Monday, December 26, 2022

My Heaven On Earth

                    You are my heaven on earth, my lovely girl.
                               We will make sweet love, your hair will curl.
                    Heaven on earth, my sweet honey.
                                You make my world so bright and sunny.
                    Heave to me is to be by your side.
                                 My arms are open wide.
                    I want you today, I want you tomorrow.
                                 When we are together wewill have no sorrow.
                    We will laugh and play and sing out loud.
                                  To make you mine I will be so proud.
                     I love this lady I will shout to the world.
                                   I will tell them all that you are my girl.
                     I want to kiss you and hold you tight.
                                   When we do this I will feel "Dyn-O-Mite".
                    I never thought I would find such a beauty.
                                    I will love you forever, you are such a cutie.
                    For helping people through all of my life.
                                    This is my reward, I will never think twice.
                    You are my woman, however long I live.
                                     I will show you all the Love I can give.
                    I found my woman, you bring my joy.
                                     I feel like a kind with a brand new toy.
                    I will treat you good, I will trat you fine.
                                     Together we will be throughout all time.

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