Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Forever Lovers by William Wyllie


                Forever Lovers
                                           By William Wyllie.......

        I Just sit and I Gaze.
               You set my Heart ablaze.
        You are the only one.
               Together We'll have Such Fun.
        You inspire these words of love.
               God blessed up from heaven above.
       My flame of love burns so high.
                Together wewill surely touch the sky.
       My woman, My Loverand my dear friend.
                 To you my love I will send.
       These words they just won't stop.
                 Until we climb to the mountain top.
       A new year has just begun.
                 Together we become one.
      I never thought I would find such a beauty.
                 I feel so happy,Ifeel it's my duty.
      As the snow flake outside fall right down.
                 You know with you that I will be found.
      I will sing,I will pray and yes I will dance.
                 With you my honey I will take that chance.
      I know with you that our love is the best.
                 Our love will stand any test.
      Together out love will just be.
                Forever Lovers you will see.

God Bless Us by William Wyllie.

                    God Bless Us
                                           by William  Wyllie..........

         I dream of you every day and every night.
                I know when we are together,
         everything will be alright.
                I feel your love, I want to hold you in my arms.
        My heart will be pounding with your womanly charms.
               I sit and drink my morning coffee today.
       I know when I'm with you.everything is OK.
               "God has kept us together".
      Some words you wrote me.
                And now that I think of it,I know it will be.
      When I write these words, who knows what will come about.
               I know I want to scream my love right out.
     I hope theday will come when our love takes fight.
               I go the rough ride, you're such a beautiful sight.
    I may needa motion sickness pill, but the ridewill be grand.
               Because it iswith you that I will stand.
   Together we will be, as we walk on the beach.
              The sunset we will watch together,for you I will reach.
   I will hold you so close, as thesun goes down.
              When I am with you, I willnever wear a frown.
   As the daylight fades,and the blessed night time begins.
               I know in my heart god has blessed us again.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

When William Meets Wen by Bill Wyllie



         When William meets Wen, who know where we'll go.
               Who knows where we went.
         We'll go over here, we'll go over there.
                With you my darling, I'll go anywhere.
         I'll write you a poem, I'll sing you a song.
                But wherever we go with you I Belong.
         When William meets wen, their lives will just glow.
               From the Love that they feel, right down to their toes.
         This beautiful lady we must be together.
               I'll love her in sunshine or in rainy weather.
         These poems go on,they will never stop.
               Until we reach the mountain and climb to the top.
         When William meets Wen. I will cry happy tears.
               Our Love will grow strong,for a thousand years.
         But a Thousand years just won't be enough.
                Let's make it Forever, through good times and tough.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Good Health My Love

I wrote this today at the Senior Center after hearing my dear lady was in the hospital. My tribute to her...................... 


Good Health My Love by William Wyllie 


I feel so sad, I feel so blue. 

       because my darling I don't Have You. 

I want you in sickness, I want you in health. 

       If I have you by my side. 

I would have the greatest wealth. 

       My darling I love you my words won't stop. 

They will keep me going.You spin me like a top. 

       I love you now, I love you forever. 

I will be by your side. I will leave you never. 

      When you are in the hospital I feel so sad. 

 I want you in good health, Only then I'll be glad. 

      If I was in China, I would be right beside. 

My Love is so strong, My arms open wide. 

       I will cheer you up,I will sing and dance. 

To have your love I would take that chance. 

      I will always Love You. The One I want. 

You are such a tease the way you taunt. 

      Your beautiful long hair, your beautiful lips. 

It makes me want to do double flips. 

       I send my prayer's to get you strong. 

You must be mine, that's where I belong. 

       I say goodnight but it will never be goodbye. 

Because when We are Together, the time will just fly. 

       So good health my Love,Together we will be. 

 Hand in hand we will walk, My Love you will see.