Friday, May 22, 2020

A Call from an Angel

I wrote this today.

       ---- A Call from an Angel ------

          A Call from an Angel, This I know.
Your voice is so soft and gentle and low.
         We'll get use to each other, our voices will mesh.
We'll cook food together, and make a big mess.
You'll get chocolate all over your dress.
          A call from you this morning, took me a little by surprise.
I'll never hide from you darling, My arms open wide.
          After your call I couldn't sit still.
So very excited,I just have no will.
         When it comes to you darling, I'll give you my all.
What ever happens, I'll be there when you fall.
          I had to take a walk, 2 miles I did.
I like to stay healthy,with you I'm a kid.
          I want to play in the rain,with you bu my side.
Splash in the puddles, My love I won't hide.
          So happy you've made me, So Happy I'll be.
Your beauty excites me, My love you will see.

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