Sunday, March 27, 2022

A Beautiful Morn by William Wyllie

A Beautiful Morn By William Wyllie.... Spring Flowers On this Beautiful day. The Crocus pop out of the ground today. The Leaves piled high, but here they are. Beautiful purple colors, the best by far. I take my photos I capture the beauty. I feel that is is my duty. I see them at the Senior Center, last week. I see them by the railroad bridge in town, And I take a peek. Tired of the wind, Tired of the snow. Tired of the rain, Spring weather will show. The warm weather will come,I hope it will stay. I feel so happy in every way. I Look forward to the beautiful warm sun. As it shines on my body, The Day has begun. So Come on spring, bring it on. A beautiful sunrise on a beautiful morn.

My Words Of Love by William Wyllie

My Words Of Love By William Wyllie..... My darling my honey I love you so much. I want to feel your gentle touch. My love is strong my love will last. Let's get together the time goes so fast. Together with you is my desire. My feelings for you burn like fire. My only cure is you by my side. I wait for you my arms open wide. My sweet darling it's you I love. We are birds of a feather like two doves. My words flow out not sure what will show. I know it's you that I want to know. My life is nothing without you in it. I need you here, an hour or a minute. I sit in my room as I write these words. My love is here my love will be heard. My words of love flow from my heart. Together we will be and never apart. I write these words to express my feelings. It's you that set my heart a reeling. Goodnight my love or should I say good day. I want you here please don't go away

Friday, March 11, 2022

Phone Call - By William Wyllie

Phone Call By William Wyllie My Lovely Lady from Far Away. I set up a phone call to hear you say. I love you forever and a day. With you our love goes all the way. I don't speak your language, don't know what to say. But our hearts speak our love in every way. My darling I Love You, It gives me such a thrill. I want you so much, it gives me the chills. We will be so happy, I will dance all around. Who knows what I will do, it's you that I found. I want you so much, I feel butterflies inside. I feel so Happy, I just can not hide. When I get your phone call on Sunday Morning. I will be so excited,our love will be dawning.

You Are My Sunshine by William Wyllie

You Are My Sunshine By William Wyllie... You Are My Sunshine on a dark stormy night. You make me so happy, it just feels so right. So happy we will be, just you and I. And I will never ask the reason why. Because my Heart is filled with such love. Together we will fly on wings of a dove. Beautiful lady, I need you so. We will be together, and I won't let go. I will hug you and kiss you and show you I care. Our love will show everywhere. If you need help in your work or your play. I will be right there,I will always stay. I want to dance and I want to sing. We will have such fun, in everything. Sweet Love has come from so far away. Together we will be in night or in day.

Come Together - By William Wyllie

Come Together by William Wyllie.... Let Me Be Your Man. Together We will Stand. In Rain or in Snow. Together Our love Will Grow. A Sweet Lady that I have Found. My treasure, Always We will astound. So Come into my life, these words show My Love. God sent you from heaven above. I will take good care of you, Love you so much. You hold out your hand,and softly I touch. Such Joy that I feel, it touches me so deep. My emotions rise up, and tears that I weep. So Let's Come Together, and have a good time. I want you righter here, and make you all mine.