Tuesday, January 9, 2024

More Today Then Yesterday by William Wyllie

  More Today Then Yesterday
                                                              by William Wyllie
        The First thing in the morning when I open my Eyes.
              It is you that I see, but not a surprise.
        It's you that I think of every second of the day.
              I want you here beside me and take me away.
        To start a new life with you by my side.
              I know my love that my arms are open wide.
        To wrap them around you and squeeze you tight.
              You are such a beauty, a lovely sight.
        I feel this attraction to you my sweet lady.
              I have never felt such passion for anyone before.
        Every second that passes I will love you more.
             "I Love you more today then yesterday,
        But not as much as tomorrow".
              I know we will have no sorrow.
        "Goodnight My Love, pleasant dreams,
         sleep tight my Love.
              May tomorrow be sunny and bright,
        And bring you closer to me".
              Our love will last long, the world will see.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

My Joy in this Life by William Wyllie

My Joy in Life
                                                   By William Wyllie
      You are my joy in this life, this I know.
              When I am with you our love will grow.
      I feel this fire that burns inside.
              My love for you I will not hide.
      The weather outside is very cold.
              But oh my darling my heart you hold.
      My beautiful lady, I love you so.
              My heart beats for you I'm sure you know.
      I don't want to know you love me.
              Please show me you love me.
      My sweet hot baby, I need you here.
              I will whisper my love into you ear.
      You are my darling forever and ever.
              Let's share our love and get together.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

My Love is True by Bill Wyllie

My Love is True
                                                by William Wyllie

             I Feel so Good I Feel so Grand.
                  By your side I will stand.
             I will treat you good I will treat you kind.
                  If I could only make you mine.
             For if I lost you it would break my heart.
                  You and I together, never apart.
             Someone told me once, I've run out of words.
               But with you my darling,My love will be heard.
            I would never run out of sweet words for you,
              my lovely lady.
            I will hold you so gentle like a little baby.
               We were ment to be together.
            In sunshine or in rainy weather.
               I will love you till my dying day.
            My loving words I will always say.
               My words come out,
            don't know what  I may write.                                    
               But I know my darling you are a beautiful sight.
           Every moment of every day, I think of you.
               Because my darling my love is true.

Wonderful Wen by Bill Wyllie (Inspired by a song by "The Untouhables called "Lovely Dee")

Wonderful Wen
                                           By William Wyllie

         Wonderful Wen.
                where have you been.
        Please come to me.
                Over the deep blue sea.
        I need you now.
                Right here and how.
        My love grows strong.
                We will sing our songs.
        My beautiful Wen Hao.
                Let's go, go, go.
        We have no past.
                Get here quick and fast.
        With the love that I feel.
                I know it's real.
        I found my lady.
                And I don't mean maybe.
        My poems won't stop.
                Until we reach the top.
        Even then my rhymes go on.
                Together we belong.
        I'll cluck like a chicken.
                I'll coo like a dove.
        If it will get you here,
               and we make sweet love.
        My lovely lady I say goodnight.
               Because together we are right.