Tuesday, July 28, 2020

My Love I Care by William Wyllie

My Love I Care William Wyllie You are my Suger, you're just like Candy. You make me happy, I feel just Dandy. You bring such delight, you bring the sun. My beautiful darling, you are the one. The One I want the one I need. Let's get together, and play in the weeds. This feeling of Love you brought to my heart. I feel like a kid, in a kiddie park. We'll play on the slide, We'll swing on the swings. Sweet Love I Feel, I feel like a king. I feel the love, My love I sent. Let's go camping and live in a tent. With you my girl. Let's travel the world. With you at night. A beautiful site. I'll show my love with my arms around. I'm sure glad it's you I found. This beautiful lady, you shown me you care. Let me run my fingers throught your beautiful black hair. From the moment I saw You, the attraction was there. I have to be with you, to sit and just stare. My words flow out like a beautiful song. So don't ever leave me. my words will go on. Like the rise of the sun, on a beautiful dawn.

The One I Want - By William Wyllie

The One I Want by William Wyllie You are the one.The One I want. I Love it when you tease and taunt. I want your love I need your touch. You make me so happy.I love you so much. Your beautiful black hair, your beautiful eyes. The beauty you possess My arms open wide. You are my Lady,I want you around. I don't mean maybe, Where you go I'll be found. The beauty I see, The love I feel. I want you with me, This can't be real. But real it is I hope and pray. You are a wiz, I know you'll stay. The days get warmer as Summer Sets in. You are a charmer,With you I win. So Come on darling,Show me you care. I want to run my finger's thru your hair. Stroke you and kiss you, and hold you close. Because my sweetheart, you are the most. The one I want, The one I need. Let's get together and plant a seed. A beautiful garden,a beautiful life. I want you now to be my wife.

Happiness by William Wyllie (One of my older poems)

---HAPPINESS-- This Hot Weather keeps hanging on. I'll be glad when it is gone. The humidity is not bad today, and that makes me say Hurray. I get Happy if I think about my friends pool. I just want to get in and get cool. Coolness is such a nice thing. It makes me want to dance and sing. Sometimes I just want to have a good time. With my very good friends of mine. I've never been happier in my Life. I don't have any striff. I do get lonely at times. But then I just remember these friends of mine. In the last couple of years. I've made some very great friends. I hope this happiness never ends. This might sound very sappy, but I just want to be joyis and happy. I have this happiness deep inside. A feeling I just can't hide. I just want to shout and say "I Feel So Happy Today".