Tuesday, November 8, 2022

With You I Belong by William Wyllie

                      With You I Belong

                                                          By William Wyllie


          My love grows strong, with you I belong.

                 With your love my life is complete.

         It's your love that I seek.

                 I've never known such love before.

         We'll walk through life and I'll hold the door.

                 My beautiful woman my love grows strong.

        I'll love you forever, love will never be gone.

                I feel so happy you give me joy.

        I'll treat you gentle, I am your boy.

               You turn me on you spin me around.

       so show me love, with you I belong.

               Your beautiful figure, your long black hair.

      We'll walk hand and hand, love we'll share.

               I love you darling,I feel this bliss.

      I'll hold you tight and give you a kiss.

               I'll say goodnight my only one.

      In the dark of night you bring the sun.

               I'm a flounder in the sea and I've been hooked.

     I know for sure my love you've booked.


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