Monday, October 24, 2022

This Poem was written by my lovely lady to me

             Poem by my Lovely Lady


             You Are my heaven, and the story of my life.
                     You are as bright as a pearl in my heart forever.
             You are always treasured in my Heart.
                      My love you are the only one in my life.
             When I see you face,I know how happy life will be.
                      Everytime I see you, my heart jumps like a
              humming bird flying.
                      This is a feeling I have never had before.
              and you inspired it.
                      I feel warm at the thought of your rich
              conversation with me.
                      Even if we are apart. I couldn't hide my smile.
              This conection is special and amazing. I dare say fate.
                      Many people ask what made me create this new
               and better me.
                      I do not hesitate to tell them that it was you.

Poem of Love by Bill Wyllie

  Poem Of Love
                                                               By Bill Wyllie

                    I feel this love for you my honey.
                           You make my world bright and sunny.
                   The thought of you brings me joy.
                           I'm like a kid, oh boy! ,oh boy!
                   This love for you it feels so right.
                           You bring the light to the darkest night.
                   The woman I see make me want to fly.
                           The love we have is worth a try.
                   But I know our love will conquer the world.
                            If you would only be my girl.
                   Together we will have fun, and I don't mean maybe.
                            I want you here pleasebe my lady.
                   Your my inspiration, you are my world.
                           Let's get together, you are a lovely girl.
                   I have fallen for you after so long.
                           It is with you that I belong.
                   These words fow out as they spin in my mind.
                           I want you now and for all time.
                   This love I feel it has to be.
                          If I was blind you would make me see.
                   I say long so long on this happy day.
                         My poems of love, forever we will stay.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Whisper My Love by Bill Wyllie

 Whisper My Love
                                                       by William Wyllie

            My words of love for you I speak.
                     It's your sweet loving that I seek.
            I need you now, I need you forever.
                    You're love for me will leave me weak.
           Through out this life,you are mine.
                    I am yours thought out all time.
           The warm sun shines so bright.
                    You are my love it feels so right.
            We found each other, across these lands.
                    We will walk together, hand in hand.
            Along the beach together we stroll.
                    You have my life, we will conquer any goal.
            The Rest of My life is at your hands.
                    Together out love will be so grand.
             You bring me joy, you bring me bliss.
                    On you my love I will planet a kiss.
             My beautiful Wen Hao.
                    With you I will go.
             As my day begins theses flow out.
                    I will rant and rave and scream and shout.
            But through it all we are still here.
                   I will whisper sweet love into your ear.

Love For Eternity by Bill Wyllie

 Love For Eternity
                                                        by William Wyllie

            Oh My Darling Sweet Love You Bring.
                     You make my Hart just want to sing.
            As I have my Morning Coffee, a new day starts.
                     My love for you will never part.
           I feel this love way deep inside.
                    My love I will shout, and will not hide.
           A beautiful lady has come into my life.
                    If she leaves me now it will cut like a knife.
          But that will not happen, it can not be.
                    I will love this lady for Eternity.
          My twin flame my other half.
                    I have found it here, it has come at last.
          Or twin soul whatever the case.
                    I know it's here it's in my space.
          This beautiful lady from a far off land.
                    Let me hold you close and take you by the hand.
          Our flames together will burn so high.
                   I know my love will never die.
          A thousand tears I would cry for you.
                   If you leave me now I would be so blue.
          But that will not happen it can not be.
                  Our love will last for Eternity.

First Thing in the Morning by Bill Wyllie

First Thing in the Morning By William Wyllie...... 

The First Thing I Think of in the Morning. The Last Thing at Night. 

        Together Our Love will be alright. 

We've been talking for So Long. It's You that I Belong. 

       With the passage of time. My words will rhyme. 

Sweet Love you Bring. My Heart just sings. 

       If You ever Leave. I will cry and grieve.

You are the one. Our Love Has come. 

       My Love will stay. Through Night and day. 

My lady you are. The Best by far. 

      So let's get it on. Soon the time will be gone. 

The time goes fast. Our Love has been cast. 

     So Away I do go. My Love you will know.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Heaven On Earth by William Wyllie


                         You are my heaven on Earth my Lovely Girl. 

                                          You are so beautiful like and shine like a pearl. 

                        My Diamond in the rough my sweet Honey. 

                                         You make My World Bright and Sunny. 

                       Heaven to me is to be by your side. 

                                        My love is strong, My Arms Open Wide. 

                       I want you today, I want you Tomorrow. 

                                       When we are together we will have no sorrow. 

                      We will laugh and play and sing out loud. 

                                       To make you mine I will be so proud. 

                     I love this lady I will shout to the world. 

                                       I will tell them all that you are my girl. 

                    I want to kiss you and hold you tight. 

                                     When We do this I will feel "Dyn-O-Mite". 

                   I never thought I would find such a beauty. 

                                      I will love you forever,you are such a cutie. 

                   For helping people through all of my life. 

                                    This is my reward, I will never think twice. 

                  You are my woman, however long I live. 

                                    I will show you all the love I can give. 

                  I found my woman she brings me joy. 

                                   I feel like a kid with a brand new toy. 

                 I will treat you good,I will treat you fine. 

                                  Together we will be through out all time.

We Will Ring In the Chimes

We Will Ring in The Chimes by William Wyllie.... Our Love Will Grow Strong, with you by my side. My feelings for you I will not hide. I will tell you I love you till the end of time. I will shout to the words that you are mine. Beautiful lady with a soft gentle face. We will laugh and sing all over the place. My words of love will go on and on. These special moments,will never be gone. I feel this love like a burning fire. It will not stop it just burns higher. Oh Baby, My Love you are the one. To be by your side when the day is done. Together We will be throughout All time. We will sing and shout and ring the chimes.

I Throw You A Kiss by William Wyllie

I Throw You A Kiss By William Wyllie..... I want to love and make romance. If I had you I would sing and dance. My beautiful woman, Let us get together. We will have fun in any weather. I want to walk on the beach with you. Because my love for you is true. Walk hand in hand and play in the sand. I know with you it would be so grand. The woman I love has come at last. We will have a future,the die has been cast. I know our love is ment to be. I was so blind but now I see. I see a future and is so nice. I will do it again and never think twice. I look at you and see a life. And someday soon we will be man and wife. So come on darling and take my hand. Our future is here it's where we will stand. I have never know such feelings of bliss. I say goodnight and throw you a kiss.

These Happy Feelings by William Wyllie

These Happy Feelings By William Wyllie..... My beautiful lady, you bring my joy. Sweet Loving feelings, I'm a Happy Boy When We Get Together,the sparks will fly. We'll be so happy,My love I will not hide. These Happy feelings I feel for you. I know you love me the same way too. Our Love for Each Other,it grows so strong. Tho you are far away,It will never be gone. We talk a live chat,we feel our love. I must have you,My turtle dove. The beautiful woman that you have become. Delights my eyes, you are the one. The one I want to walk beside. And Hold Your Hand,together we'll ride. I know my love for you is true. You bring me joy I never knew. We willshare our joy,Together we'll be. I'll hold you tight,under atall oak tree.