Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Our Love Will Take Flight by William Wyllie

                                Our Love Will Take Flight

                                                                              William Wyllie

                       My beautiful lady I need you so.

                                 Let's get together our love will grow.

                       I will go over here I will go over there.

                                 Whatever you want I'll show I care.

                       This love I feel it burns like fire.

                                 I sure do have these strong desires.

                        I know my love you feel the same.

                                 We'll walk together down Lover's Lane.

                        Whatever you want I will give my all. 

                                  I will catch you honey, when you fall.

                        I will write my poem, my words of love.

                                 We will fly so high, so high above.

                       The sun shines bright on this beautiful day.

                                 My words of love to you I will say.

                       My love for you will never die.

                                 Because my darling with you I will fly.

                       I will not stop till you are mine.

                                 Together we will be for all time.

                       After I am gone these words will linger. 

                                  But a wedding ring will be on your finger.

                       I know your love for me is real.

                                  Oh my love, my lips are sealed.

                       But my hand is not, so these words I write.

                                  Until the day our love takes flight.





This Love For You by William Wyllie

                                 This Love For You

                                                                     William Wyllie

               I feel this love for you my honey.

                     You make my world bright and sunny.

              The thought of you brings me joy.

                      I'm like a kid, oh boy, oh boy!!

              This love for you it feels so right.

                      You bring the light to the darkest night.

               The woman I see makes me want to fly.

                      The love we have is worth a try.

                But I know our love win conquer the world.

                       If you would only be my girl.

                I should say my beautiful lady. 

                 Together we'll have fun and I don't mean maybe.

              You're my inspiration, you are my world.

                       Let's get together we'll dance and twirl.

               I have fallen for you after so long.

                       It is with you that I belong.

               These words flow out as they spin in my mind.

                       I want you now and for all time.

                This love I feel it Has to Be.

                       If I was blind you'd make me see.

                I say so long on this happy day.

                       My poems of love forever will stay.



Our Love will keep Growing by William Wyllie

                            Our Love Will Keep Growing

                                                                             By William Wyllie

                If I an in thedark or in the light.

                        It's you my love that makes me heart take flight.

               The Leaves keep falling, But it's you my heart keeps calling.

                        As the sun rises on this beautiful morn.

               It is with you that I belong.

                        Together my love our love will be good.

               I found this love, never thought I would.

                        But here I am, with my heart in my hand.

               I offer it to you my sweet honey.

                        You make my world bright and sunny.

               I am in love with you, it you that I yearn.

                        Love has found us in is our turn.

               You make me happy my love grows strong.

                        It is with you that I belong.

               To be beside for the rest of my life.

                        I will even make you my sweet wife.

                So come on darling, let's get this going.

                        I know our love for each other is growing.

With You I Belong by William Wyllie

                      With You I Belong

                                                          By William Wyllie


          My love grows strong, with you I belong.

                 With your love my life is complete.

         It's your love that I seek.

                 I've never known such love before.

         We'll walk through life and I'll hold the door.

                 My beautiful woman my love grows strong.

        I'll love you forever, love will never be gone.

                I feel so happy you give me joy.

        I'll treat you gentle, I am your boy.

               You turn me on you spin me around.

       so show me love, with you I belong.

               Your beautiful figure, your long black hair.

      We'll walk hand and hand, love we'll share.

               I love you darling,I feel this bliss.

      I'll hold you tight and give you a kiss.

               I'll say goodnight my only one.

      In the dark of night you bring the sun.

               I'm a flounder in the sea and I've been hooked.

     I know for sure my love you've booked.