Monday, February 22, 2021

Naughty Boy (Adult Language)

Naughty Boy...... My Love from another land. Together with you I will stand. Sweet Love You broght in your heart. Together forever, never apart. Oh my Love you came into my world. Together with you we'll twirl. We'll spin and dance and romance. I hope I can get into your pants. I get naughty, sorry you excite. I hope your pussy is nice ad tight. Oops there I go,you drive me nuts. But I sure do love you big beautiful butt. I'm just not under control. It's You I want to Hold. It's you I want to Kiss. Let me suck your beautiful tits. It's no use you have captured my heart. Please let me spread your legs apart. Let's get Naked I just can't stand it. You just drive me out of my wits. Beautiful Lady, you are the best. On Your Chest, My head I will Rest.

My Love - Bill Wyllie

My Love..... I Read the Loving Words in your Letters you Send. They Make Me So Happy, My Love just won't end. My Love grows stronger, the more I read your feelings. You set me on fire. At your feet I'll be kneeling. Your beauty astounds me.The Lovely Lady you Are. Together We'll Be.Together We'll Go Far. I want to play pool,I want to sing and dance. To Be so Close.You put me in a trance. The More I read your letters,the more i"m In Love. We Fit nice together, like hand in glove. My darling I Love You,No Words Can Describe. I'll show you I Care,My words I won't hide. Never thought I'd feel such Passion Inside. I'll hold you forever,My arms open wide.

Season's Change - Bill Wyllie

Season's Change...... As the Winter Months Go on and On. My Love for you will never be gone. As the wind and rain and snow heep falling. I can hear your voice it keeps on calling. Your sweet, sweet love, it fills my heart. Together we'll be, never aprt. When we meet our feelings will bvwecome one. We'll lay on the beach in the warm summer sun. I want you close I want you near. My soft voice you will hear. You'll hear me singing "I Love You My Sweet". You are a delight, you are a treat. When the Mountains are Flat,I'll be right there. When the river's dry up, My Love I'll share. When it thunders in Winter, You hear me call. When it snows in summer,I'll give you my all. When the Earth and Sky Merge, You'll hear my voice. I'll be beside you, you are my choice. When the winter fades into spring,You'll hear me shout. You'll hear me Sing. We'll dance and sing in the summer sun. Then my darling, we will become One.

Ecstacy - Bill Wyllie

Ecstacy..... Beautiful Lady in my Mind. I'll love you now and thru all time. I feel so Happy,I Feel so good. I'll love you always, it's understood. I can't believe that you chose me. Love is blind but I can see. I see this lady,with beautiful eyes. You Tell the Truth, never Lies. My life is better with you in it. I'll hug you and squeeze you, You are a hit. You're a hit with me, your number one. I know your heart I have won. You have my love till my dying day. I know our love will go all the way. Your Beautiful Photos, you send to me. When I look at you, I'm in Ecstacy.

My Angel - Bill Wyllie

My Angel..... You are my Angel Sent from Above. You brought me sweet, sweet love. Deep Feeling's I have for you my sweet. You are such a delicious Treat. Your better then Chocolete, your better then Ice Cream. Give Me Joy in my heart,Give me life it seems. I feel like a young man, when I'm beside you. If I was a dove, I'd Coo, Coo, Coo. I'm crazy for your sweet bliss. Something I don't want to miss. I found my angel it is you. My love for you is so true. When We meet our love will grow stronger. Lonely I will be No Longer. With this lady from China, I found sweet Joy. Together Forever,I'm a happy boy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Beautiful Lady .. By Bill Wyllie

Beautiful Lady..... Beautiful Lady that I See. You are So Good, You care for me. Together We'll be,Our Future will come. You com from the land of the Rising Sun. We'll be so Happy, we share our feelings. On bended knee I will be kneeling. Stay together, with you by my side. My love for you I will not hide. Our love will grow, We'll planet a seed. In a beautiful garden, They'll be no weeds. You brought sweet love, it feels so good. I'll hold you close. i knew I Would. I dream of my Lady,So sweet and so fine. You age so well like a bottle of wine. Like wine you make me feel the joy's in this life. Perhaps someday you will be my wife. We'll get to kn ow each other, But already I care. You feel the same, out love we will share.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Life is a Song .....

Life is a Song by Bill Wyllie.... I See my Future when I look in your eyes. You make me so happy, you mesmerize. This Beautiful Lady, please be mine. We'll dance and we'll sing and have a good time. You are my futureI know in my heart. We have to be together,you're a work of art. You are like a song, so beautiful and devine. So sweet and so soft and heard thruough out time. You are the music, I am the words. Our Love will echo, and always be heard. We two will make beautiful music together. We'll have lots of fun at the drop of a feather. Violins and saxophones will play soft and low. Our music will be heard, where ever we go. As the music fades, our love will go on. Our love will not die, because Life is a Song. If Life is a song, and if that is true. Then the music just started,when I first met you.

My Love Grows with Each Passing Day.....

My Love Grows with Each Passing Day by Bill Wyllie.... I open your letters.Sweet words That I read. My beautiful Lady, it's you that I need. We will climb a mountain, we'll swim in the sea. As long as you are close to me. I've always loved flowers, planets around my house. We'll wear nice clothes, with flowers on your blouse. My grandmother had a garden with big Sun Flowers. Water barrel outside the back door.Rain filled it up, for hours. My beautiful darling it's you I adore. We will walk hand in hand, Love yoiu more and more. My love grows with each passing day. I love you so much. My love it will stay. My feelings for you, grow so strong. I know in my heart, they'll never be gone. The day will come. When Our Love We will share. Our love will be complete,Our love will be there. Util you came along, I did the best that I Can. With your love, I'm a happy, happy man. Your beautiful words touch me so deep. When I think what we have, I'll cry and I'll weep. But I better put myself together. I have to be strong. Our Love will be a strong bond.

Our Love We Will Share....

Our Love We'll Share by Bill Wyllie.... You are my happiness.I am your man. And I will do the best that I can. To show you I care. I won't sit and stare. The beautiful lady, that you are. You shine so bright.I see you from afar. Your so far from me now. We will be together sometime and how. You've capured my heart, you've captured my soul. I am yours to have and to hold. When I'm with you, my whole body tingles. It's you that I want, with you I will mingle. Sweet love it sure feels grand. I Want to hold your Hand. A Beatles song that just is so funny. You just make my world bright and sunny. I sent you "All My Loving" so please "Love Me Do". "All you Need is Love", "My Love" for you is true. We will travel "Here there and Everywhere". When we get together, our love we will share.

The Face of an Angel....

The Face of an Angel by Bill Wyllie..... My Darling, My Love, I want you so near. To hold you close,soft words you will hear. My love for you, it makes my inspired. I wrote these words. You are desired. The face of an angel, the lady I need. Let's get together and plant a seed. A beautiful garden, with big tall flowers. We will walk around them for hours and hours. I want a life with you by my side. I am all yours.My Arms open wide. Your in my heart, and here you'll stay. I'll love you forever and a day. These words flow out, from deep in my heart. Together forever and never part. I miss you more then you'll ever know. I love you so much. and it sure does show.

My Love Will Grow.....

My Love Will Grow by Bill Wyllie ...... My love for you will never end. I need you now to be my friend. Friend and Love, woman or wife. Our love is so strong, and feels so nice. The beautiful Woman that I see. I want you close beside me. Your on my mind, all of the time. I want to make you mine all mine. Lovely lady come into my life. I know we'll be happy. You are out of sight. Out of sight that you are so great. I love you so much, I just can't wait. Can't wait for the day. Till we hug and kiss. we will be so happy. We'll have sweet bliss. I am a person that emotions run strong. I know our love will never be wrong. So let's get together,Our Love will grow. My feelings for you, I will show.

Your Love I Need.......

The joy you bring when you are around. Close beside you I will be found. Beautiful Lady I want you before Me. Show me your love and don't ignore me. So Happy I'd Be with so close. But baby, don't burn the toast. I can't believe we found each other. We go to bed and cuddle under the covers. I'll cherish the moments, what ever we do. Because my sweetheart I do love you. A brand new life, it's hard to believe. You've opened my eyes so now I can see. Strong emotions I feel my honey. You make my life bright and sunny. These words come from my very soul. It's you I want to have and to hold. When I see your letters,your loving words that I read. I feel so happy.Your love I do need.