Wednesday, June 21, 2023

God Bless Us by Bill Wyllie

 God Bless Us
                                           by Bill Wyllie

         I dream of you every day and every night.
                I know when we are together,
         everything will be alright.
                I feel your love, I want to hold you in my arms.
        My heart will be pounding with your womanly charms.
               I sit and drink my morning coffee today.
       I know when I'm with you.everything is OK.
               "God has kept us together".
      Some words you wrote me.
                And now that I think of it,I know it will be.
      When I write these words, who knows what will come about.
               I know I want to scream my love right out.
     I hope the day will come when our love takes fight.
               I go the rough ride, you're such a beautiful sight.
    I may need a motion sickness pill, but the ride will be grand.
               Because it is with you that I will stand.
   Together we will be, as we walk on the beach.
              The sunset we will watch together,for you I will reach.
   I will hold you so close, as the sun goes down.
              When I am with you, I will never wear a frown.
   As the daylight fades,and the blessed night time begins.
               I know in my heart god has blessed us again.

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