Saturday, March 27, 2021

My Feelings For You

My Feelings For You.... I feel So Sad, I Feel So Blue. Becauce My Darling I'm Not Holding You. Together We Feel Love, Together We Belong. You are like listening to my Favorite Song. I sing out loud, My Feelings So deep. For You my darling, For You I Weep. So Happy I'll be with you by my side. My feelings for you,I just can not hide. Without you around, I'm Lost and Alone. It's you that I want to be my very own. I hope and Pray the day will come soon. I'll hold you so near, Under the light of a full moon.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Goodbye to Winter..

Goodbye To Winter.... Don't trip when you go out the door. My foot will be behind you,Don't want you anymore. No two feet of snow that piles up so fast. I want you gone,a thing of the past. No shoveling the sidewalks,so people can come in. I want the Hot Sun,to warm Us within. So Goodbye to winter, don't fall on the ice. If you fall in the lake, that would be so nice. No high cast of heating,to keep my house warm. I want to see the rising sun,early in the morn. No heavy winter coats,wrapped around so tight. Just the morning sun,that will shine in so bright. The two feet of snow,in my yard melting away. I can now see the ground,It is a happy day. So goodbye to winter,Welcome to spring. I feel so happy, I just want to sing.

I Think of You..

I Think Of You..... I think of you and call out your name. I'm drwan to you, like a moth to a flame. No word I write to never express. My feelings inside,I want to impress. My passion for you will never die. With you my love I will fly. Sweet Love I feel in my heart. You're like a lovely work of art. No one has ever made me feel. Sweet Joy, with you, it is so real. Your words of love touch me so deep. You make me cry you make me weep. It's not that I'm sad,very happy inside. I'm filled with joy, I'm filled with pride. Your Love has given me wings. With you I just want to sing. You may not know my Love Songs. I'll sing all night,Till the break of dawn.

My Love Will Never Grow Old

My Love Will Never Go Old..... As the Winter fades, along with the cold. My love for you will never grow old. A New life with you,Please Take Me away. Our Love will grow strong, till another day. I'll give you my life, I'll give you my soul. I am yours to have and to hold. A new day is dawning,with you in the morning. To spend the night,holding you tight. To spend the day, loving you all the way. With my arms around, you just astound. So happy we'll be. My love you will see. A life with you,Together We Two. Nothing more to say. With you I will stay.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Senior Story Hour Show #28 (March 2021)

I will start posting the links here to this show. I read my poems on this show as well. I'll post a link to a stream and a link to download. recorded at WFPR-FM Franlin, MA. Download - -