Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Dream Come True by Bill Wyllie ------

A Dream come True by William Wyllie ----- I lay in bed and think of you. You are a dream that I hope will come true. A beautiful lady with beautiful eyes. She makes me so happy, I break down and cry. So happy I'd be with you be my side. I feel so good, I'd glow with pride. I hope we meet in the new year. I'll whisper sweet words right into your ear. My love for you grows so strong. Hug and kiss you, till the early morn. I've fallen in love with you my sweet. You are a beautiful delicious treat. I'll walk with you to a good life. And if you are lucky, I just might not bite. A life with you feels so right. Put my arms around and squeeze you so tight. We'll jump in the water and we'll get all wet. We'll walk together into the sunset.

A Good Life by Bill Wyllie

A Good Life By William Wyllie --------- I think of my Lady friend so far away. I want to be beside her in every way. We've talked for so long but haven't met. We fell in love with each other,please don't ever forget. Don't forget that I love you and need you by my side. We speak the truth to each other, My love I don't Hide. I miss you more with each passing day. I hope I don't lose you in any kind of way. For if I ever lost you my heart would be shattered. To a thousand little pieces, they would be scattered. I found the lady I want in my life. When we are together there would be no striff. Deep feeling's for you I feel in my heart. I want to dance and sing,our love will not part. Never felt so happy about a lady before. I love you so much.There just is no cure. Together forever it juast has to be. I see a good life with just you and me.

Beautiful Lady ----- by Bill Wyllie -------

BEAUTIFUL LADY-------- William Wyllie------ I Need you in my life, I want you to stay. Please don't Ever Go Away. The love I give,The Love I need. If fills me with Excitment,We will Succeed. Beautiful Lady, we need each other. You give me love I melt like butter. I'm totally in shock, by the way that I feel. My beautifl lady, you are for real. I'll wait for you, for as long as it takes. Thru rain or storm or earthquakes.

Friday, December 25, 2020

A Delight to These Old Eyes - by Bill Wyllie

You are a delight to these old eyes. You make me happy,What a surprise. A surprise you love me,it brings me bliss. I want to hold you and give you a kiss. My joy in life that's what you are. We'll be together and we'll go far. A quiet moment, gaze into your eyes. I'll always love you,you are a prize. The wind will blow the rain comes down. When I'm with you I won't have a frown. How happy I'd be in you were my girl. The happiest man in this whole world. So take my hand and show me the way. I love you so much,My love will stay. Our loves grows stronger, our love is a start. My heart feels the pain of being apart. With each passing day,I love you more. The beauty you are, it's you I adore. So be my love and we'll have a good time. I want you my love,you must be mine.

Friday, December 18, 2020

I Could Take a Thousand Photo's and Never Capture your Beauty ----

I Could Take a Thousand Photo's and Never Capture your Beauty ----- by William Wyllie I gaze at your beauty,You are such a cutie. I could take a thousand photos and never capture your beauty. The Woman I love, The Woman I See. Please, don't ever take your love from me. The warm glow I Feel,The warm glow inside. You make me feel so grand,I just can not hide. My arms are wide open,Let me wrap them around. We'll make sweet memories together,Our love will astound. We found each other,that is so true. I just want to tell you,I sure do love you. Never felt such a feeling with a woman before. Oh my sweet darling,It's you I adore. You are my inspiration for these loving words. Let's walk in the sunset,Our love will be heard. Sometimes these words don't always come together. Together we'll be,in sun or rainy weather. So now I'll say goodnight,but it won't be goodbye. I'll show you my love, or give it a good try.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

My New Year's Present ----

----- My NEW YEARS PRESENT ------- My new years present,that's what you are.Together we'll go far. If You were my present,can't wait to unwrap you. Well walk together,under a full moon. 2021 is a new year of hope,that will come true. Because my sweet honey, I do Love You. I call you honey,because your so sweet. You are like chocolet, you are my treat. Drip that chocolet all over my body. Then my darling,We will get naughty. My emotions for you,sometimes I can't control. You touched my heart down to my soul.If you came into my life,Sweet bliss I'd See. Together we'll walk,on the beach to the sea. Where ever we walk it does not matter. Squeeze me so tight,till my teeth chatter. My darling I love you,this has to happen. We'll draw shapes in the sand in different patterns. While While at the beach,We'll pick up shells. You've touched my heart,You've cast a spell. My heart is yours,don't let it go. Because My darling I love you so.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I'll Love You More by William Wyllie

I'll Love You More by William Wyllie ...... I Feel So Good,with you on my Mind. I'll love you more with the passage of time. You came into my life and took my by surprise. The moment I saw You, you opened my eyes. This Beautiful lady,you captured my heart. I just want to hold you,we'll never be apart. This beautiful stranger,I've fallen for you. You make me feel happy,Nothing else I can do. But keep you beside me,My love is so true.

Saturday, November 21, 2020


BEATLES POEM------------------- My Darling I Love You,My Love is so True. "Please, Please Me" forever and "Love Me Do". To hold you close and make you mine. My Sweetie I Love You, "I Feel Fine". "I Don't want to Spoil the Party" Your Love I Do Seek. I love you everyday "Eight Days a Week". So "Honey' Don't" take me from heaven above. Because my sweetheart "All You Need is Love". I know "I'm a Loser" if your Love goes away. Please don't ever tell me "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away". If You ever left me, my heart it would melt. It would be "A Hard Days Night" and I'd Holler "Help". "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You" like "The Night Before". We'll "Twist & Shout" till we both holler for More. So Let's "Get Back" then we'll "Come Together". Because it's "Something" in the way, our love is forever. To a life that we'll know,Our Love is for Real. We'll walk down "Penny Lane" to "Strawberry Fields". Our love will last forever, Our Love it will stay. "The Long and Winding Road" will take Us Away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Leaves keep Falling

The Leaves keep falling by William Wyllie ----------------------------- The Leaves keep falling, and my heart keeps calling, For You. I Need you beside Me. Your Love Will Guide Me, To See. I See a Life, with you and me together. A Life so grand, a life Forever. My words of Love just flow right out. A Happy Smile, and I won't pout. My Tears will fall, and My love I will call, For You. For You I do most anthing. You make my heart just want to sing. The Leaves will Fall, and my tears will fall if I ever lost, you love. So Please my Honey. Make it bright and sunny. Then My tears won't fall. Because I will have your love, For All. My sweet darling, my love is true. Because you know, That I sure do, Want You.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

I Think of My Lady

I Think of My Lady By William Wyllie--------------- I Think of My Lady,she makes me feel good. She makes me so Happy,I knew that she would. A beautiful lady, from a land far away. I love her so much, I just have to stay. This COVID-19 has stopped us from meeting. The Love that I feel, My Heart keeps on beating. I have mixed emotions, I hope her words are True. You make me feel sweet love, that I never knew. These feelings I feel, They come from my Heart. I want you beside me and never part. If you were a spice, cinnamon you would be. I'd gobble you up, my love you would see. But whatever we do,my words of love you will hear. I want to hug you and kiss you, and hold you so near. I hope we get together, it just has to be. I'll hold out my hands,Your beautiful eyes I would See. I think of my lady, day in and day out. I want you beside me,there just is no doudt. These Cinamon coffee cakes, at Breakfast that I eat. With You close beside me,This would be a nice treat. You built this bridge to my heart. Always Together, Never Apart.

Shout and Sing Hey, Hey

Shout and Sing Hey, Hey by William Wyllie--------------- It's the dawning of a new day. As the sun rises I want to shout hey, hey. I Feel So Grand. I could do a hand stand. I Feel so good. Knock on wood. Happy In my Heart, Happy deep down. And I never wear a frown. As the fall leaves slowly turn to brown. I want to take a walk around town. The Fall leaves this year, have had such beautiful Colors. I took lots of photos of them, hey I think I'll have a cruller. A nice big donut ans a cup of coffee. I'll put on my clothes and they won't be gaudy. I hear the train whistler blow, the rumble on the tracks. 6:30 AM I lay on my bed on my back. The sights and sounds of another beautiful day. I want to scream and shout hey, hey. Amid the pandempic i wrote these words. Look on the bright side,My words will be heard. The sun is rising, I better get off my butt. My poenm is done, Now I shut up.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

I Love You Heaven Knows by William Wyllie

I love You Heaven Knows By William Wyllie ------------------- I Love you heaven knows. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes. It's the dawning of a new day. I want to hold you in a special way. You set my soul on fire. You are my desire. From the top of your beautiful head. It's you I want in my bed. The emotions and passion I feel. At your feet I will kneel. My love it's you, that I must be around. So happy it's you that I found. We must get together real soon. You and I under a full moon. A walk on the beach at midnight. My love you are so right. The right person for me, that's for sure. You are my only cure. The cure for my lonely days. With you by my side, they are gone away. Without you it cut's like a knife. I need you in my life. Please make sweet love to me. Baby, together, we will be.

You are like a Rose by William Wyllie

You Are Like a Rose - By William Wyllie ------------------- You are Like a Rose,Let Me Hold your hand. By your side I will stand. A rose is soft and gentle and sweet. Like you my love you are a treat. The small of a woman,your beauty outshines. I want to hold you close, the ties that bind. My beautiful lady it's you I need. Let's get together,Love will make us sucseed. My love for you it is so very strong. I'll hold you close till the night is gone. The woman I see,The woman you are. You are like a bright and shinning star. You'll brighten my night with your day. I know in my heart I want to stay. I want a good life by your side. With you my love I'll never hide. I feel such joyplease give me a kiss. When our lips meet it'll be such bliss. I found my love after all this time. I'll never let you go, you'll always be mine. From my heart these words flow out. I love you so much, there is no doubt.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Goodbye IKEA (Tribute to my Cat who passed away)

Goodbye Ikea ---------
Ikea my beautiful kitty, You are Gone it is a pity. You make me happy,when you play around. Who knows in the house where you'll be found. Salmon and tuna are your favorite dishes. They are a treat,they are your wishes. My sister Donna you seem to love. You want her to pat you with kid gloves. You like to put your face right up to hers. That's when we'll hear to start to purr. To get you angry is not a good thing. The claws come out, and boy they sting. But through it all I love you so much. You grabbed my heart,and you touched. For five years, you brought me joy. I'm just your plaything, I'm just your toy. You kept me company while I lived alone. I love you so much, and it has shown. You were a good mouse catcher, you caught four or five. I'm sure happy you were alive. Goodbye to you my favorite kitty. You left this life,it is a pity.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Happy Birthday My Lady

--------- Happy Birthday My Lady --------------------- Happy Birthday to You, my very special lady. I love you so much,You are my Baby. If I could shower you with gifts you know that I would. We belong together, our love is so good. My love for you is strong,let me carry you away. Happy Birthday to you,Our Love will stay. My Love I will send,My Love I will give. Together we'll be, I just wanna live.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Together We'll Be by William Wyllie

              Together We'll Be By William Wyllie


               As the morning Sun rises, it shines in my face.

I wanna be with you in that special place.

              The sun brings me warmth,the way that you do.

I want to hold you and kiss you, I sure do love you.

             The beauty that you are, the beauty that I see.

I want you right now, so very close to me.

          You inspire me to write these beautiful words.

Together we'll be.My love you have heard.

          I know that your birthday is coming real good.

I wish I could be beside you, under the moon.

         A long walk in the evening, in the darkness of night.

Be close beside you,Our Love is So Right. 

       We must be together, no matter the coast.

Because without you I'd simply be lost.

        You are my love you are my passion.

The warmth of your love,I'll show you compassion.

        I'm not a rich man,Don't have much money.

If I had you,I'd be a bee with lot's of honey.

       I am the bee I'll never give you a sting.

Because My sweet darling,You make my heart sing.

      We'll walk hand in hand,on the beach in the sand.

I love you so much, Our Love it will stand.

Monday, August 31, 2020

My World is Nothing without you In it by William Wyllie

-------------------------------  My World is Nothing, Without You In It

As I wake in the morning, My Thoughts are of You.
       I wonder where you are, the things that you do.
My joy in life, My love for you is true.
      I want to hold you close, whisper in your ear,
Sweet words of Love, for you to hear.
      You are my woman, I am your man,
We'll lay on the beach, hand in hand.
      My honey, My darling,oh please be mine.
You've got my love, for the rest of time.
      I feel this tingle deep inside,
When I think of you,I'm filled with pride.
      I'm filled with joy, I'm filled with Wonder.
I am the lightning,You am the Thunder.
     Together we'll be, together so Warm.
Together we'll cause a lightning Storm.
     The Thunder Will boom, The Lightning Will Flash.
But oh my darling, Our Love will last.
      All my Life I wanted sweet love.
I found it at last, I coo like a dove.
      I'll fly like a bird, up above so high.
Because when I'm with you, I'll touch the sky.
     I don't know how longer, I'll be around.
But I know with you,Sweet Love I found.
     You are my muse, the reason I live.
I have this Love,I just need to give.
     If I hold you for a hour,it would feel like a minute.
My World would be nothing without you in it.


Monday, August 24, 2020

Twitchin' in the Kitchen by William Wyllie

 --------- Twitchin in the Kitchen ----------

              When it's Morning here, it's night time there.
  But oh my darling I'll love you anywhere.
                 I'll love you in the morning, I'll love you at Night.
  But when we're together, I'll feel alright.
                I'll love you in the Den, I'll love you in the kitchen.
 When we get together, we'll do some twitchin'
                I'll love you in the bath, I'll love you in the shower.
 We'll get together make love for hours.
                I'll love you over here, I'll Love you over there.
 But by your side I sure do care.
                A sweet love we have, this I know.
When I'm with you my love will show.
                A Lovely womam a beautiful Lady.
I know for sure you are my baby.
               You brought me love, you brought me joy.
I know for sure you won't be coy.
               We found each other tho COVID 19 Won't stop us.
It Only delayed our meeting, it just makes us tough.
               The waiting and waiting to hold you close.
I know when we meet I'll love you the most.
               It's you I want, It's you I need.
Let's get together, and play in the weeds.

Lover and Friend by William Wyllie

-----------------------  Lover and Friend -------------

                               I'm a Happy Man.I've won your love.
  You were sent to me from heaven above.
                               Looking at your photos My emotions run high.
  I know very soon, that we'll touch the sky.
                              Your a beautiful lady, even my sister tells me.
  I want you in my arms, My love you will see.
                              You're the one that I want, oh Baby, Baby,Baby.
  Need your loving right now, and that's no maybe.
                               It is a fact that I love you so much.
  Let me reach out my arms, and Gently touch.
                              A beauty you are, the beauty you possess.
 I just want to come over and unzip your dress.
                              To win your love, I'm so happy inside.
 We'll be together, and go for a ride.
                              The Ride of Life, just you and I.
 I know we'll have fun. My love I won't Hide.
                              I want you my darling,this just has to be.
 I'll bow at your feet, get on my hands and knees.
                             I'll vow right now. my love to the End.
 I'll be your lover, and your very best friend.

Together As One by William Wyllie

-------------------- Together As One --------------

                      You make me so happy,you bring me bliss.
  I just want to touch your luscious lips.
                      Your beautiful face, your lovely eyes.
  I need you now, right by my side.
                      You are the one, my heart desires.
  Please be by my love it's you I admire.
                      I can't believe you love me so much.
  I'll reach out my hands and just want to touch.
                      The loving words that you send to me.
  Your loving heart is what I can see.
                      I see a world where we have joy.
  You make this man and happy boy.
                      I feel like a kid, when I am with you.
  I have deep love and it is so true.
                      A beautiful woman, A Sexy lady.
  My love is so strong, I love you my baby.
                     If I said it once I said it a thousand times.
  I want you I need you, oh please be mine.
                    I sit at the table and have morning coffee.
  My memories of you, just won't get off of me.
                   I know someday we will be together as one.
  Together we'll meet the morning Sun.

You Are My Love by William Wyllie

 ------ You Are My Love ---  

You are my Love, This I know.
Where Ever you want I will go.
In the bright of day, in the dark of night.
I know with you I'll be alright.
Alright with you with your tender touch.
I know when I'm close to you I get a rush.
A feeling of Love,A feeling of tenderness.
But if you were gone, your love I'd sure miss.
You've come to my heart,you've entered my soul.
A life with you that is my goal.
My words flow out, with the rush of passion.
You are my love I'll show you compassion.
The touch of a woman,so gentle and soft.
I just want to take all of your clothes off.
Make sweet love till the break of dawn.
You've got my love, that'll never be gone.
So come on darling, show me you care.
I want to run my finger's thru your hair.
As we walk thru life, together we'll be.
This sweet love in you, is what I can see.

Beautiful Lady by William Wyllie

 --------------- Beautiful Lady ----------------

         The touch of your hand, as it careses my cheek.
I look in your eyes and than I go weak.
         The beauty you are, the joy that you bring.
This beautiful lady, you make my heart sing.
         To be by your side, in this crazy world.
I want you to be mine. you beautiful girl.
         I just can't believe you love me so much.
I hold out my hand and just want to touch.
        You make me so Happy, you bring me such joy.
You're like a little baby, with a cute little toy.
        But a woman you are and a woman you'll be.
Our love will grow strong, for everyone to see.
        Be by my side for the rest of my life.
We'll travel the world, as husband and wife.
        This wonderful feeling, I feel in my heart.
When we get together,We will never part.
        This beautiful lady from a land far away.
A lifetime of joy, this love it will stay.
        I know when we meet,the excitment will rise.
I'll look at your face, and those beautiful eyes.
        I found my sweet love, So happy we'll be.
I'll shout it out loud, "Whoopee, Whoopee".

Goddess of Love by William Wyllie

 -------"Goddess of Love" -----------------
My darling, My darling, Be mine.
Together till the end of time.
Sweet love with you I desire. You set my world on Fire.
My goddess of love,this is what you've become.
You bring me joy, you bring me the sun.
Your sweet words of love send me in a spin.
With you in my arms, I know I'll always Win.
You make me Happy,you make me proud.
I want to scream and shout out loud.
I love this woman,a very sexy lady.
She's captured my heart and I don't mean maybe.
I want to Dance, I want to Sing.
I know for sure you've given me wings.
Together we'll be, together you and I.
I feel so happy, because now I can fly.
Be my lady, for the next hundred years.
I know I'll be happy because I cry happy tears.
Tears of Joy, when I feel glad.
With you in my life I'll never be mad.
I know my honey you've concord my heart.
We'll be together and never apart.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

My Love I Care by William Wyllie

My Love I Care William Wyllie You are my Suger, you're just like Candy. You make me happy, I feel just Dandy. You bring such delight, you bring the sun. My beautiful darling, you are the one. The One I want the one I need. Let's get together, and play in the weeds. This feeling of Love you brought to my heart. I feel like a kid, in a kiddie park. We'll play on the slide, We'll swing on the swings. Sweet Love I Feel, I feel like a king. I feel the love, My love I sent. Let's go camping and live in a tent. With you my girl. Let's travel the world. With you at night. A beautiful site. I'll show my love with my arms around. I'm sure glad it's you I found. This beautiful lady, you shown me you care. Let me run my fingers throught your beautiful black hair. From the moment I saw You, the attraction was there. I have to be with you, to sit and just stare. My words flow out like a beautiful song. So don't ever leave me. my words will go on. Like the rise of the sun, on a beautiful dawn.

The One I Want - By William Wyllie

The One I Want by William Wyllie You are the one.The One I want. I Love it when you tease and taunt. I want your love I need your touch. You make me so happy.I love you so much. Your beautiful black hair, your beautiful eyes. The beauty you possess My arms open wide. You are my Lady,I want you around. I don't mean maybe, Where you go I'll be found. The beauty I see, The love I feel. I want you with me, This can't be real. But real it is I hope and pray. You are a wiz, I know you'll stay. The days get warmer as Summer Sets in. You are a charmer,With you I win. So Come on darling,Show me you care. I want to run my finger's thru your hair. Stroke you and kiss you, and hold you close. Because my sweetheart, you are the most. The one I want, The one I need. Let's get together and plant a seed. A beautiful garden,a beautiful life. I want you now to be my wife.

Happiness by William Wyllie (One of my older poems)

---HAPPINESS-- This Hot Weather keeps hanging on. I'll be glad when it is gone. The humidity is not bad today, and that makes me say Hurray. I get Happy if I think about my friends pool. I just want to get in and get cool. Coolness is such a nice thing. It makes me want to dance and sing. Sometimes I just want to have a good time. With my very good friends of mine. I've never been happier in my Life. I don't have any striff. I do get lonely at times. But then I just remember these friends of mine. In the last couple of years. I've made some very great friends. I hope this happiness never ends. This might sound very sappy, but I just want to be joyis and happy. I have this happiness deep inside. A feeling I just can't hide. I just want to shout and say "I Feel So Happy Today".

Monday, June 29, 2020

You Are Like a Song by William Wyllie

I'll Love you in the Day, I'll love you at Night. But Whatever I do you're a beautiful Site. Without a Doubt. With you I'll never pout. My Heart is filled with Bliss. Please Give me a delightful kiss. My Thoughts of you go On. You're like a beautiful Song. Many songs in my life last forever. Your song in my heart will leave me Never. Never will your song go away. You are the song that will stay. Beautiful Lady you bring me such Emotion. To You I give my Devotion. In this crazy world you are an attraction. Come on and show me some action. Quiet Days and Quiet Nights. You sure are my delight. I want to sing I want to dance. You put me in a trance. They say that Life is a Song. You're the One Song that can't go wrong. You're the Melody, I'm the words to the Song. Together our Love will go on and on.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

You've Captured My Heart

Going through some poems I wrote past few weeks. -------- You've Captured My Heart ----------- by William Wyllie --------------- I sit at the table and have my morning coffee. But deep in my heart it's you that I see. I see a new life with you by my side. You make me so happy, My arms open wide. I Welcome you my love,I'm just an old man. I would stand by your side and hold out my hand. With a soft gentle touch, my hands on your cheek. My emotions rise up,and make me feel weak. But for you I'd be strong,and protect our sweet love. In these deep waters, My head is above. You've captured my heart, you've captured my soul. True fact is it's you I would hold. A beauty you are with grace and such style. Hold you tight in my arms, and have a big smile. I send you my Love,with all of my heart. And Be Close beside you, and just never part. I Know we'll be Happy,together we'll be. My heart is open wide, My love you will see. A relationship with you is what it's about. Together we'll stand,There just is no doubt

Friday, May 22, 2020

A Call from an Angel

I wrote this today.

       ---- A Call from an Angel ------

          A Call from an Angel, This I know.
Your voice is so soft and gentle and low.
         We'll get use to each other, our voices will mesh.
We'll cook food together, and make a big mess.
You'll get chocolate all over your dress.
          A call from you this morning, took me a little by surprise.
I'll never hide from you darling, My arms open wide.
          After your call I couldn't sit still.
So very excited,I just have no will.
         When it comes to you darling, I'll give you my all.
What ever happens, I'll be there when you fall.
          I had to take a walk, 2 miles I did.
I like to stay healthy,with you I'm a kid.
          I want to play in the rain,with you bu my side.
Splash in the puddles, My love I won't hide.
          So happy you've made me, So Happy I'll be.
Your beauty excites me, My love you will see.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Love Poem

I wrote this one today, after last night talking to a dear friend. The words just flew out of me.

               -----Love Poem ---------

         The sun and the moon shine so bright.
But you my love shine with delight.
        The wind is calm, the wind will blow. 
But it's you that I want to know.
        If the rain comes down and soaks you to the skin.
It will be my delight, to let your love in.
       To be with you on the beach at night.
Hug you and kiss you in the pale moonlight.
      Our love will grow strong, our love will last.
Delights in the future, not in the past.
       I want to dance, I want to sing.
But it's your love that brought me wings.
       Love, Love, Love inside my Heart.
You are just like a work of art.
       If you were music you'd be my favorite song.
I'd play you all day and all night long.
      The day we meet will be a holiday.
Together we'll be in our arm's we'll stay.
       I thank the lord for you in my life.
If you ever go away it'll cut like a knife.
       So please don't go, together we trust.
We'll have joy and love, and lot's of lust.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

My Love for you

I wrote this poem this morning. I never know how good they are until someone tells me. Anyway here it is

------- ----- My love for you ------

       My Beautiful Lady, how I yearn to be with you.
You brought joy to my heart,My lonely days are through.
      I want your sweet touch.
I love you so very much.
      To be by your side in sickness and in health.
I want you so much, don't care about your wealth.
     Sometimes money can do good.
With you I know it would.
     Just know it's you that I need.
My love will grow like a weed.
     Our Gardens will grow so nice.
We'll make our own paradise.
      Come on love let's get started.
I hope we will not get parted.
      Beautiful life with you is a must.
Please don't leave me in the dust.
      I have this burning desire.
You set my soul on fire.
      With you I will go.
My love for you will show.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Beauty in You

This is another poem I write last week.-

      ------ The Beauty in You --------

    When I look at the beauty that you are to me.
The beauty in you is all I can See.
     I can travel the world, never see such grace.
The only thing I see is your beautiful face.
    With the passage of time.
You are always on my mind.
 I never knew such bliss. It's you I want to kiss.
     I'll love you all the way.With you I want to stay.
Sometimes you tease, sometimes you taunt.
     But it's you that I want.
My love for you it grows so strong.
     It's only you that I want to belong.
My words of love, come from my heart.
     I want you around,please don't part.
My heart has been searching for love for so long.
     You came into my life, wearing a Thong.
I wait for the day to hold you so close.
      My hearts filled with love,
Please don't burn the toast.
      If you burn it I'll eat it, if it was made by you.
You bring me such joy. My love is so true.

I'll Always Love You

In the Morning when I get up, I usually have these words flowing through my head.
I have to sit down and write the words out. Today I had this melody in my head,
with some words. So I wrote these words to the melody I had.
(Note-When I first started writing poetry I use to think they were songs.) So Now I wrote a song. I recorded it on my Cell phone in the shower, Great echo in there. Anyway here are the words I came up with.

------ I'll Always Love You -------

      I'll Always Love You, I'll always Care for you.
You bring bright sunshine, when ever I see you.
     My lonely days are over. My Lonely days are Through.
Please be my love forever, My baby I love you.
      The beauty you possess  dear, The beauty that I see.
Is like the sparkling sunshine. When You Look at Me.
       You're on my mind throughout the day Love.
You're on my mind, it's true.
      Oh baby how I love You. Just want to be with you.
Just as the time goes past dear. My lonely days are Gone.
      I'll always love you sweetheart.My deep,deep loves goes on.
I'll say goodnight for now dear.A short goodnight from me.
      You bring the sunshine darling.
You've opened my eyes to see.


Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Feeling of Love ---

Another poem I write a few days ago. --------Been writing lots of romantic stuff lately.

Feeling Of Love


   If the eyes are the window to the soul.
Then it's you I want to hold.
   I lay in bed thinking of you
My love for you is oh so true.
   The feeling of Love you've shown to me.
I was blind but now I see.
   Where ever you want me to I will go.
I'll kiss you all over, from head to toe.
  This beauty before me, a beautiful site.
I want to squeeze you with all my might.
   I can not sleep you are on my mind.
My love grows stronger with the passage of time.
   I'll start a new life with you, if that's what you desire.
Because my darling you set me on fire.
  The fire inside me it burns so strong.
I know this love can't be wrong.
  I feel so good, it feels so grand.
For you I'd even do a hand stand.
  I want you my darling, inside and out.
I want to dance and scream and shout.
  As I write this at 4:54 in the morning.
I know a new life with you is dawning.
  I know we'll have a joyful life together.
I'm just so Happy I'll leave you Never.

Thoughts Of You

This poem I just wrote This Morning, I usually write them while I'm having Breakfast.
Many Times at 3 or 4 in the morning or sunrise.-- Anyway Here it is. -------------------

Poem "The Beatles Are the Best" with Song Titles.

---- My First Music Poem with Song Titles in it.
The Beatles Are the Best, This I Can't Deny. One of my Favorite songs is called "No Reply".
     The Years 64 and 65, My youth I do recall.Another song I like is "Anytime At All".
For himself Paul Wrote "Another Day", He also write a great one called "Yesterday".
     My love for the Beatles is True. "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You".
The Beatles make me feel alright. Their first movie was "A Hard Days Night".
     My arms are open wide, Let's go for a "Ticket to Ride".
My love for the Beatles will stand, I Just "Want To Hold Your Hand".
     The Beatles make me feel so good. John Wrote "Norweigan Wood".
My Love for the Beatles won't Roam.See you "When I Get Home".
     I love the Beatles you See, I think we'll just "Let it Be".

Crazy -

A Poem I write that is kind of Funny.

A Love I've Never Known, My Love for you has grown.
    Our Friendship I Feel Close,Without you I'm a bysickle without spokes.
I am a peanut, you are the butter. You are the cow I am the utter.
   You are day I am Night.With you I feel alright.
You are the Sun I am the Moon.I need to see you very soon.
   With these things I could Go On. You are the sunrise of a beautiful dawn.
If you are sunrise I am sunset. Without you around I'm All Wet.
   My friends Call me Crazy,This is True. You've Shown me sweet love I never knew.
If I am crazy you are too. We'll go to the funny farm just me and you.


Hello: This blog is about Poetry that I've written. I've been writing poetry for 6 years or so now. I'm getting very good at it.I write about friends, places and music.I'm also on local radio program WFPR.FM. "Senior Story Hour". A writing group.A monthly program.I've been writing lots of romantic poems lately.