Wednesday, August 9, 2023

A Life With You by William Wyllie

A Life With You
                                            by William Wyllie

        You are my happiness you are my joy.
                   When I am with you I am a happy boy.
        The gift of love you bring to me.
                   I will be so happy, Yippee, Yippee!!
        I love you my darling with your beautiful black hair.
                  I will be beside you everywhere.
        So come my honey it's you I need.
                 We will walk together our love will be.
        I want you in my life I need you so.
                 Together I know our love will grow.
       No other on this Earth,will fill my desires.
                 I feel this love it burns like fire.
       Such a beautiful lady,Never thought I'd  fall in Love.
                But God has other plans from his kingdom above.
       A simple life that is what I need.
                Together with you we will plant a seed.
       We will plant a new Oak tree the day we meet.
                A life with you just can't be beat.

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