Friday, April 23, 2021

Togeher We Are Two

Together We are Two... I feel Lonely I feel Blue. Because my darling, I'm not holding you. With each passing day. My Love will always stay. With each passing night. Our Lovw will take flight. My Love is only for you. Together We are Two. Beautiful lady will you please be mine. Love grows stronger with the passage of time. The days are warm,the days are cold. I want you in my arms, you warm my soul. So happy with you I will be. Together you and me. I want to sing and dance. Let's start a great romance. Please don't ever go away. With you I want to stay. I whisper words of love in your ear. My words of love You will always Hear.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Words of Love

Words of Love... My words of love I send to you. This Beautiful lady she loves me too. I feel so happy, reading her lovely words. I know my love she has heard. It's Mid April as I have my morning coffee. The snow falls down,as the flakes bounce off me. The snow mounts up fast. But it will not last. Unlike the snow our love will not die. Because with you, our love will fly. I'll fly away with you my sweet. I know with you, my life is complete. My words of Love,streight from my heart. When we are together, We will not part. I whisper words of love into your ear. Very softly and gently I hold you so near. You bring out these words from my deepest soul. It's you I want to have and to hold. I'll say good morning, it is only the beginning. Because my darling, your heart I am winning.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Our love is True..

Our Love Is True .... This China Girl from far away. You bring me sweet love,each and every day. The day will come when we get together. Sunny days or rainy weather. If the rain comes down, I will dance and I will sing. Because my sweet darling, the joy that you bring. On sunny days we will lay on the beach. I will be so happy. I will be lost for speach. Although your English is not so good. Love knows no boundries in a house of wood. You make me laugh, You make me cry. My love for you just wants to fly. Beautiful lady, I'll give you my best. I will do anything to past the test. My morning coffee I sit and I drink. Your on my mind, it is you that I think. Someday soon I hope we meet. Your love I want, Your love I seek. With you around me, I will not be blue. Because my Honey,Our Love is so true.

Reading Your Letter...

Reading Your Letter .... Reading Your letter, Made Me feel so good. I feel happy,I knew I Would. You may not speak good English my lovely one. But our hearts speak in any tounge. Just reading your sweet words brings me joy. Feelings deep inside, A little child with a toy. We learn things together that is the best. Our love will grow strong, past any test. I'll help you in life,to keep our sweet love. I'll make it grow strong, on wings of a dove. Just writing these words, my for you I feel. I can not believe this is all real. A beautiful lady has come into my life. The joy that I feel, when I make her my wife. I feel my heart speak,it beats a little fast. When I think of you. Our love it will last. When you feel sick, I will be there real quick. I'll hold you so close.I love you the most. I will say goodnight, But it won't be goodbye. Because when we get together,Our love will just fly.

Senior Story Hour Show #29 (April 2021)

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day... You light up my world, with your sweet love. From the sky and Haven above. The beauty in the world I see. When you send your love to me. When I look at you I ponder. With each passing day, my love grows stronger. You are my cup of tea. You are the one for me. My coffee in the morning I drink. On my mind it's you that I think. I'm in love with this china doll. I want to give you my all. I'll always be true and kind. You're always be on my mind. Never thought I'd fall for this lady. No If's and's or maybe's. Together Forever, we have to be. Our Love will set us free. My inspiration, This you sure are. Together we'll travel near or far. I love you all the way. Forever and a day.