Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Dream Come True by Bill Wyllie ------

A Dream come True by William Wyllie ----- I lay in bed and think of you. You are a dream that I hope will come true. A beautiful lady with beautiful eyes. She makes me so happy, I break down and cry. So happy I'd be with you be my side. I feel so good, I'd glow with pride. I hope we meet in the new year. I'll whisper sweet words right into your ear. My love for you grows so strong. Hug and kiss you, till the early morn. I've fallen in love with you my sweet. You are a beautiful delicious treat. I'll walk with you to a good life. And if you are lucky, I just might not bite. A life with you feels so right. Put my arms around and squeeze you so tight. We'll jump in the water and we'll get all wet. We'll walk together into the sunset.

A Good Life by Bill Wyllie

A Good Life By William Wyllie --------- I think of my Lady friend so far away. I want to be beside her in every way. We've talked for so long but haven't met. We fell in love with each other,please don't ever forget. Don't forget that I love you and need you by my side. We speak the truth to each other, My love I don't Hide. I miss you more with each passing day. I hope I don't lose you in any kind of way. For if I ever lost you my heart would be shattered. To a thousand little pieces, they would be scattered. I found the lady I want in my life. When we are together there would be no striff. Deep feeling's for you I feel in my heart. I want to dance and sing,our love will not part. Never felt so happy about a lady before. I love you so much.There just is no cure. Together forever it juast has to be. I see a good life with just you and me.

Beautiful Lady ----- by Bill Wyllie -------

BEAUTIFUL LADY-------- William Wyllie------ I Need you in my life, I want you to stay. Please don't Ever Go Away. The love I give,The Love I need. If fills me with Excitment,We will Succeed. Beautiful Lady, we need each other. You give me love I melt like butter. I'm totally in shock, by the way that I feel. My beautifl lady, you are for real. I'll wait for you, for as long as it takes. Thru rain or storm or earthquakes.

Friday, December 25, 2020

A Delight to These Old Eyes - by Bill Wyllie

You are a delight to these old eyes. You make me happy,What a surprise. A surprise you love me,it brings me bliss. I want to hold you and give you a kiss. My joy in life that's what you are. We'll be together and we'll go far. A quiet moment, gaze into your eyes. I'll always love you,you are a prize. The wind will blow the rain comes down. When I'm with you I won't have a frown. How happy I'd be in you were my girl. The happiest man in this whole world. So take my hand and show me the way. I love you so much,My love will stay. Our loves grows stronger, our love is a start. My heart feels the pain of being apart. With each passing day,I love you more. The beauty you are, it's you I adore. So be my love and we'll have a good time. I want you my love,you must be mine.

Friday, December 18, 2020

I Could Take a Thousand Photo's and Never Capture your Beauty ----

I Could Take a Thousand Photo's and Never Capture your Beauty ----- by William Wyllie I gaze at your beauty,You are such a cutie. I could take a thousand photos and never capture your beauty. The Woman I love, The Woman I See. Please, don't ever take your love from me. The warm glow I Feel,The warm glow inside. You make me feel so grand,I just can not hide. My arms are wide open,Let me wrap them around. We'll make sweet memories together,Our love will astound. We found each other,that is so true. I just want to tell you,I sure do love you. Never felt such a feeling with a woman before. Oh my sweet darling,It's you I adore. You are my inspiration for these loving words. Let's walk in the sunset,Our love will be heard. Sometimes these words don't always come together. Together we'll be,in sun or rainy weather. So now I'll say goodnight,but it won't be goodbye. I'll show you my love, or give it a good try.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

My New Year's Present ----

----- My NEW YEARS PRESENT ------- My new years present,that's what you are.Together we'll go far. If You were my present,can't wait to unwrap you. Well walk together,under a full moon. 2021 is a new year of hope,that will come true. Because my sweet honey, I do Love You. I call you honey,because your so sweet. You are like chocolet, you are my treat. Drip that chocolet all over my body. Then my darling,We will get naughty. My emotions for you,sometimes I can't control. You touched my heart down to my soul.If you came into my life,Sweet bliss I'd See. Together we'll walk,on the beach to the sea. Where ever we walk it does not matter. Squeeze me so tight,till my teeth chatter. My darling I love you,this has to happen. We'll draw shapes in the sand in different patterns. While While at the beach,We'll pick up shells. You've touched my heart,You've cast a spell. My heart is yours,don't let it go. Because My darling I love you so.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I'll Love You More by William Wyllie

I'll Love You More by William Wyllie ...... I Feel So Good,with you on my Mind. I'll love you more with the passage of time. You came into my life and took my by surprise. The moment I saw You, you opened my eyes. This Beautiful lady,you captured my heart. I just want to hold you,we'll never be apart. This beautiful stranger,I've fallen for you. You make me feel happy,Nothing else I can do. But keep you beside me,My love is so true.