Monday, December 27, 2021

Together by William Wyllie

TOGETHER By William Wyllie.... My Darling, My Darling it's you I need. Together We'll plant a seed. Our Love will grown strong. With you that's where I belong. My honey, My Love My All. I'll answer when you call. You are the best I have found. I want you, always around. Together our love will grow. I'm happy my love will show. So Lovely and so devine. Together our Love Will Shine. You light the darkest night. Togerher our love will take flight. With You I'll want to go. Together sweet love we will know.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Making Memories by William Wyllie

Making Memories By William Wyllie... Making Memories With You. That's What I want to do. To see you each and every day. You showed me the way. Your beauty just astounds. I want you always around. All day and into the night. Our love will take flight. To hold you, feel your gentle touch. I love you and want you so much. Should I call you my China Doll? My darling I give you my All. I will wait for as long as it takes. By your side when I awake. So Happy I will be. It's You I want to see. Never tell me goodbye. Together we will fly. Till I Breath my last breath. By your side I will rest. My love I will say goodnight. Till the day I will hold you tight.

Monday, December 20, 2021

My Dream of Life With You ..

My Dream of Life with you By William Wyllie.... You Are My Woman from far Away. I hope you will come to see me and you will stay. Our Love and Passion Goes On. We will be together till the light of dawn. I feel such joy,That you have shown. I hope I will never be alone. Without your Love, life would be a bore. Our sweet love will make us sore. We will be in heaven,Holding each other. I will squeeze you tight. We Love one another. I have found my love,it brings me joy. I'm like a child with a little toy. The days go by, someday we will meet. On that day it will be so sweet. The bells will ring on our weddng day. I will be so happy, I will neal and pray. I will thank the lord for bringing us together. Through wind and storm or rainy weather. It's just a dream that I hope will come true. We will start a new life just me and you.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Something About Nothing

Something About Nothing By William Wyllie.... Lost For Words What Shoud I Say. The time flies past with each day. Should I do this or should I do that. Before I Know it the time is past. Is This good or is this bad. It makes me feel so sad. Should I touch or should I Not. Not sure of what I got. Is this pretty Or just not right. Is it loose? It feels a little tight. Should I put it on or take it off. Who Cares of whjat it cost. Should I wear color's of just go black. Not sure of where I'm at. This poem I'll call it "Nothing" I'll try to pick it up without touching. Is it in the air or is it not. It's Nothing, that's what I got. This is the end of something About Nothing. I picked it up and did it without touching. Not sure If I should do it again. So Goodbye and I'll say Amen.

Our Love Will Stand

Our Love Will Stand William Wyllie..... You Make My Heart Take Flight. You bring me such Delight. My World with you is a must. Without you my world turns to dust. My Love grows stroinger each day. With you I'll run away. In the dark or in the light. You make my world so bright. The Beauty before My Eyes. You keep them open wide. Together we'll be so grand. With you our love will stand. Never thought I'd feel such bliss. With your soft and gentle kiss. A life with you I want. Oh baby please don't taunt. My love you drive me crazy. Without you my life is Hazy. I'll cook you my favorite Dish. I'll grant you any wish. So darling let's start our new life. I'll start when I make you my Wife.