Wednesday, June 21, 2023

A Thousand Days and a thousand nights by Bill Wyllie

A Thousand Days and a thousand nights
                                                               by Bill Wyllie.

       A thousand days and a thousand nights.
  Would not be enough to hold you tight.
       When the morning sun rises I will be right here.
  I will whisper sweet love into your ear.
       I will sing my love songs forever and a day.
  To keep you near me to God I pray.
       I ask the lord to keep Us together.
  In Sunny days or Rainy weather.
       It's you my love that makes my fire burn.
  I will make you happy I will make you squirm.
       My lady with the long black flowing hair.
  I will go with you, almost anywhere.
       In this crazy world we found sweet love.
  God has blessed us from heaven above.
       It is with you that I want to share my life.
  And I know someday you will be my wife.
       I say these words from my heart.
  We will be together and never apart.
       An hour long chat We shared our feelings.
  You set my world and heart a reeling.
       My sweet love I say goodnight.
  Until the time when I hold You Tight.

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