Monday, February 28, 2022

Yours For All Time by William Wyllie

Yours For All Time By William Wyllie..... The bright sun shines on this beautiful morn. My thoughts of you,make me happy like the dawn. The dawn of a new day, like the dawn of our love. Brings me joy in my heart, You fit like a glove. Our feelings are the same, I feel it right now. You have entered my heart, of wow wee wow, wow. My love grows strong, for you my sweet honey. You make this old man's world, so bright and sunny. We will walk in the woods, We will walk on the beach. We will walk amoungst the fruit trees,you are such a peach. We will walk close together, We are such a pair. You are so beautiful,with your long flowing hair. Wrap your arms around me. Hold Me So Tight. Because when we are together,our love will take flight. Give me some love and I will be yours for all time. I want you right here, oh please be mine. You are a new beginning, but won't have and end. Together our love will just asend. We start our love, together we two. we will be together and we will start a new.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Angel From Above - by William Wyllie

Angel From Above By William Wyllie.... My Lovely Lady, My Angel True. I want you to know that I Love You. I will love you at night, I will love you in the day. I feel love in my heart,My Love it will stay. So come into my life, don't ever go away. I give my love in every way. If you come to see me I will cry happy tears. We will stay together,For the rest of our years. It is so hard to believe that you have this sweet love. I feel like I have found an angel from above. An angel you are and an angel you will always be. Our Love will grow strong,Our Love you will see. So come into my life, and don't let me go. When we are together Our Love it will show. Your Loving Words Touch My Soul. A Life with you is my Goul. Together with you it just has to be. You opened my eyes, It's love that I see. Beautiful lady I need you right here. Close beside me. I'll shed lots of Tears. Happy Tears,will flow from my eyes. We will share our sweet love. We will just fly.

Crazy Weather By Bill Wyllie

Crazy Weather By Bill Wyllie..... The weather is crazy, it's warm or it's cold. One day the Sun is shinning, Next day the strong wind blows. We get two feet of snow, Next day it's sunny. The weather is crazy, and it's not funny. New England Weather, Never know what you'll get. One day I'm warm, next day I'm all wet. If I'm wet or I'm cold, I keep myself fit. I'll go for a walk, Oops don't fall in that pit. I try to stay happy, don't let people get me down. I take lots of walks and I don't wear a frown. Looking Forward to Spring,Today I saw buds on the trees. In another day deep snow and we freeze. Never thought I'd be a poet, But here I Am. Writing these words, I do the best I can. Have to put something Together, For the Radio Show. Senior Scribblers is the name and away we go. So here is my poem, and the time did not fly. I struggle with words, and I now say Goodbye.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

I Love You Very Much - William Wyllie

I Love You Very Much By William Wyllie.... My angel from far away. I Love you each and every day. I yearn for your sweet touch. I Love you very much. It's 4:49 in the morning. Soon the sun will be dawning. But my Love for you grows so strong. Together we sure do belong. So Happy I feel in my soul. It's you I just need to hold. I need your sweet gentle touch. I Love you so very much. Beautiful Lady from so far away. I will Love you, until the sun fades away. A sweet life we will surely see. Our love is like a big Oak Tree. Soon the tree will grow Strong. Our won't be Wrong. I just want to danceand sing. Sweet Love you do bring. Lovely Lady that you are. You are my bright and shinning star. It's 4:59 as I say goodnight. Together our love takes flight.