Monday, June 24, 2024

Angel from Above by William Wyllie

    Angel from Above
                                                 by William Wyllie

       My Love, my love it is you I need.
           Let's have some fun, and plant a seed.
      We will plant some flowers or plant a tree.
           For the future children and the world to see.
     I love the flowers.
          I photograph them small or tall.
     In my own yard I capture them all.
          I am a photographer have been all of my life.
     Now I am a poet,
          And someday make my ladyfriend my wife.
     She inspires these words.
          That come from my Heart.
     I know when we are together, we'll never be apart.
          We do a short chat, and express our love.
     She is an Angel sent from above.
          My angel I love you I can not deny.
    I will run to your side with arms open wide.
          You give me such joy. You give me a thrill.
    You get me so dizzy,and I don't need a pill.
         I found my angel right here on earth.
   Like a glass of water you quench my thirst.
        My love will go on,it will never stop.
  Until we are together, when our love will just pop.

Crazy Love by Bill Wyllie

      Crazy Love
                                     by Bill Wyllie

      My beautiful lady, it is you that I Love.
             We will share our love in our heaven above.
      Your sweet love has brought my joy.
             Please let me be your naughty boy.
      Never thought I would find such a beauty
             In this crazy world.
     I want you to be my forever girl.
            The word forever I use it a lot.
    It's the only word I know to express what we got.
             We have somehing special, I feel in my heart.
    I want us together, never be apart.
             "Never be apart" this keeps coming up.
   But it expresses my passion, you fill my cup.
             Another sunny day has just begun to start.
   Let's Get together, you are such a work of art.
             These words come out,
   never know what I will wright.
             But with you by my side everything is alright.
  It is better than alright, it's the best thing to happen.
            I will show you my love with lot's of passion.

A Place called Heaven by William Wyllie

A Place Called Heaven  
                                                           by Bill Wyllie

         A place called Heaven.
                 I think I have found.
         I want my Love beside Me.
                 That's where I am bound.
        A beautiful place with sweet love everywhere.
                 The birds sing their songs.
       I'll show you I care.
             I will be in heaven, when I get in your arms.
       That where I want to be.
            and feel your heavenly charms.
       My heaven on Earth is the place It will be.
            A place so beautiful.
       Happy life we will see.
            You are my heaven.
       This just has to become true.
            Because my baby, I Sure do Love You.

When Will I See Wen by Bill Wyllie

When will I See Wen
                                                       by William Wyllie

             When will I see Wen.
                  Will it be today or tomorrow.
             Will we by Happy and have no sorrow?
                 When will I See Wen.
             In the light of day or the dark of night.
                  Whenever it is it will be a delight.
            When will I see Wen.
                  We will walk in the sun and in the moonlight.
            I know when we are together everything's Alright.
                  When will I see Wen.
            No matter the time.
                  I know I want her to be mine.
            When will I see Wen.
                   I will love today until who knows When.
           Together we will be,but my love I will send.
                  This is a crazy poem that just popped into my mind.
           I know I will Love her until the End of Time. 

Sunday, June 9, 2024

The First Thing in the Morning by William Wyllie

First Thing in the Morning
                                                                  by William Wyllie

         Your the first thing I think of in the morning.
               and the Last thing at night.
         I just want to hold you and squeeze you so tight.
              Never thought I would find such a beauty.
         My darling you are such a cutie.
              As I have my morning coffee these words
         come to my mind.
              I will love you my darling,you are so very kind.
         I have found you my love, you have entered my heart.
             Together we will be and never apart.
        I love you so much, you are the only one for me.
             You have changed my life, my future I now see.
        Never thought I would be a poet but here I am.
             You inspire these words, beside you I will stand.
        I will say good morning,but I will never say goodbye.
             You bring me such joy, and  don't ask why.