Sunday, March 27, 2022

A Beautiful Morn by William Wyllie

A Beautiful Morn By William Wyllie.... Spring Flowers On this Beautiful day. The Crocus pop out of the ground today. The Leaves piled high, but here they are. Beautiful purple colors, the best by far. I take my photos I capture the beauty. I feel that is is my duty. I see them at the Senior Center, last week. I see them by the railroad bridge in town, And I take a peek. Tired of the wind, Tired of the snow. Tired of the rain, Spring weather will show. The warm weather will come,I hope it will stay. I feel so happy in every way. I Look forward to the beautiful warm sun. As it shines on my body, The Day has begun. So Come on spring, bring it on. A beautiful sunrise on a beautiful morn.

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