Thursday, August 17, 2023

We Fit like hand and glove by William Wyllie

We fit like hand and Glove
                                                                    by William Wyllie

              I am blessed by God, with your sweet love.
                     We fit together like hand and glove.
              My darling I love you, that is a fact.
                      I want your sweet love, and never look back.
              I must have told you, I love you a thousand times.
                     I will keep on telling you, until you are mine.
             Oh baby, oh baby, you make me tingle.
                     It is with you that I want to mingle.
             I will hold you close, sweet love you bring.
                   You are so Hot, you sexy thing.
            Such a beautiful lady with loving words.
                   I will shout my love, so you have heard.
           I long to hold you tight, my sweet babe.
                  We will swim in the pool, not too deep we wade.
           I will say goodnight, but I will never say goodbye.
                 we will meet at the beach, when the tide is high.

Our Love is Like Wine by William Wyllie

 Our Love is Like Wine
                                                       by William Wyllie

          You're are my desire.
                   You set my world on fire.
          I love you within and without.
                   Such beauty,I'll sream and shout.
         I need your love that is a fact.
                   You single out among the pack.
         We talk to each other. We show our love.
                   God has blessed us from heaven above.
         My feelings go on I write them here.
                   Our love will grow throughout the year.
         We have grown so close, it feels so good.
                   I would be by your side if I could.
         I need you today, I need you tomorrow.
                   I know our lives will have no sorrow.
         The hot summer days it brings the heat.
                   But our sweet love can't be beat.
          My words flow out, just like wine.
                   I need to make you mine all mine.
          I say good morning my beautiful one.
                  You bring me joy you bring the sun.
         Like the sun you light up my day.
                  I will love you forever, I have to say.

Sweet Love by William Wyllie

  Sweet Love
                                                By William Wyllie

             You are my companion that is for sure.
                     If I am in pain you are the cure.
             When the sun is shinning, I will be by your side.
                     My love for you I will not hide.
             You are my joy, you are my delight.
                     When I am with you everything is alright.
             My sweet, sweet love, it's with you I belong.
                     My love for you will never be gone.
             Never thought I would be in love like this.
                     I feel so happy, you drive me out of my wits.
             We will dance and we will sing.
                     My sweet lady I need you here.
             I will whisper my love into your ear.
                     As the day begins I writer these words.
            My love for you will always be heard.

I Confess my Love by William Wyllie

 I Confess My Love
                                               by William Wyllie

         You cast a spell you mesmerize.
                    Please let me look into your eyes.
         When I look at you I can't look away.
                    I want you close to me in every way.
        As a new day begins, you are on my mind.
                    I want you beside me all the time.
        In the middle of the day or the middle of the night.
                    I just need to hold you oh so tight.
        I love you so much that is a fact.
                    If you walk away baby, please come back.
        I confess my love,My beautiful one.
                    I will lay with you  when the day is done.
       You are such a beauty beyond compare.
                    Let me run my fingers through your hair.
       As the weather gets warm,We will go for a swim.
                    Sometimes I may just jump right in.
      The emotions you bring, you give me chills.
                    I love you now and I always Will.
      I say good morning,But for you it's night.
                   I know I will always want to hold you tight.


Nibbles by William Wyllie

                                                      By William Wyllie

                If you swim at Chilson Beach, and feed your dog kibbles.
                          Watch out for the fishies in the water.
              Because they may give you a nibble.
                          As I was standing in the water, unknown to my sight.
              Behind my knee I feel a little bit.
                         With a quick start, out of the water I ran.
              I did it so fast, as fast as I can.
                         Something bite me behind the knee. What can it be.
              I think it's these fishies, these fish that I see.
                         As I go back to shore, Little fishies swam away.
             I think to myself, in the water I won't stay.
                         Weather they are big, or very small.
            I just don't want to be here, not at all.
                         Way don't you bite these two ladies,
            Standing close beside.
                          You pick on me with my legs spread wide.
            Watch out for these fish, if you swim at Chilson Beach.
                          They may mistake you for food.
            They'll bit you if they wish

Saturday, August 12, 2023

I'll Hold you in my Arms by William Wyllie

(Note: I wrote this last night after a long chat with my lady. The words just flow out of me

for this special lady. She brings my such joy.)

                 I'll Hold You in my Arms
                                                       by William Wyllie

                             To Hold you in my arms.
           To taste your Luscious lips.
                             When that moment happens,
           I will do a double flip.
                            My darling you drive me crazy.
          My arms will hold you tight.
                            I'll hold you in my arms,
          And squeeze you with all my might.
                            Your beauty keeps on shinning.
          You fill me with such joy.
                            There is no one in this world.
          I know you are sure not coy.
                            You speak what's on your mind.
          You put me in a spin.
                             Together we will be.
          With you I will always win.
                              I will say goodnight my sweet.
          Until tomorrow night.
                              I will count the hours that go by.
          And then I will hold you tight.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Our Love Will Last by William Wyllie

Our Love will Last
                                            by William, Wyllie
        The sun comes up the sun goes down.
                 But my sweet baby I want you always Around.
        When the day starts it's you I need.
                 Before the day is done let's plant a tree.
        It you my love that gets me going.
                It's you my baby, our love keeps growing.
       The weather is hot for a long time.
               But whatever the weather, oh please be mine.
       We will drink a glass of sweet champagne.
               We will dance and sing in the pouring rain.
      It's just a fact that I need your love, my dear.
               I'll whisper sweet love in your ear.
      I sip my morning coffee as the day begins.
              Because with you my darling I'll always win.
      I think of you as these words flow out.
              I am deeply in love, there is no doudt.
     I will shout my love until I make you mine.
              Our love will last throughout all time.

A Life With You by William Wyllie

A Life With You
                                            by William Wyllie

        You are my happiness you are my joy.
                   When I am with you I am a happy boy.
        The gift of love you bring to me.
                   I will be so happy, Yippee, Yippee!!
        I love you my darling with your beautiful black hair.
                  I will be beside you everywhere.
        So come my honey it's you I need.
                 We will walk together our love will be.
        I want you in my life I need you so.
                 Together I know our love will grow.
       No other on this Earth,will fill my desires.
                 I feel this love it burns like fire.
       Such a beautiful lady,Never thought I'd  fall in Love.
                But God has other plans from his kingdom above.
       A simple life that is what I need.
                Together with you we will plant a seed.
       We will plant a new Oak tree the day we meet.
                A life with you just can't be beat.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

China Lady by William Wyllie

China Lady
                                                by William Wyllie

           My beautiful China lady.
                    With you I'll never get lazy.
           In day or in night.
                    Together we are right.
          Let me hold you so tight.
                    The woman that you are.
         You're like a bright and shinning star.
                    Never knew a love like this.
         Please give me a great big kiss.
                    I am yours I'll be there when you call.
         I'll catch you when you fall.
                    As a new day begins.
         You put me in a spin.
                   But please don't spin me too fast.
         I know our love will last.
                   A beautiful photo you sent, I look and moan.
         The inspiration for this poem.
                   As this poem begins to fade.
         A kaleidoscope of colors invade.
                   The color's sparkle and swirl.
         You are my special girl.
                   The light fades into darkness and is gone.
         Our sweet love will always live on.

Love Power by William Wyllie

Love Power
                                                 by William Wyllie

         You are my baby, you are my girl.
                     You put me in a whirl.
         You spin me around like a top.
                     But oh my love please don't stop.
         I love you so much,together we'll be.
                     I give you my love my eyes will see.
         My love goes on it feels so good.
                    I'm in such delight, I know I could.
        I could do this or I could do that.
                    To please you baby,I'll remove my hat.
       But we love each other I know it's true.
                    I'll shout to the world that I love you.
       I'll treat you good, I'll treat you kind.
                    I want to make you mine all mine.
      In this crazy world I want you here with me.
                    I'll love will grow like a big oak tree.
      The branches will spread far and wide.
                    And on the beach we'll feel the rushing tide.
       As the sun goes down we'll cuddle together.
                    I know our love will live forever.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

My Love Will be Heard by Bill Wyllie

My Love Will Be Heard
                                                             By Bill Wyllie

           Happy Days and Happy Nights.
                   It's you I need to hold me tight.
           My Words of Love from Me to you.
                  Come from my heart, my love is true.
           You're on my mind every second of the day.
                   Together with you is where I will stay.
           With you my love sweet love I found.
                    I want you near me and always around.
            I can't believe that you love me so much.
                    I want to reach my hand out and gently touch.
            Touch your face and your lips on mine.
                    Squeeze you tight, let's dance and dine.
            I pray to the lord someday we will meet.
                     It is your love that I seek.
            We will be so happy I know we will.
                     It may be a bumpy ride,but will be a big thrill.
             Beautiful lady from a far off land.
                     I take your love and put a ring on your hand.
             Your lovely letters with those lovely words.
                     My love for you will be heard.

Together We are One by Bill Wyllie

Together We are One
                                                                  by Bill Wyllie

             What I want in this life.
                      A simple question to ask.
             I know it's you, the sweet times will last.
                     Your love for me it is so strong.
             It is with you that I belong.
                     To share our love, it's you I need.
             A life with you just has to be.
                     Such a beautiful lady you bring me joy.
             I will treat you kind like a child's toy.
                     I bring you presents to show my love.
             God has sent you from heaven above.
                     I know I love you and you love me.
             If you ask me to I would climb a tree.
                     But not too high I'm afraid of heights.
             To be beside you I know is right.
                     My beautiful lady, the time has come.
             To be close beside you, because we are one.
                      Together in this world, the time is right.
             We will light up the world in the darkest night.

My Special One by Bill Wyllie

My Special One
                                                   By William Wyllie

      My Lady you are there is no doubt.
                I love you so much I will scream and shout.
      In the darkest days or the bright sunlight.
               Our love will go on because together we're Right.
     My beautiful lady I love you so.
               It's you that I simply need to know.
     I will love you now and through all time.
              I need to make you mine all mine.
     Here my love the time has come.
             I know you are the special one.
    The one that has entered my heart.
            Together forever, never apart.
    My other half,As they used to say.
            I know I will love you till my dying day.
    But until that time I will give you love.
           God has blessed us from heaven above.
   As I write these words you excite my soul.
          I am yours to have and to hold.
  I feel so happy, this warm feeling inside.
         I will show it to you I will not hide.
  I say goodbye or is it goodnight.
        I know I want to hold you tight.

Words Hurt by Bill Wyllie

Words Hurt
                                                    By Bill Wyllie

          Sometimes words hurt, sometimes they sting.

                    But oh my god the hate they bring.

          A sarcastic word it gets me going.

                    I try to calm myself so it's not showing.

          Though sometimes it hurts, I let it pass.

                    Sometimes I want to tell them to kiss my ass.

          But I digress, I'll show the love.

                    In God we trust from heaven above.

          The memory lives on, but I think good thoughts.

                    But sometimes I would rather not.

The Senior Olympics by Bill Wyllie

 The Senior Olympics
                                                  By Bill Wyllie

            In the Senior Olympics I play my games.
                  I play darts, in fourth I came.
            I walk a half mile, 12th in the pack.
                 Those old ladies can sure walk fast.
            The first week of Senior Olympics is almost done.
                 Win or lose it was sure a lot of Fun.
            Last day of week 1, We go the the High school Track.
                 A two mile replay race that I have never done before.
           My team Faith,Kathy,Lily and myself,
                Walk around twice and no more.
           Last day of Senior Olympics, what a blast.
                This will always be a special moment from my past.
           Week two begins, with a game of Pool with guys and a lady named Joanne.
                 Larry, David and Ivan what a team to beat.
          But I play my best with cue in hand.
                 Ivan has no shot so he hands it to me.
          I sink six balls one after the other. I am actually ahead of him, Yipee.
                But in the end he beats me for sure.
         Larry gets gold, David Gets Silver and Ivan gets bronze.
               Me I play no more.
         But what a pleasure to play with these great guy's. It's all in good fun.
              But I make good friends, So in the end I have Won.
        Second day of Senior Olympics Week Number two.
             We gather outside in parking lot, to walk another mile. WOO HOO.
        In the pack I end up clocking in at 13 Minutes.
             I'm 8th to come in, but so happy that I'm In it.
        One more gathering on Friday this week.
             They pass out rewards, and I read this speech.
        But so glad I did this, it was so much fun.
             A beautiful day in the bright, bright sun.

The Wen and William Show by Bill Wyllie

The Wen and William Show              by Bill Wyllie

                     I do my radio shows for the world to hear.
                            But I whisper my love into your ear.
                    I play my music from long ago.
                           But it is with you I want to go.
                   To do a radio show with you that is my delight.
                          To hear your music, would be out of sight.
                   I will read my poems you will sing your songs.
                         Before we know it the time will be gone.
                  We will have such fun, this has to be.
                        "The Wen and William Show" the world will see.
                  You play your music we will sing our songs.
                        So happy we will be as our love goes on.
                 The control of this show I give to you.
                        You program the content, as I follow through.
                 You say a radio show is your dream.
                       This makes me happy, I go to my means.
                 I like this idea of a show with you.
                      We will do whatever you want to do.
                But I have a request for our goodbye song.
                      With "May the Good Lord Bless and keep you"
                We can't go wrong. 

Say You Love Me by Bill Wyllie

Say you Love Me
                                                           By Bill Wyllie


                  In the early Morn, or whatever the time.
                         I know I need to make you mine.
                  You are in my thoughts every second of the day.
                         Say you love me, I need to hear you say.
                  My morning coffee and Toast I have as I greet the day.
                         I know my love will never go away.
                  I love you my darling, this has to be.
                         You have captured my heart, and now I see.
                 As I look through your photos it just brings me joy.
                        Let us sing and dance, I am a happy boy.
                But when I am with you, I will be your man.
                       We will walk through life hand in hand.


Morning Sun by Bill Wyllie

The Morning Sun
                                                           William Wyllie

When the new day starts dawning,
     It is you I think of every morning.

The beauty that I see, the beauty that you are.

Together we'll go far.

     It is you, that makes my love shine through.

My dream girl that is you.

 So darling show me your love, and I'll show you mine.

And at night we will dine.

     All through the day and all through the night.

It is with you, this love feels so right.

     My beautiful lady you sure are the one.

You bring the light of the morning sun.

Love of My Life by Bill Wyllie

 Love of My Life
                                                                by William Wyllie

          The Love of My Life, I have found at last.
                  We will be together, the Dye as been cast.
          This beautiful lady she loves me so,
                 When we are together, my love will show.
          A lovely chat we express our feelings.
                 Oh baby you set my heart a reeling.
         We will sing and Dance and have such fun.
                I know my darling you are the one.
         The one I want the one I need.
               If I get cut I know you will bleed.
         We feel each other's feelings this is for sure.
              I will bring my love right to your door.
         I will show my love I will ring your bell.
              My love for you I will surly tell.
         You bring me up when I am down.
              When I am with you I will never frown.
         When we are together we will paint the town.
             I will turn that frown upside down.

I Miss You by Bill Wyllie

 I Miss You
                                        by William Wyllie

         I Miss you everyday,Whenever you are away.
               I miss you in the night,you make me feel alright.
        I miss you when I'm cold,It's you I want to hold.
               I miss you when I'm hot,My friendship you have got.
       I miss you from afar,Classy lady that you are.
               I miss you in the summer,I miss you in the fall.
      If you ever want me around,I will answer when you call.
               Your wish is my command,Please let me hold your hand.
     If you were swimming in the sea,I hope you would swim up to me.
               Friendship love and devotion,You bring me deep emotions.
    Your love makes me feel so good.
             Want to be by your side if I could.
    The beautiful friendship we have together.
             To be near you in any weather.
    These words come from my heart.
             Good feelings I hope will not part.
    Our friendship, love on this earth.
            I feel so much love I just might burst.
   Warm and Happy do I feel.
           I can't believe this is all real.

God Bless Us by Bill Wyllie

 God Bless Us
                                           by Bill Wyllie

         I dream of you every day and every night.
                I know when we are together,
         everything will be alright.
                I feel your love, I want to hold you in my arms.
        My heart will be pounding with your womanly charms.
               I sit and drink my morning coffee today.
       I know when I'm with you.everything is OK.
               "God has kept us together".
      Some words you wrote me.
                And now that I think of it,I know it will be.
      When I write these words, who knows what will come about.
               I know I want to scream my love right out.
     I hope the day will come when our love takes fight.
               I go the rough ride, you're such a beautiful sight.
    I may need a motion sickness pill, but the ride will be grand.
               Because it is with you that I will stand.
   Together we will be, as we walk on the beach.
              The sunset we will watch together,for you I will reach.
   I will hold you so close, as the sun goes down.
              When I am with you, I will never wear a frown.
   As the daylight fades,and the blessed night time begins.
               I know in my heart god has blessed us again.

A Thousand Days and a thousand nights by Bill Wyllie

A Thousand Days and a thousand nights
                                                               by Bill Wyllie.

       A thousand days and a thousand nights.
  Would not be enough to hold you tight.
       When the morning sun rises I will be right here.
  I will whisper sweet love into your ear.
       I will sing my love songs forever and a day.
  To keep you near me to God I pray.
       I ask the lord to keep Us together.
  In Sunny days or Rainy weather.
       It's you my love that makes my fire burn.
  I will make you happy I will make you squirm.
       My lady with the long black flowing hair.
  I will go with you, almost anywhere.
       In this crazy world we found sweet love.
  God has blessed us from heaven above.
       It is with you that I want to share my life.
  And I know someday you will be my wife.
       I say these words from my heart.
  We will be together and never apart.
       An hour long chat We shared our feelings.
  You set my world and heart a reeling.
       My sweet love I say goodnight.
  Until the time when I hold You Tight.

By Your Side I Will Stand by Bill Wyllie

 By Your Side I Will Stay
                                                          by Bill Wyllie

           You and I together we will be.
                   God has blessed us for the world to see.
           I am yours my love until the day I die.
                   I know our passion will make us fly.
           In the bright sunshine so nice and warm.
                   My love for you will always live on.
           This beautiful lady has come to me.
                   She has opened my eyes for now I see.  
           I see a life and you are in it.
                   And I am beside you for every minute.
           This warm feeling it burns like fire.
                   With you my love I will never tire.
           I will be so happy in everything I do.
                    Because I know I  do love you.
           My words go on they will not stop.
                    Until we reach the Mountain top.
           We will walk together hand in hand.
                    By your side I will always Stand.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

To Have and to Hold by William Wyllie

To Have and to Hold
                                                        by William Wyllie

          With your sweet love,You blessed my soul.
                   I am yours to have and to hold.
          My days of loneliness are in the past.
                   I know with you our love will last.
          We found each other from so far away.
                   It is in your arms I want to stay.
           You started a fire, way deep in my soul.
                   I am yours to have and to hold.
           You make me happy, your loving words.
                   My love for you will always be heard.
           You bring me warmth in the coldest of days.
                   Let's get together and roll in the hey.
           You put me in a spell.
                   You make me feel swell.
           I an under your control.
                   With you I will roll.
           If you ask me I will move to the left or move to the right.
                   With you by my side, you light the darkest night.
           If we get married, my story will be complete.
                    Because out love can not be beat.
          The happiest man in the world.
                    Because I will have the prettiest girl.
          My world is the best. I'm your man from the West.
                    The prettiest girl from the East.
          You will tame my inner beast.

No Sorrow by William Wyllie

  No Sorrow
                                     By Bill Wyllie

              You are my inspiration that is for sure.
                      My love for you it will endure.
              As I lay in my bed,my thoughts are of you.
                      My love is so strong,My love is true.
              A life with you that is a must.
                      Without your love I am just a grain of dust.
              My life is nothing without you in it.
                      An hour with you seems like a minute.
              I need you here, My love is strong.
                      Without you near I can't Go On.
              Love me today, Love me tomorrow.
                       I know out life will have no sorrow.
              My heart will be broken if I make you cry.
                        With you beside me our love will fly.
              Our love keeps growing as we write our letters.
                         I express my love, it will keep us together.
              When I make you cry, it hurts me deep.
                         Because it is your love that I seek.
              My words won't stop they just go on.
                         Until we are together at the break of dawn.
              Right here beside you, Happy tears I shed.
                         I will always Love you, As I rest my head.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Love Won't Fade Away

Love Won't Fade Away
                                                         by Bill Wyllie

         I feel this passion it drives me crazy.
                 My feelings are strong, My thoughts get hazy.
         It's you I need my beautiful lady.
                 I need you right now and I don't mean maybe.
        As the day begins my thoughts are of you.
                 I need you now my love is so true.
        We talk to each other it has been over three years.
                 Your sweet loving words I want to hear.
        Tell me you love me with you I belong.
                  Our Love will last, and just grows strong.
         You are my sun in the morning sky.
                  I feel sweet love and I don't ask why.
         I just know I need you, as the days grow long.
                  Soon it will be spring, I will sing my song.
         My song of love, I sing it loud.
                  You make me happy, I feel so proud.
         I feel this love it will never stop.
                   Until we climb to the mountain top.
        As I rise from my bed to greet the day.
                   My Love for youjust won't fade away.

Our Love Will Grow Like the Flowers by Bill Wyllie

Our Love will Grow Like the Flowers
                                               By Bill Wyllie

              It's You that I want to hold.
                   Love you with all my heart and soul.
              My Love for you is so strong.
                   With you is where I belong.
              Your love is what I need.
                   You have opened my eyes to see.
              You are my sun when I rise in the morning.
                    You are my moon in the dark of night.
              Together our love will grow like the flowers.
                    Together out Life will by out of sight.
              You and I will walk in the sunshine.
                    You and I will walk in the rain.
              Together our love will be so beautiful.
                    I will love you my darling, we will have no pain.
              God has blessed me,together we will be.
                    I will love you my darling,I will shout to the world.
              I want you here close beside Me.
                    I will tell you everyday, that you are my girl.
              I will kiss you goodnight, but it will never be goodbye.
                    Because when We are Together, the time will just fly.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

My Heart's Desire by Bill Wyllie

 Heart's Desire
                                          by William

          My Heart's desire.
               You set my world on fire.
         It's you that I want, it's you that I need.
               To you my darling, my heart has brought me to thee.
        I  feel this love, it's you I must touch.
               I love you so much.
        We found each other from so far away.
               I hope someday together we'll stay.
        We will lean on each other, we grow so close.
               I lift my glass and to you I toast.
         I don't drink beer, I don't Drink wine.
               But with you my darling, I spend the rest of my time.
         I'm hopelessly in love, there is no doubt.
               With you my darling I'll scream and shout.
         I found a woman to share my world.
               And she is such a beautiful girl.
         My heart's desire.
               My world is on fire.
         You bring my joy.
                I'm a happy boy.
         With you I'll stay.
                I will never go away.

Together We Stand by Bill Wyllie

Together we Stand
                                                   by William Wyllie

          My love will go on it will not stop.
                 Until we both climb to that mountain top.
          The beauty I see, the beauty you are.
                 I know together we will go far.
          I feel sweet love way deep inside.
                 I will tell you my passion,that I will not hide.
          I lay in my bed before I sleep.
                 I want you beside me, your love I seek.
          I'll cook you spaghetti, that is my wish.
                 But oh my darling you are my favorite dish.
          We will go for a walk, together we'll hold hands.
                 I know together that we will stand.
           I will stand in the rain and get soaking wet.
                 Just to be close beside you,You'll be glad we met.
           When we chat with each other, my fire burns high.
                 I look at your beauty and understand why.
            I pray for the day, that we get together.
                 I'll meet you in sunshine and stormy weather.
            Goodnight my sweet darling,together we'll be.
                 I'll show you my world, for you to see.

I Declare My Love by Bill Wyllie

   I declare My Love
                                                        William Wyllie

             A Live chat with you I just did finish.
                 But my love for you will never diminish.
            as we chat online, you do excite.
                 These feelings inside sour to heights.
            These warm feelings they last so long.
                  I hope these feelings will never be gone.
           we declare our love to each other.
                  Because I know there will be no other.
          Oh my love it's you that I desire.
                  My feelings inside burn like fire.
           I asked my love if she read my poem.
                  From you my darling I will never roam.
           She printed my poem out it sits on her desk.
                 I know our love will just be the best.
          These feelings of love, they make me happy.
                 After I recover from my cold, that made me feel crappy.
          My darling, my darling you must be mine.
                 Now and forever and all time.
          I go to bed with this happy, happy feeling.
                 But deep inside me,my heart is a reeling.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

My Song of Love by Bill Wyllie

        The woman I want. the woman I need.
               Let's get together and play in the weeds.
        As the Beatles used to sing "I give her All My love   
        that's all I do, and if you saw my love You'd love her too"
        "And I Love Her".
             I want you here the love I found.
       I want you here always around.
            You're on my mind, every second of the day.
       I will show my love, in your arms I will stay.
           You warm my heart, you warm my soul.
      To be beside you, that is my goal.
           My love for you it grows so strong.
      to be beside you, is where I belong.
           As a song once said
     I love you more today, then yesterday,
     But not as much as tomorrow, oh I Love you
     more today then yesterday,
    but darling not as much as tomorrow.
          Let's get together we will have no sorrow.
    Two of my favorite songs that so far I have sung to you.
    every day and every night.
           When we get together, everything's alright.
    Our love will be like a beautiful love song.
           I will sing my love to you all day long.
   Now it's time to say Goodnight, goodnight sleep tight.
   now the sun turns out his light, goodnight sleep tight.
           Together our love will be "Dyn-O-Mite".

A Kiss in the Wind by Bill Wyllie

            My heart is filled with your love.
                   You are this angel from heaven above.
           A wonderful warm feeling,that sometimes burns so high.
                   Together we may even touch the sky.
          God has blessed me darling with you.
                    My love for you it is so true.
          Though you are so far away.
                    It is with you I need to stay.
           A life with you by my side.
                    My love for you I will never hide.
           The passion that burns so deep inside.
                    My darling my arms are open wide.
           These words I must express.
                    Life with you will be the best.
           As Tom Petty use to sing,
                 "The Waiting is the hardest part".
          Let's get together, you are a work of art.
                 My words of love will just go on and on.
          Please love me till the break of dawn.
                 Even after the dawn does rise.
          My darling my love will never die.
                 A kiss in the wind I do throw.
          Together our love it will just grow.


Twinkle In My Eye by Bill Wyllie

              The thought of making love to you.
       Make me climb the Walls.
              I'll be beside you whenever you call.
       Let me sprinkle cinnamon all over your body.
              I'll lick it off slowly then I'll be naughty.
       Such a beautiful lady, I am sure blessed.
              I can't wait to get you all undressed.
       The woman I want the Woman I need.
              Let's get together and do the dirty deed.
       I'll love you today, I'll love you forever.
              You're in my heart, you can pull my lever.
      Oh baby, Oh baby you must be mine.
               We'll be together for the rest of time.
      We'll be together as we greet the morning sun.
                We'll be together when the day is done.
     When night time falls,our love will be strong.
                 Because to be beside you is were I belong.
     I say goodnight my darling, but is is never goodbye.
       Because our love is so strong, you put the twinkle in my eye.

Your Words of Love by Bill Wyllie

                        My darling lady, you are the one.

In the dark of night you bring the sun.

                       You are a beacon in the darkest night.

I want to hold you and squeeze you tight.

                       I love you now,I love you forever.

Your words of love will leave me never.

                       Your words bring joy,they do excite.

You make me Happy, I feel alright.

All the Gold in this Universe by Bill Wyllie

 All the gold in this universe
                                                            by William Wyllie...

              I found my heaven right here on earth.
                    You are worth all the gold in this universe.
              But that would not equal what I feel for you.
                    Because my love for you is so true.
             The touch of your hand I long to feel.
                    Show me your love for me is real.
             I read your letters,your words of joy.
                    I know for sure that you are not coy.
            You speak your mind, that is what I like.
                    Your feelings flow out, please hold me tight.
            Your beauty shows in every way.
                    So does your love I have to say.
            Your beautiful words they touch me deep.
                   It is your love that I do seek.
           Like a beautiful flower, your love has no limits.
                   An hour with you, seems just like a minute.
          At one in the morning, I wrote these words.
                  My love for you will always be heard.
         We can make sweet love anytime of the day.
                  With you my darling, we will swing and sway.

Our Love Will Keep Growing by Bill Wyllie

 Our Love Will Keep Growing

                                                                             By William Wyllie.......

                If I an in the dark or in the light.

                        It's you my love that makes me heart take flight.

               The Leaves keep falling, But it's you my heart keeps calling.

                        As the sun rises on this beautiful morn.

               It is with you that I belong.

                        Together my love our love will be good.

               I found this love, never thought I would.

                        But here I am, with my heart in my hand.

               I offer it to you my sweet honey.

                        You make my world bright and sunny.

               I am in love with you, it you that I yearn.

                        Love has found us in is our turn.

               You make me happy my love grows strong.

                        It is with you that I belong.

               To be beside for the rest of my life.

                        I will even make you my sweet wife.

                So come on darling, let's get this going.

                        I know our love for each other is growing