Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Our Love Will Take Flight by William Wyllie

                                Our Love Will Take Flight

                                                                              William Wyllie

                       My beautiful lady I need you so.

                                 Let's get together our love will grow.

                       I will go over here I will go over there.

                                 Whatever you want I'll show I care.

                       This love I feel it burns like fire.

                                 I sure do have these strong desires.

                        I know my love you feel the same.

                                 We'll walk together down Lover's Lane.

                        Whatever you want I will give my all. 

                                  I will catch you honey, when you fall.

                        I will write my poem, my words of love.

                                 We will fly so high, so high above.

                       The sun shines bright on this beautiful day.

                                 My words of love to you I will say.

                       My love for you will never die.

                                 Because my darling with you I will fly.

                       I will not stop till you are mine.

                                 Together we will be for all time.

                       After I am gone these words will linger. 

                                  But a wedding ring will be on your finger.

                       I know your love for me is real.

                                  Oh my love, my lips are sealed.

                       But my hand is not, so these words I write.

                                  Until the day our love takes flight.





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