Tuesday, July 18, 2023

China Lady by William Wyllie

China Lady
                                                by William Wyllie

           My beautiful China lady.
                    With you I'll never get lazy.
           In day or in night.
                    Together we are right.
          Let me hold you so tight.
                    The woman that you are.
         You're like a bright and shinning star.
                    Never knew a love like this.
         Please give me a great big kiss.
                    I am yours I'll be there when you call.
         I'll catch you when you fall.
                    As a new day begins.
         You put me in a spin.
                   But please don't spin me too fast.
         I know our love will last.
                   A beautiful photo you sent, I look and moan.
         The inspiration for this poem.
                   As this poem begins to fade.
         A kaleidoscope of colors invade.
                   The color's sparkle and swirl.
         You are my special girl.
                   The light fades into darkness and is gone.
         Our sweet love will always live on.

Love Power by William Wyllie

Love Power
                                                 by William Wyllie

         You are my baby, you are my girl.
                     You put me in a whirl.
         You spin me around like a top.
                     But oh my love please don't stop.
         I love you so much,together we'll be.
                     I give you my love my eyes will see.
         My love goes on it feels so good.
                    I'm in such delight, I know I could.
        I could do this or I could do that.
                    To please you baby,I'll remove my hat.
       But we love each other I know it's true.
                    I'll shout to the world that I love you.
       I'll treat you good, I'll treat you kind.
                    I want to make you mine all mine.
      In this crazy world I want you here with me.
                    I'll love will grow like a big oak tree.
      The branches will spread far and wide.
                    And on the beach we'll feel the rushing tide.
       As the sun goes down we'll cuddle together.
                    I know our love will live forever.