Monday, December 26, 2022

I Throw You A Kiss

                   I want to love and make romance.
                         If I had you I would sing and dance.
                   My beautiful woman, Let us get together.
                          We will have fun in any weather.
                   I want to walk on the beach with you.
                           Because my love for you is true.
                   Walk hand in hand and play in the sand.
                           I know with you it would be so grand.
                   The woman I love has come at last.
                          We will have a future,the die has been cast.
                    I know our love is meant to be.
                          I was so blind but now I see.
                    I see a future and is so nice.
                          I will do it again and never think twice.
                    I look at you and see a life.
                          And someday soon we will be man and wife.
                    So come on darling and take my hand.
                          Our future is here it's where we will stand.
                    I have never know such feelings of bliss.
                           I say goodnight and throw you a kiss.

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