Thursday, August 17, 2023

Our Love is Like Wine by William Wyllie

 Our Love is Like Wine
                                                       by William Wyllie

          You're are my desire.
                   You set my world on fire.
          I love you within and without.
                   Such beauty,I'll sream and shout.
         I need your love that is a fact.
                   You single out among the pack.
         We talk to each other. We show our love.
                   God has blessed us from heaven above.
         My feelings go on I write them here.
                   Our love will grow throughout the year.
         We have grown so close, it feels so good.
                   I would be by your side if I could.
         I need you today, I need you tomorrow.
                   I know our lives will have no sorrow.
         The hot summer days it brings the heat.
                   But our sweet love can't be beat.
          My words flow out, just like wine.
                   I need to make you mine all mine.
          I say good morning my beautiful one.
                  You bring me joy you bring the sun.
         Like the sun you light up my day.
                  I will love you forever, I have to say.

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