Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Beauty in You

This is another poem I write last week.-

      ------ The Beauty in You --------

    When I look at the beauty that you are to me.
The beauty in you is all I can See.
     I can travel the world, never see such grace.
The only thing I see is your beautiful face.
    With the passage of time.
You are always on my mind.
 I never knew such bliss. It's you I want to kiss.
     I'll love you all the way.With you I want to stay.
Sometimes you tease, sometimes you taunt.
     But it's you that I want.
My love for you it grows so strong.
     It's only you that I want to belong.
My words of love, come from my heart.
     I want you around,please don't part.
My heart has been searching for love for so long.
     You came into my life, wearing a Thong.
I wait for the day to hold you so close.
      My hearts filled with love,
Please don't burn the toast.
      If you burn it I'll eat it, if it was made by you.
You bring me such joy. My love is so true.

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