Saturday, May 9, 2020

Crazy -

A Poem I write that is kind of Funny.

A Love I've Never Known, My Love for you has grown.
    Our Friendship I Feel Close,Without you I'm a bysickle without spokes.
I am a peanut, you are the butter. You are the cow I am the utter.
   You are day I am Night.With you I feel alright.
You are the Sun I am the Moon.I need to see you very soon.
   With these things I could Go On. You are the sunrise of a beautiful dawn.
If you are sunrise I am sunset. Without you around I'm All Wet.
   My friends Call me Crazy,This is True. You've Shown me sweet love I never knew.
If I am crazy you are too. We'll go to the funny farm just me and you.

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