Friday, April 8, 2022

Zombies Poem - William Wyllie

Zombies Poem By William Wyllie..... "I Remember When I Loved Her" That is so true. "I Want You Back Again" I Still Love You. But "She's Not There" whenever I Call. "You Make Me Feel So Good" It's You after All. I'm Here "Whenever You're Ready", I Will Not Leave. "I Love You" that's All. Together We'll Be. Never "Leave Me Be" You Are the Best. Our Love Will Past Any Test. My Friends say "Tell Her No". That's What They Say. I Love You Forever in Every Way. "If It Don't Work Out" that is just fine. It's the "Time of the Season", Please Be Mine. I do not care what my "Friends of Mine" say. A Life with You Come What May. So "Don't Cry For Me" you're "The Kind of Girl" I Need. "Nothing's Changed" Together we'll Be. Your Beauty just astounds, Don't ever be Gone. When I See Your Face. I'll "Imagine the Swan".

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