Monday, February 22, 2021

Naughty Boy (Adult Language)

Naughty Boy...... My Love from another land. Together with you I will stand. Sweet Love You broght in your heart. Together forever, never apart. Oh my Love you came into my world. Together with you we'll twirl. We'll spin and dance and romance. I hope I can get into your pants. I get naughty, sorry you excite. I hope your pussy is nice ad tight. Oops there I go,you drive me nuts. But I sure do love you big beautiful butt. I'm just not under control. It's You I want to Hold. It's you I want to Kiss. Let me suck your beautiful tits. It's no use you have captured my heart. Please let me spread your legs apart. Let's get Naked I just can't stand it. You just drive me out of my wits. Beautiful Lady, you are the best. On Your Chest, My head I will Rest.

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