Thursday, August 17, 2023

We Fit like hand and glove by William Wyllie

We fit like hand and Glove
                                                                    by William Wyllie

              I am blessed by God, with your sweet love.
                     We fit together like hand and glove.
              My darling I love you, that is a fact.
                      I want your sweet love, and never look back.
              I must have told you, I love you a thousand times.
                     I will keep on telling you, until you are mine.
             Oh baby, oh baby, you make me tingle.
                     It is with you that I want to mingle.
             I will hold you close, sweet love you bring.
                   You are so Hot, you sexy thing.
            Such a beautiful lady with loving words.
                   I will shout my love, so you have heard.
           I long to hold you tight, my sweet babe.
                  We will swim in the pool, not too deep we wade.
           I will say goodnight, but I will never say goodbye.
                 we will meet at the beach, when the tide is high.

Our Love is Like Wine by William Wyllie

 Our Love is Like Wine
                                                       by William Wyllie

          You're are my desire.
                   You set my world on fire.
          I love you within and without.
                   Such beauty,I'll sream and shout.
         I need your love that is a fact.
                   You single out among the pack.
         We talk to each other. We show our love.
                   God has blessed us from heaven above.
         My feelings go on I write them here.
                   Our love will grow throughout the year.
         We have grown so close, it feels so good.
                   I would be by your side if I could.
         I need you today, I need you tomorrow.
                   I know our lives will have no sorrow.
         The hot summer days it brings the heat.
                   But our sweet love can't be beat.
          My words flow out, just like wine.
                   I need to make you mine all mine.
          I say good morning my beautiful one.
                  You bring me joy you bring the sun.
         Like the sun you light up my day.
                  I will love you forever, I have to say.

Sweet Love by William Wyllie

  Sweet Love
                                                By William Wyllie

             You are my companion that is for sure.
                     If I am in pain you are the cure.
             When the sun is shinning, I will be by your side.
                     My love for you I will not hide.
             You are my joy, you are my delight.
                     When I am with you everything is alright.
             My sweet, sweet love, it's with you I belong.
                     My love for you will never be gone.
             Never thought I would be in love like this.
                     I feel so happy, you drive me out of my wits.
             We will dance and we will sing.
                     My sweet lady I need you here.
             I will whisper my love into your ear.
                     As the day begins I writer these words.
            My love for you will always be heard.

I Confess my Love by William Wyllie

 I Confess My Love
                                               by William Wyllie

         You cast a spell you mesmerize.
                    Please let me look into your eyes.
         When I look at you I can't look away.
                    I want you close to me in every way.
        As a new day begins, you are on my mind.
                    I want you beside me all the time.
        In the middle of the day or the middle of the night.
                    I just need to hold you oh so tight.
        I love you so much that is a fact.
                    If you walk away baby, please come back.
        I confess my love,My beautiful one.
                    I will lay with you  when the day is done.
       You are such a beauty beyond compare.
                    Let me run my fingers through your hair.
       As the weather gets warm,We will go for a swim.
                    Sometimes I may just jump right in.
      The emotions you bring, you give me chills.
                    I love you now and I always Will.
      I say good morning,But for you it's night.
                   I know I will always want to hold you tight.


Nibbles by William Wyllie

                                                      By William Wyllie

                If you swim at Chilson Beach, and feed your dog kibbles.
                          Watch out for the fishies in the water.
              Because they may give you a nibble.
                          As I was standing in the water, unknown to my sight.
              Behind my knee I feel a little bit.
                         With a quick start, out of the water I ran.
              I did it so fast, as fast as I can.
                         Something bite me behind the knee. What can it be.
              I think it's these fishies, these fish that I see.
                         As I go back to shore, Little fishies swam away.
             I think to myself, in the water I won't stay.
                         Weather they are big, or very small.
            I just don't want to be here, not at all.
                         Way don't you bite these two ladies,
            Standing close beside.
                          You pick on me with my legs spread wide.
            Watch out for these fish, if you swim at Chilson Beach.
                          They may mistake you for food.
            They'll bit you if they wish

Saturday, August 12, 2023

I'll Hold you in my Arms by William Wyllie

(Note: I wrote this last night after a long chat with my lady. The words just flow out of me

for this special lady. She brings my such joy.)

                 I'll Hold You in my Arms
                                                       by William Wyllie

                             To Hold you in my arms.
           To taste your Luscious lips.
                             When that moment happens,
           I will do a double flip.
                            My darling you drive me crazy.
          My arms will hold you tight.
                            I'll hold you in my arms,
          And squeeze you with all my might.
                            Your beauty keeps on shinning.
          You fill me with such joy.
                            There is no one in this world.
          I know you are sure not coy.
                            You speak what's on your mind.
          You put me in a spin.
                             Together we will be.
          With you I will always win.
                              I will say goodnight my sweet.
          Until tomorrow night.
                              I will count the hours that go by.
          And then I will hold you tight.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Our Love Will Last by William Wyllie

Our Love will Last
                                            by William, Wyllie
        The sun comes up the sun goes down.
                 But my sweet baby I want you always Around.
        When the day starts it's you I need.
                 Before the day is done let's plant a tree.
        It you my love that gets me going.
                It's you my baby, our love keeps growing.
       The weather is hot for a long time.
               But whatever the weather, oh please be mine.
       We will drink a glass of sweet champagne.
               We will dance and sing in the pouring rain.
      It's just a fact that I need your love, my dear.
               I'll whisper sweet love in your ear.
      I sip my morning coffee as the day begins.
              Because with you my darling I'll always win.
      I think of you as these words flow out.
              I am deeply in love, there is no doudt.
     I will shout my love until I make you mine.
              Our love will last throughout all time.

A Life With You by William Wyllie

A Life With You
                                            by William Wyllie

        You are my happiness you are my joy.
                   When I am with you I am a happy boy.
        The gift of love you bring to me.
                   I will be so happy, Yippee, Yippee!!
        I love you my darling with your beautiful black hair.
                  I will be beside you everywhere.
        So come my honey it's you I need.
                 We will walk together our love will be.
        I want you in my life I need you so.
                 Together I know our love will grow.
       No other on this Earth,will fill my desires.
                 I feel this love it burns like fire.
       Such a beautiful lady,Never thought I'd  fall in Love.
                But God has other plans from his kingdom above.
       A simple life that is what I need.
                Together with you we will plant a seed.
       We will plant a new Oak tree the day we meet.
                A life with you just can't be beat.