Saturday, December 30, 2023

New Years Poem by William Wyllie

 New Year Poem
                                  by William Wyllie

     The end of the year is fast approaching.
              But a future with you is what I am Hoping.
     The beautiful lady that I have found.
              I want you near me and always around.
     I never thought I would find such a Hottie.
             Forgive me dear I have to go pottie.
     We will get together and be very naughty.
             The love i feel it gives me joy.
     I know my darling you are not coy.
             I write these words of love as a new day begins.
     I know with you I will always win.
             I feel your love from So far away.
     I hope you will come to see me and you will stay.
             My love goes on and will not stop.
     I will climb the hills and go down the Valleys.
             But oh my Darling I love you madly.
     My Longing for you will just go on.
            We will be together at the light of dawn.
     As the day goes by I say goodnight.
            I want you here to hold me tight.

Monday, December 25, 2023

My Gift From God by Bill Wyllie

My Gift From God
                                                 by William Wyllie

       My gift from god.
            That is what you've become.
       You bring the light from the shinning sun.
             If I ever lost you, my future would be lost.
       I don't want to face that kind of cost.
            You have touched my heart,
       with a special love.
            No other is this world will rise above.
       For you are the top of my highest desires.
            Oh my darling you set me on fire.
       This beautiful lady from so far away.
            I want you here forever to stay.
        My feelings for you are strong for you my babe.
            My future my darling you have saved.
       My gift from God. my Love is true.
            For if you run away.My heart goes to.
       I'll say goodnight my special one.
            We'll be together with the rising sun.


A Little Love Poem (Never Apart)

By William Wyllie

      A brief talk on a little chat.
          It gives my joy it stirs me inside.
      I'll hold you so tight, my arms open wide.
          I never knew I would find such a lovely lady.
     You make me feel alive, my cute little baby.
          Feelings of passion as we say our love words.
     Warm feelings inside, I sing like a bird.
          I feel like a kid, tho I am old in years.
      Let's get together and have a few beers.
          Make that Champagne because it tastes so much better.

     We will eat some cheese, make that cheddar.
           This love that I feel, it makes me sing.
     Together with you is a beautiful thing.
            Let us hold each others hands and never let go.
     Then my darling our love will show.
           A little Love Poem that comes from my heart.

     Together we will be and never apart.