Tuesday, January 10, 2023

When William Meets Wen by Bill Wyllie



         When William meets Wen, who know where we'll go.
               Who knows where we went.
         We'll go over here, we'll go over there.
                With you my darling, I'll go anywhere.
         I'll write you a poem, I'll sing you a song.
                But wherever we go with you I Belong.
         When William meets wen, their lives will just glow.
               From the Love that they feel, right down to their toes.
         This beautiful lady we must be together.
               I'll love her in sunshine or in rainy weather.
         These poems go on,they will never stop.
               Until we reach the mountain and climb to the top.
         When William meets Wen. I will cry happy tears.
               Our Love will grow strong,for a thousand years.
         But a Thousand years just won't be enough.
                Let's make it Forever, through good times and tough.

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