Wednesday, June 21, 2023

By Your Side I Will Stand by Bill Wyllie

 By Your Side I Will Stay
                                                          by Bill Wyllie

           You and I together we will be.
                   God has blessed us for the world to see.
           I am yours my love until the day I die.
                   I know our passion will make us fly.
           In the bright sunshine so nice and warm.
                   My love for you will always live on.
           This beautiful lady has come to me.
                   She has opened my eyes for now I see.  
           I see a life and you are in it.
                   And I am beside you for every minute.
           This warm feeling it burns like fire.
                   With you my love I will never tire.
           I will be so happy in everything I do.
                    Because I know I  do love you.
           My words go on they will not stop.
                    Until we reach the Mountain top.
           We will walk together hand in hand.
                    By your side I will always Stand.

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