Saturday, November 21, 2020


BEATLES POEM------------------- My Darling I Love You,My Love is so True. "Please, Please Me" forever and "Love Me Do". To hold you close and make you mine. My Sweetie I Love You, "I Feel Fine". "I Don't want to Spoil the Party" Your Love I Do Seek. I love you everyday "Eight Days a Week". So "Honey' Don't" take me from heaven above. Because my sweetheart "All You Need is Love". I know "I'm a Loser" if your Love goes away. Please don't ever tell me "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away". If You ever left me, my heart it would melt. It would be "A Hard Days Night" and I'd Holler "Help". "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You" like "The Night Before". We'll "Twist & Shout" till we both holler for More. So Let's "Get Back" then we'll "Come Together". Because it's "Something" in the way, our love is forever. To a life that we'll know,Our Love is for Real. We'll walk down "Penny Lane" to "Strawberry Fields". Our love will last forever, Our Love it will stay. "The Long and Winding Road" will take Us Away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Leaves keep Falling

The Leaves keep falling by William Wyllie ----------------------------- The Leaves keep falling, and my heart keeps calling, For You. I Need you beside Me. Your Love Will Guide Me, To See. I See a Life, with you and me together. A Life so grand, a life Forever. My words of Love just flow right out. A Happy Smile, and I won't pout. My Tears will fall, and My love I will call, For You. For You I do most anthing. You make my heart just want to sing. The Leaves will Fall, and my tears will fall if I ever lost, you love. So Please my Honey. Make it bright and sunny. Then My tears won't fall. Because I will have your love, For All. My sweet darling, my love is true. Because you know, That I sure do, Want You.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

I Think of My Lady

I Think of My Lady By William Wyllie--------------- I Think of My Lady,she makes me feel good. She makes me so Happy,I knew that she would. A beautiful lady, from a land far away. I love her so much, I just have to stay. This COVID-19 has stopped us from meeting. The Love that I feel, My Heart keeps on beating. I have mixed emotions, I hope her words are True. You make me feel sweet love, that I never knew. These feelings I feel, They come from my Heart. I want you beside me and never part. If you were a spice, cinnamon you would be. I'd gobble you up, my love you would see. But whatever we do,my words of love you will hear. I want to hug you and kiss you, and hold you so near. I hope we get together, it just has to be. I'll hold out my hands,Your beautiful eyes I would See. I think of my lady, day in and day out. I want you beside me,there just is no doudt. These Cinamon coffee cakes, at Breakfast that I eat. With You close beside me,This would be a nice treat. You built this bridge to my heart. Always Together, Never Apart.

Shout and Sing Hey, Hey

Shout and Sing Hey, Hey by William Wyllie--------------- It's the dawning of a new day. As the sun rises I want to shout hey, hey. I Feel So Grand. I could do a hand stand. I Feel so good. Knock on wood. Happy In my Heart, Happy deep down. And I never wear a frown. As the fall leaves slowly turn to brown. I want to take a walk around town. The Fall leaves this year, have had such beautiful Colors. I took lots of photos of them, hey I think I'll have a cruller. A nice big donut ans a cup of coffee. I'll put on my clothes and they won't be gaudy. I hear the train whistler blow, the rumble on the tracks. 6:30 AM I lay on my bed on my back. The sights and sounds of another beautiful day. I want to scream and shout hey, hey. Amid the pandempic i wrote these words. Look on the bright side,My words will be heard. The sun is rising, I better get off my butt. My poenm is done, Now I shut up.