Monday, June 29, 2020

You Are Like a Song by William Wyllie

I'll Love you in the Day, I'll love you at Night. But Whatever I do you're a beautiful Site. Without a Doubt. With you I'll never pout. My Heart is filled with Bliss. Please Give me a delightful kiss. My Thoughts of you go On. You're like a beautiful Song. Many songs in my life last forever. Your song in my heart will leave me Never. Never will your song go away. You are the song that will stay. Beautiful Lady you bring me such Emotion. To You I give my Devotion. In this crazy world you are an attraction. Come on and show me some action. Quiet Days and Quiet Nights. You sure are my delight. I want to sing I want to dance. You put me in a trance. They say that Life is a Song. You're the One Song that can't go wrong. You're the Melody, I'm the words to the Song. Together our Love will go on and on.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

You've Captured My Heart

Going through some poems I wrote past few weeks. -------- You've Captured My Heart ----------- by William Wyllie --------------- I sit at the table and have my morning coffee. But deep in my heart it's you that I see. I see a new life with you by my side. You make me so happy, My arms open wide. I Welcome you my love,I'm just an old man. I would stand by your side and hold out my hand. With a soft gentle touch, my hands on your cheek. My emotions rise up,and make me feel weak. But for you I'd be strong,and protect our sweet love. In these deep waters, My head is above. You've captured my heart, you've captured my soul. True fact is it's you I would hold. A beauty you are with grace and such style. Hold you tight in my arms, and have a big smile. I send you my Love,with all of my heart. And Be Close beside you, and just never part. I Know we'll be Happy,together we'll be. My heart is open wide, My love you will see. A relationship with you is what it's about. Together we'll stand,There just is no doubt