Monday, February 28, 2022

Yours For All Time by William Wyllie

Yours For All Time By William Wyllie..... The bright sun shines on this beautiful morn. My thoughts of you,make me happy like the dawn. The dawn of a new day, like the dawn of our love. Brings me joy in my heart, You fit like a glove. Our feelings are the same, I feel it right now. You have entered my heart, of wow wee wow, wow. My love grows strong, for you my sweet honey. You make this old man's world, so bright and sunny. We will walk in the woods, We will walk on the beach. We will walk amoungst the fruit trees,you are such a peach. We will walk close together, We are such a pair. You are so beautiful,with your long flowing hair. Wrap your arms around me. Hold Me So Tight. Because when we are together,our love will take flight. Give me some love and I will be yours for all time. I want you right here, oh please be mine. You are a new beginning, but won't have and end. Together our love will just asend. We start our love, together we two. we will be together and we will start a new.

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