Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Say You Love Me by Bill Wyllie

Say you Love Me
                                                           By Bill Wyllie


                  In the early Morn, or whatever the time.
                         I know I need to make you mine.
                  You are in my thoughts every second of the day.
                         Say you love me, I need to hear you say.
                  My morning coffee and Toast I have as I greet the day.
                         I know my love will never go away.
                  I love you my darling, this has to be.
                         You have captured my heart, and now I see.
                 As I look through your photos it just brings me joy.
                        Let us sing and dance, I am a happy boy.
                But when I am with you, I will be your man.
                       We will walk through life hand in hand.


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