Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Wen and William Show by Bill Wyllie

The Wen and William Show              by Bill Wyllie

                     I do my radio shows for the world to hear.
                            But I whisper my love into your ear.
                    I play my music from long ago.
                           But it is with you I want to go.
                   To do a radio show with you that is my delight.
                          To hear your music, would be out of sight.
                   I will read my poems you will sing your songs.
                         Before we know it the time will be gone.
                  We will have such fun, this has to be.
                        "The Wen and William Show" the world will see.
                  You play your music we will sing our songs.
                        So happy we will be as our love goes on.
                 The control of this show I give to you.
                        You program the content, as I follow through.
                 You say a radio show is your dream.
                       This makes me happy, I go to my means.
                 I like this idea of a show with you.
                      We will do whatever you want to do.
                But I have a request for our goodbye song.
                      With "May the Good Lord Bless and keep you"
                We can't go wrong. 

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