Monday, December 26, 2022

My Treasure by William Wyllie

 It's you I will treasure, it's you that I will pleasure.

      Our life together will just be the best,we'll make a sweet love nest.

To hold you in my arms, and squeeze you so tight.

     Together our love will just take flight.

But baby I'm afraid of heights.But I love the beautiful sights.

    But my favorite sight of all, is you when you call.

In the night or in the day, with you I will stay.

    My beautiful sweet one, we'll watch the rising sun.

And when the day is through.

   I'll watch the stars come out, right next to you.

You are a delightful surprise, and we'll watch the moon rise.

    Followed by Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Then the night will be ours.

 And there our love will begin, because you put me in a spin.   

      We'll dance and we'll spin as the new day begins.


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