Friday, September 18, 2020

Happy Birthday My Lady

--------- Happy Birthday My Lady --------------------- Happy Birthday to You, my very special lady. I love you so much,You are my Baby. If I could shower you with gifts you know that I would. We belong together, our love is so good. My love for you is strong,let me carry you away. Happy Birthday to you,Our Love will stay. My Love I will send,My Love I will give. Together we'll be, I just wanna live.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Together We'll Be by William Wyllie

              Together We'll Be By William Wyllie


               As the morning Sun rises, it shines in my face.

I wanna be with you in that special place.

              The sun brings me warmth,the way that you do.

I want to hold you and kiss you, I sure do love you.

             The beauty that you are, the beauty that I see.

I want you right now, so very close to me.

          You inspire me to write these beautiful words.

Together we'll be.My love you have heard.

          I know that your birthday is coming real good.

I wish I could be beside you, under the moon.

         A long walk in the evening, in the darkness of night.

Be close beside you,Our Love is So Right. 

       We must be together, no matter the coast.

Because without you I'd simply be lost.

        You are my love you are my passion.

The warmth of your love,I'll show you compassion.

        I'm not a rich man,Don't have much money.

If I had you,I'd be a bee with lot's of honey.

       I am the bee I'll never give you a sting.

Because My sweet darling,You make my heart sing.

      We'll walk hand in hand,on the beach in the sand.

I love you so much, Our Love it will stand.