Monday, May 18, 2020

Love Poem

I wrote this one today, after last night talking to a dear friend. The words just flew out of me.

               -----Love Poem ---------

         The sun and the moon shine so bright.
But you my love shine with delight.
        The wind is calm, the wind will blow. 
But it's you that I want to know.
        If the rain comes down and soaks you to the skin.
It will be my delight, to let your love in.
       To be with you on the beach at night.
Hug you and kiss you in the pale moonlight.
      Our love will grow strong, our love will last.
Delights in the future, not in the past.
       I want to dance, I want to sing.
But it's your love that brought me wings.
       Love, Love, Love inside my Heart.
You are just like a work of art.
       If you were music you'd be my favorite song.
I'd play you all day and all night long.
      The day we meet will be a holiday.
Together we'll be in our arm's we'll stay.
       I thank the lord for you in my life.
If you ever go away it'll cut like a knife.
       So please don't go, together we trust.
We'll have joy and love, and lot's of lust.

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