Monday, August 31, 2020

My World is Nothing without you In it by William Wyllie

-------------------------------  My World is Nothing, Without You In It

As I wake in the morning, My Thoughts are of You.
       I wonder where you are, the things that you do.
My joy in life, My love for you is true.
      I want to hold you close, whisper in your ear,
Sweet words of Love, for you to hear.
      You are my woman, I am your man,
We'll lay on the beach, hand in hand.
      My honey, My darling,oh please be mine.
You've got my love, for the rest of time.
      I feel this tingle deep inside,
When I think of you,I'm filled with pride.
      I'm filled with joy, I'm filled with Wonder.
I am the lightning,You am the Thunder.
     Together we'll be, together so Warm.
Together we'll cause a lightning Storm.
     The Thunder Will boom, The Lightning Will Flash.
But oh my darling, Our Love will last.
      All my Life I wanted sweet love.
I found it at last, I coo like a dove.
      I'll fly like a bird, up above so high.
Because when I'm with you, I'll touch the sky.
     I don't know how longer, I'll be around.
But I know with you,Sweet Love I found.
     You are my muse, the reason I live.
I have this Love,I just need to give.
     If I hold you for a hour,it would feel like a minute.
My World would be nothing without you in it.


Monday, August 24, 2020

Twitchin' in the Kitchen by William Wyllie

 --------- Twitchin in the Kitchen ----------

              When it's Morning here, it's night time there.
  But oh my darling I'll love you anywhere.
                 I'll love you in the morning, I'll love you at Night.
  But when we're together, I'll feel alright.
                I'll love you in the Den, I'll love you in the kitchen.
 When we get together, we'll do some twitchin'
                I'll love you in the bath, I'll love you in the shower.
 We'll get together make love for hours.
                I'll love you over here, I'll Love you over there.
 But by your side I sure do care.
                A sweet love we have, this I know.
When I'm with you my love will show.
                A Lovely womam a beautiful Lady.
I know for sure you are my baby.
               You brought me love, you brought me joy.
I know for sure you won't be coy.
               We found each other tho COVID 19 Won't stop us.
It Only delayed our meeting, it just makes us tough.
               The waiting and waiting to hold you close.
I know when we meet I'll love you the most.
               It's you I want, It's you I need.
Let's get together, and play in the weeds.

Lover and Friend by William Wyllie

-----------------------  Lover and Friend -------------

                               I'm a Happy Man.I've won your love.
  You were sent to me from heaven above.
                               Looking at your photos My emotions run high.
  I know very soon, that we'll touch the sky.
                              Your a beautiful lady, even my sister tells me.
  I want you in my arms, My love you will see.
                              You're the one that I want, oh Baby, Baby,Baby.
  Need your loving right now, and that's no maybe.
                               It is a fact that I love you so much.
  Let me reach out my arms, and Gently touch.
                              A beauty you are, the beauty you possess.
 I just want to come over and unzip your dress.
                              To win your love, I'm so happy inside.
 We'll be together, and go for a ride.
                              The Ride of Life, just you and I.
 I know we'll have fun. My love I won't Hide.
                              I want you my darling,this just has to be.
 I'll bow at your feet, get on my hands and knees.
                             I'll vow right now. my love to the End.
 I'll be your lover, and your very best friend.

Together As One by William Wyllie

-------------------- Together As One --------------

                      You make me so happy,you bring me bliss.
  I just want to touch your luscious lips.
                      Your beautiful face, your lovely eyes.
  I need you now, right by my side.
                      You are the one, my heart desires.
  Please be by my love it's you I admire.
                      I can't believe you love me so much.
  I'll reach out my hands and just want to touch.
                      The loving words that you send to me.
  Your loving heart is what I can see.
                      I see a world where we have joy.
  You make this man and happy boy.
                      I feel like a kid, when I am with you.
  I have deep love and it is so true.
                      A beautiful woman, A Sexy lady.
  My love is so strong, I love you my baby.
                     If I said it once I said it a thousand times.
  I want you I need you, oh please be mine.
                    I sit at the table and have morning coffee.
  My memories of you, just won't get off of me.
                   I know someday we will be together as one.
  Together we'll meet the morning Sun.

You Are My Love by William Wyllie

 ------ You Are My Love ---  

You are my Love, This I know.
Where Ever you want I will go.
In the bright of day, in the dark of night.
I know with you I'll be alright.
Alright with you with your tender touch.
I know when I'm close to you I get a rush.
A feeling of Love,A feeling of tenderness.
But if you were gone, your love I'd sure miss.
You've come to my heart,you've entered my soul.
A life with you that is my goal.
My words flow out, with the rush of passion.
You are my love I'll show you compassion.
The touch of a woman,so gentle and soft.
I just want to take all of your clothes off.
Make sweet love till the break of dawn.
You've got my love, that'll never be gone.
So come on darling, show me you care.
I want to run my finger's thru your hair.
As we walk thru life, together we'll be.
This sweet love in you, is what I can see.

Beautiful Lady by William Wyllie

 --------------- Beautiful Lady ----------------

         The touch of your hand, as it careses my cheek.
I look in your eyes and than I go weak.
         The beauty you are, the joy that you bring.
This beautiful lady, you make my heart sing.
         To be by your side, in this crazy world.
I want you to be mine. you beautiful girl.
         I just can't believe you love me so much.
I hold out my hand and just want to touch.
        You make me so Happy, you bring me such joy.
You're like a little baby, with a cute little toy.
        But a woman you are and a woman you'll be.
Our love will grow strong, for everyone to see.
        Be by my side for the rest of my life.
We'll travel the world, as husband and wife.
        This wonderful feeling, I feel in my heart.
When we get together,We will never part.
        This beautiful lady from a land far away.
A lifetime of joy, this love it will stay.
        I know when we meet,the excitment will rise.
I'll look at your face, and those beautiful eyes.
        I found my sweet love, So happy we'll be.
I'll shout it out loud, "Whoopee, Whoopee".

Goddess of Love by William Wyllie

 -------"Goddess of Love" -----------------
My darling, My darling, Be mine.
Together till the end of time.
Sweet love with you I desire. You set my world on Fire.
My goddess of love,this is what you've become.
You bring me joy, you bring me the sun.
Your sweet words of love send me in a spin.
With you in my arms, I know I'll always Win.
You make me Happy,you make me proud.
I want to scream and shout out loud.
I love this woman,a very sexy lady.
She's captured my heart and I don't mean maybe.
I want to Dance, I want to Sing.
I know for sure you've given me wings.
Together we'll be, together you and I.
I feel so happy, because now I can fly.
Be my lady, for the next hundred years.
I know I'll be happy because I cry happy tears.
Tears of Joy, when I feel glad.
With you in my life I'll never be mad.
I know my honey you've concord my heart.
We'll be together and never apart.