make me weep. It's not that I'm sad,very happy inside. I'm filled with joy, I'm filled with pride. Your Love has given me wings. With you I just want to sing. You may not know my Love Songs. I'll sing all night,Till the break of dawn.

My Love Will Never Grow Old

My Love Will Never Go Old..... As the Winter fades, along with the cold. My love for you will never grow old. A New life with you,Please Take Me away. Our Love will grow strong, till another day. I'll give you my life, I'll give you my soul. I am yours to have and to hold. A new day is dawning,with you in the morning. To spend the night,holding you tight. To spend the day, loving you all the way. With my arms around, you just astound. So happy we'll be. My love you will see. A life with you,Together We Two. Nothing more to say. With you I will stay.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Senior Story Hour Show #28 (March 2021)

I will start posting the links here to this show. I read my poems on this show as well. I'll post a link to a stream and a link to download. recorded at WFPR-FM Franlin, MA. Download - -

Monday, February 22, 2021

Naughty Boy (Adult Language)

Naughty Boy...... My Love from another land. Together with you I will stand. Sweet Love You broght in your heart. Together forever, never apart. Oh my Love you came into my world. Together with you we'll twirl. We'll spin and dance and romance. I hope I can get into your pants. I get naughty, sorry you excite. I hope your pussy is nice ad tight. Oops there I go,you drive me nuts. But I sure do love you big beautiful butt. I'm just not under control. It's You I want to Hold. It's you I want to Kiss. Let me suck your beautiful tits. It's no use you have captured my heart. Please let me spread your legs apart. Let's get Naked I just can't stand it. You just drive me out of my wits. Beautiful Lady, you are the best. On Your Chest, My head I will Rest.

My Love - Bill Wyllie

My Love..... I Read the Loving Words in your Letters you Send. They Make Me So Happy, My Love just won't end. My Love grows stronger, the more I read your feelings. You set me on fire. At your feet I'll be kneeling. Your beauty astounds me.The Lovely Lady you Are. Together We'll Be.Together We'll Go Far. I want to play pool,I want to sing and dance. To Be so Close.You put me in a trance. The More I read your letters,the more i"m In Love. We Fit nice together, like hand in glove. My darling I Love You,No Words Can Describe. I'll show you I Care,My words I won't hide. Never thought I'd feel such Passion Inside. I'll hold you forever,My arms open wide.

Season's Change - Bill Wyllie

Season's Change...... As the Winter Months Go on and On. My Love for you will never be gone. As the wind and rain and snow heep falling. I can hear your voice it keeps on calling. Your sweet, sweet love, it fills my heart. Together we'll be, never aprt. When we meet our feelings will bvwecome one. We'll lay on the beach in the warm summer sun. I want you close I want you near. My soft voice you will hear. You'll hear me singing "I Love You My Sweet". You are a delight, you are a treat. When the Mountains are Flat,I'll be right there. When the river's dry up, My Love I'll share. When it thunders in Winter, You hear me call. When it snows in summer,I'll give you my all. When the Earth and Sky Merge, You'll hear my voice. I'll be beside you, you are my choice. When the winter fades into spring,You'll hear me shout. You'll hear me Sing. We'll dance and sing in the summer sun. Then my darling, we will become One.

Ecstacy - Bill Wyllie

Ecstacy..... Beautiful Lady in my Mind. I'll love you now and thru all time. I feel so Happy,I Feel so good. I'll love you always, it's understood. I can't believe that you chose me. Love is blind but I can see. I see this lady,with beautiful eyes. You Tell the Truth, never Lies. My life is better with you in it. I'll hug you and squeeze you, You are a hit. You're a hit with me, your number one. I know your heart I have won. You have my love till my dying day. I know our love will go all the way. Your Beautiful Photos, you send to me. When I look at you, I'm in Ecstacy.

My Angel - Bill Wyllie

My Angel..... You are my Angel Sent from Above. You brought me sweet, sweet love. Deep Feeling's I have for you my sweet. You are such a delicious Treat. Your better then Chocolete, your better then Ice Cream. Give Me Joy in my heart,Give me life it seems. I feel like a young man, when I'm beside you. If I was a dove, I'd Coo, Coo, Coo. I'm crazy for your sweet bliss. Something I don't want to miss. I found my angel it is you. My love for you is so true. When We meet our love will grow stronger. Lonely I will be No Longer. With this lady from China, I found sweet Joy. Together Forever,I'm a happy boy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Beautiful Lady .. By Bill Wyllie

Beautiful Lady..... Beautiful Lady that I See. You are So Good, You care for me. Together We'll be,Our Future will come. You com from the land of the Rising Sun. We'll be so Happy, we share our feelings. On bended knee I will be kneeling. Stay together, with you by my side. My love for you I will not hide. Our love will grow, We'll planet a seed. In a beautiful garden, They'll be no weeds. You brought sweet love, it feels so good. I'll hold you close. i knew I Would. I dream of my Lady,So sweet and so fine. You age so well like a bottle of wine. Like wine you make me feel the joy's in this life. Perhaps someday you will be my wife. We'll get to kn ow each other, But already I care. You feel the same, out love we will share.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Life is a Song .....

Life is a Song by Bill Wyllie.... I See my Future when I look in your eyes. You make me so happy, you mesmerize. This Beautiful Lady, please be mine. We'll dance and we'll sing and have a good time. You are my futureI know in my heart. We have to be together,you're a work of art. You are like a song, so beautiful and devine. So sweet and so soft and heard thruough out time. You are the music, I am the words. Our Love will echo, and always be heard. We two will make beautiful music together. We'll have lots of fun at the drop of a feather. Violins and saxophones will play soft and low. Our music will be heard, where ever we go. As the music fades, our love will go on. Our love will not die, because Life is a Song. If Life is a song, and if that is true. Then the music just started,when I first met you.

My Love Grows with Each Passing Day.....

My Love Grows with Each Passing Day by Bill Wyllie.... I open your letters.Sweet words That I read. My beautiful Lady, it's you that I need. We will climb a mountain, we'll swim in the sea. As long as you are close to me. I've always loved flowers, planets around my house. We'll wear nice clothes, with flowers on your blouse. My grandmother had a garden with big Sun Flowers. Water barrel outside the back door.Rain filled it up, for hours. My beautiful darling it's you I adore. We will walk hand in hand, Love yoiu more and more. My love grows with each passing day. I love you so much. My love it will stay. My feelings for you, grow so strong. I know in my heart, they'll never be gone. The day will come. When Our Love We will share. Our love will be complete,Our love will be there. Util you came along, I did the best that I Can. With your love, I'm a happy, happy man. Your beautiful words touch me so deep. When I think what we have, I'll cry and I'll weep. But I better put myself together. I have to be strong. Our Love will be a strong bond.

Our Love We Will Share....

Our Love We'll Share by Bill Wyllie.... You are my happiness.I am your man. And I will do the best that I can. To show you I care. I won't sit and stare. The beautiful lady, that you are. You shine so bright.I see you from afar. Your so far from me now. We will be together sometime and how. You've capured my heart, you've captured my soul. I am yours to have and to hold. When I'm with you, my whole body tingles. It's you that I want, with you I will mingle. Sweet love it sure feels grand. I Want to hold your Hand. A Beatles song that just is so funny. You just make my world bright and sunny. I sent you "All My Loving" so please "Love Me Do". "All you Need is Love", "My Love" for you is true. We will travel "Here there and Everywhere". When we get together, our love we will share.

The Face of an Angel....

The Face of an Angel by Bill Wyllie..... My Darling, My Love, I want you so near. To hold you close,soft words you will hear. My love for you, it makes my inspired. I wrote these words. You are desired. The face of an angel, the lady I need. Let's get together and plant a seed. A beautiful garden, with big tall flowers. We will walk around them for hours and hours. I want a life with you by my side. I am all yours.My Arms open wide. Your in my heart, and here you'll stay. I'll love you forever and a day. These words flow out, from deep in my heart. Together forever and never part. I miss you more then you'll ever know. I love you so much. and it sure does show.

My Love Will Grow.....

My Love Will Grow by Bill Wyllie ...... My love for you will never end. I need you now to be my friend. Friend and Love, woman or wife. Our love is so strong, and feels so nice. The beautiful Woman that I see. I want you close beside me. Your on my mind, all of the time. I want to make you mine all mine. Lovely lady come into my life. I know we'll be happy. You are out of sight. Out of sight that you are so great. I love you so much, I just can't wait. Can't wait for the day. Till we hug and kiss. we will be so happy. We'll have sweet bliss. I am a person that emotions run strong. I know our love will never be wrong. So let's get together,Our Love will grow. My feelings for you, I will show.

Your Love I Need.......

The joy you bring when you are around. Close beside you I will be found. Beautiful Lady I want you before Me. Show me your love and don't ignore me. So Happy I'd Be with so close. But baby, don't burn the toast. I can't believe we found each other. We go to bed and cuddle under the covers. I'll cherish the moments, what ever we do. Because my sweetheart I do love you. A brand new life, it's hard to believe. You've opened my eyes so now I can see. Strong emotions I feel my honey. You make my life bright and sunny. These words come from my very soul. It's you I want to have and to hold. When I see your letters,your loving words that I read. I feel so happy.Your love I do need.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Cream and Sugar by Bill Wyllie

Cream and Sugar... You are my Sugar with Cream on top. We'll make sweet love and never stop. All through the day,and all through the night. We'll spread our wings and we'll take flight. You are my lady,You are the One. You Light up the night,Like the brightest Sun. You've Won My Heart,So Much I could Cry. When we get together, we sure will fly. From Franklin, Massachusetts, to Bejing China. We'll have a good life,and I won't be a winner. I won't have sorrow, Well sing like birds. I'll write love poems with beautiful words. Oh Darling My Love, This is my dream. You feel the same that's what it seems. From early morning till the dark of night. We'll fly through the sky, till the next morning light. My words just come from my deepest soul. We'll be like young kids, and never grow old. I want you beside me, through goodtimes and bad. We'll be so happy,and never be sad.

Happy Life by Bill Wyllie ..

HAPPY LIFE..... My Beautiful Lady I want a happy life. I want you beside me to be my wife. Even tho we have not met,I feel strong feelings. I think we'd be happy, I'd be reeling. When I think of what might be and a life with you. It fills me with joy. and it does with you to. I'd be a happy man with a lady like you. Sweet joy you bring. You make me so happy,My heart would just sing. I want to show you the music, that I love. We'll sing and dance, under the sky above. I want to learn your music, tho I may not understand things. The language does not matter, it's the feelings that it brings. A love like you it's hard to believe. Hope we succeed. We'll be together, and fill each others needs. I feel so happy, when I think of what we can be. You opened my eyes, A blind man can see. I See a new beginning, with us together from the start. We'll be happy from now on, from now on and won't part. So kiss me and hug me. Till the end of my time. I want you right here, you're so very kind.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

You Are the Best Bill Wyllie

You Are the Best........ My Beautiful Lady you are a dream. I love you more than life it seems. The feelings you give me,make me feel so good. My first look at you made me feel that I would. I see a georgous lady that I want so close. If I was bread I'd be burnt toast. I love you so,My love I won't hide. I have feelings deep inside. I feel so happy thinking of you. You are the best thing that is true. I sit on my bed, I have no woes. I'll rub your feet and your pretty toes. I'll give you my Love, you beautiful thing. Because y sweet, my heart just sings. The lovely lady that you are. Together we'll be,We'll travel so far. We'll travel East, We 'll travel West. But My sweet darling, you are the best.

I Send my Love by Bill Wyllie

I Send My Love..... I Send My Love from Across the world. I want you now to be my girl. To squeeze you tight,show you I care. Run my fingers through your beautiful black hair. I send my love from across the sea. I want you close beside me. I'm filled with love,with your sweet face. I want you beside me, right in this place. I send my love for as long as it takes. We'll wealk on land, or sea or lakes. I'll wait for you, Because I feel your emotions. The words you write, say that you have devotion. I send my love,because I want you near. My words of love,flow in your ear. Our feelings for each other,grow stronger with time. I want you now, oh please be mine. I send my love from today into tomorrow. I know my darling we'll never have sorrow. I say goodnight, but it won't be Goodbye. When we meet we'll fly to the sky.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Together, Never Apart ----

These Words flow out from my Heart. We must be together, Never Apart. My thoughts of you go on and on and on. To be beside you till the light of dawn. I'm filled with desire for your sweet kiss. Without your love I'd miss. My passion for you I have to control. Because my darling you have my soul. I need you here, close beside my side. My love for you I will not hide. If My life was a book,This would be the beginning. The Chapter's would go on,Till the end where I'd be winning. I think I've won your heart,If I see what we hold. Together we'll be, our story will be told. I feel such love for you My Honey. I'm a simple man with not much money. But money is not important,It's the love we share. Let me run my finger through your beautiful black hair. I'd be the happiest man in this whole world. If I held you in my arms, my hair would curl. Beautiful you are, beautiful you'll always be. Hold me in your arms,together our love you will see.

Monday, January 11, 2021

My Heart Wants to Sing ...

My Love you are the one. You bring the brightest sun. You Give me joy and love. You send me to heaven above. This Feeling deep down that you bring. My heart just wants to sing. To sing and shout to the world. That you make my hair curl. My beautiful Girl. The one to wrap my arms around. The Love that I have found. My Emotions,just rise up so high. I feel that I could fly. If I could fly I'd fly streight to your arms. Hug and kiss you,and see your womanly charms. Together we will always Be. Your my light so I can See. Your my hands so I can Feel. Our sweet Love, it is for real.

My Special Girl -------

God knows, I love you So. So Happy when we talk.Let's go for a nice long walk. With you I want to stay. Our Love will light the way. I'm in wonder of your sweet love. Thank You,Your my heaven from above. Never thought I'd find such a beauty. Beautiful lady and a cutie. These Words come from my heart. Together forever, Never apart. Can't wait to wrap my arms around your waist. We'll kiss, your lips I will taste. Such joy to me you bring. My heart just wants to sing. I'll sing and shout to the world. That you are my special girl.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

You Are My Only One by William Wyllie ........

You Are My Only One By William Wyllie --- You are my only one. You light up my night like the sun. Sweet Lady you are a babe. Together our love will be made. A beauty before my eyes. My love for you I'll never hide. I feel a yearning for you sweet love. We fit together like hand and glove. Never knew a beautiful woman as yourself. I want you all to myself. Our love will grow stronger each day. I'll love you all the way. In the Rain or under the Sun. You are my only one. You bring joy to this old guy. Together we'll touch the Sky. My beautiful dark haired girl. You set my heart in a whirl. Together We must Be. You opened my eyes to see. As I write these words I tingle. With you I'll always mingle. Happy I know I sure am. I'll do the best I can.