Saturday, April 1, 2023

To Have and to Hold by William Wyllie

To Have and to Hold
                                                        by William Wyllie

          With your sweet love,You blessed my soul.
                   I am yours to have and to hold.
          My days of loneliness are in the past.
                   I know with you our love will last.
          We found each other from so far away.
                   It is in your arms I want to stay.
           You started a fire, way deep in my soul.
                   I am yours to have and to hold.
           You make me happy, your loving words.
                   My love for you will always be heard.
           You bring me warmth in the coldest of days.
                   Let's get together and roll in the hey.
           You put me in a spell.
                   You make me feel swell.
           I an under your control.
                   With you I will roll.
           If you ask me I will move to the left or move to the right.
                   With you by my side, you light the darkest night.
           If we get married, my story will be complete.
                    Because out love can not be beat.
          The happiest man in the world.
                    Because I will have the prettiest girl.
          My world is the best. I'm your man from the West.
                    The prettiest girl from the East.
          You will tame my inner beast.

No Sorrow by William Wyllie

  No Sorrow
                                     By Bill Wyllie

              You are my inspiration that is for sure.
                      My love for you it will endure.
              As I lay in my bed,my thoughts are of you.
                      My love is so strong,My love is true.
              A life with you that is a must.
                      Without your love I am just a grain of dust.
              My life is nothing without you in it.
                      An hour with you seems like a minute.
              I need you here, My love is strong.
                      Without you near I can't Go On.
              Love me today, Love me tomorrow.
                       I know out life will have no sorrow.
              My heart will be broken if I make you cry.
                        With you beside me our love will fly.
              Our love keeps growing as we write our letters.
                         I express my love, it will keep us together.
              When I make you cry, it hurts me deep.
                         Because it is your love that I seek.
              My words won't stop they just go on.
                         Until we are together at the break of dawn.
              Right here beside you, Happy tears I shed.
                         I will always Love you, As I rest my head.