Monday, December 26, 2022

The Morning Sun

 When the new day starts dawning, it is you I think of every morning.

      The beauty that I see, the beauty that you are. Together we'll go far.

It is you, that makes my love shine through. My dream girl that is you.

 So darling show me your love, and I'll show you mine.And at night we will dine.

     All through the day and all through the night.

It is with you, this love feels so right.

     My beautiful lady you sure are the one.

You bring the light of the morning sun.


We will walk a mile

 Beautiful Lady from So far Away.

    I want you right here every minute of the day.

To hear your sweet voice, in this life you're my choice.

   No one in this world can compare.

With you my love as I run my fingers through your hair.

   Together our love has grown,Your love to me you have shown.

With you I'll walk a mile.On my face a big smile.

    You are on my mind every second of the day. With you I will run away.

A beauty before my eyes, With you I will lie.

    With you my life is complete.No other woman will I seek.

My love this is only the beginning.Because I know with you I am winning.

    This Love We have is So right. With this I'll say goodnight.

My Treasure by William Wyllie

 It's you I will treasure, it's you that I will pleasure.

      Our life together will just be the best,we'll make a sweet love nest.

To hold you in my arms, and squeeze you so tight.

     Together our love will just take flight.

But baby I'm afraid of heights.But I love the beautiful sights.

    But my favorite sight of all, is you when you call.

In the night or in the day, with you I will stay.

    My beautiful sweet one, we'll watch the rising sun.

And when the day is through.

   I'll watch the stars come out, right next to you.

You are a delightful surprise, and we'll watch the moon rise.

    Followed by Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Then the night will be ours.

 And there our love will begin, because you put me in a spin.   

      We'll dance and we'll spin as the new day begins.


First Thing In the Morning

 You're the first thing in the morning, the last thing at night.

         Together our Love will be Dyn-O-Mite.

Every second of the day and all through my Life.

        It's you that I need, you will make a good wife.

My love will not stop, it will just go on.

       I want you my darling, I'll cry if you're gone.

So don't make me blue, don't make me sad. 

      We'll have a good life and always be glad.

Even after we rise, I just need you here.

      I'll sing my love songs right into your ear.

You are such a beauty before these old eyes.

     I know together our love will just fly.

If ever I lose you I'll cry and I'll weep.

    Because it is you that makes me complete

You inspire these words that come from my heart.

     We'll be always together and will never part.



Our Love will just Fly

 My Beautiful Lady, You are the One.

      You are my sweet love you outshine the sun.

On a cold winter's Day, you warm me up.

      Let's drink together you sure fill my cup.

So Let's get together and have a cup of coffee or maybe some Tea.

      You light up my world for everyone to see.

 My sweet love for you, It will never Die.

      Because when I am with you the time will just fly.



Poem Of Love

                   I feel this love for you my honey.
                           You make my world bright and sunny.
                   The thought of you brings me joy.
                           I'm like a kid, oh boy! ,oh boy!
                   This love for you it feels so right.
                           You bring the light to the darkest night.
                   The woman I see make me want to fly.
                           The love we have is worth a try.
                   But I know our love will conquer the world.
                            If you would only be my girl.
                   Together we will have fun, and I don't mean maybe.
                            I want you here pleasebe my lady.
                   Your my inspiration, you are my world.
                           Let's get together, you are a lovely girl.
                   I have fallen for you after so long.
                           It is with you that I belong.
                   These words flow out as they spin in my mind.
                           I want you now and for all time.
                   This love I feel it has to be.
                          If I was blind you would make me see.
                   I say long so long on this happy day.
                         My poems of love, forever we will stay.

We Will Sing and Dance

          AS I Go To Bed on this Happy Day.
               My feelings are strong My Love will stay.
            My beautiful woman that I love So much.
               I wish I could just reach out and just touch.
            A nice warm day the sun was bright.
               I took a walk,thinking of my lady tonight.
            I read her letters they bring me joy.
               I want to dance and sing, I am a happy boy.
            My feeling for you grow so strong.
               It is with you that I belong.
            We will get together we will sing and do that dance.
               When you look at me, I am in a trace.
            You are so gorgeous my sweet love goes on.
               It is with you that I want to belong.
            Dance and sing, and do our thing.
               Sweet joy to me you sure do bring.
            Let's get together and have some fun.
               I will love you forever when the day is done.

Together We Are Two

                   My Love For you is Strong.
              My darling with you I belong.
                                          A beautiful sexy lady that I see.
              I want you beside me for Eternity.
                                          Vivacious is the only word that describes you.
              Together Forever, We are Two.
                                           Such beauty I do not deserve.
               With your beautiful sexy curves.
                                           My Passion just goes on.
                Your like hearing my favorite song.
                                            When I see you my heart sings.
                 Sweet Love to me you bring.
                                             Be my lady, Be My Love.
                 We fit together like hand and glove.
                                             Such beauty, brings me joy.
                  I know for sure, youre not Coy.
                                             My darling My Love My Own.
                  My Love for you I have shown.

My Love You Will See

          I miss you my darling, with you I will fly.
               Without you around I would not even try.
         Oh my baby let's make this happen.
               I will love you so much with lots of passion.
         You bring my happiness,together we will be.
               I wanna be your lover. My love you will see.
         I sit right here my memories of you.
               You love me so much and I love you too.
         In sunshine or in rain,My Love will not go.
                When we are together our love willjust flow.
         My beautiful lady,it's you that I need.
                 We will make hot love, and roll in the weeds.
         I feel so happy, let's dance and let's sing.
          But I know when I am with you, sweet love you will bring.
        My words just flow out, from inside my head.
           But I will not stop until you are in my bed.
        When your in my life, it just has to be.
              We will fly like birds, way up high in the trees.
        My words just won't stop, I think I had Better quit.
              Until we are together, we will make a good fit.

My Heaven On Earth

                    You are my heaven on earth, my lovely girl.
                               We will make sweet love, your hair will curl.
                    Heaven on earth, my sweet honey.
                                You make my world so bright and sunny.
                    Heave to me is to be by your side.
                                 My arms are open wide.
                    I want you today, I want you tomorrow.
                                 When we are together wewill have no sorrow.
                    We will laugh and play and sing out loud.
                                  To make you mine I will be so proud.
                     I love this lady I will shout to the world.
                                   I will tell them all that you are my girl.
                     I want to kiss you and hold you tight.
                                   When we do this I will feel "Dyn-O-Mite".
                    I never thought I would find such a beauty.
                                    I will love you forever, you are such a cutie.
                    For helping people through all of my life.
                                    This is my reward, I will never think twice.
                    You are my woman, however long I live.
                                     I will show you all the Love I can give.
                    I found my woman, you bring my joy.
                                     I feel like a kind with a brand new toy.
                    I will treat you good, I will trat you fine.
                                     Together we will be throughout all time.

I Throw You A Kiss

                   I want to love and make romance.
                         If I had you I would sing and dance.
                   My beautiful woman, Let us get together.
                          We will have fun in any weather.
                   I want to walk on the beach with you.
                           Because my love for you is true.
                   Walk hand in hand and play in the sand.
                           I know with you it would be so grand.
                   The woman I love has come at last.
                          We will have a future,the die has been cast.
                    I know our love is meant to be.
                          I was so blind but now I see.
                    I see a future and is so nice.
                          I will do it again and never think twice.
                    I look at you and see a life.
                          And someday soon we will be man and wife.
                    So come on darling and take my hand.
                          Our future is here it's where we will stand.
                    I have never know such feelings of bliss.
                           I say goodnight and throw you a kiss.

My Christmas Gift

           Christmas Bells are Ringing.
                      I Thank the lord for you.
           I feel sweet love my darling.
                      My love for you is true.
           We will have lots of fun.
                     We'll sing in the morning sun.
           If I had to choose a gift.
                     It would be you that I'd be with.
           The joy that you would bring.
                     Because you make my heart sing.
           You are my gift of life.
                     Someday you will be my wife.
           Let the Christmas Bells ring on.
                     Your my gift on christmas morn.
           We will dance and sing in the new year.
                      My love from me you will hear.
           When those Hershey bells ring.
                      You will hear my heart sing.
           You are my joy in this world.
                      If only you'll be my girl.